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  1. A Middle Eastern woman analyst gives her opinion on how to beat ISIS

    Sharmine Narwani is a commentator and analyst of Middle East geopolitics. She tweets @snarwani

    ‘To beat ISIS, kick out US-led coalition’

    …”An objective look at US interests in the region paint an entirely different picture. The Americans seek to maintain absolute hegemony in the Mideast, even as they exit costly military occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan. Their primary interests are 1) access to low cost oil and gas, 2) propping up Israel, and more recently, 3) undermining Russian (and Chinese) influence in the region…

  2. You give them far too much credit. If they still have even one credible objective left, that will be pretty good going. One suspects that they might still be wondering if there is a way to get out with their pride still intact, but any joined together objectives are distant history.

    I will concede that right back when they invaded to find the slam-dunk weapons of mass destruction, the more doctrinaire-driven members of the Bush administration probably had some ludicrous pipe-dreams of oil and hegemony, but all that nonsense is long gone.

    The Russian thing is even less in play. Russia is only involved because the only allies they managed to find in the region was the brutal and dysfunctional Syrian regime. It was because they were not prepared to lose their little toe-hold in the area that this whole mess ended up spiralling out of control. There was a time when Assad was considering leaving the country in a (relatively) bloodless transition. But when the geopolitical interests took up the parties as proxy representatives, there was far too much at stake to find a solution.

    It is sure that many in America hoped that some sort of democratic evolution was just around the corner during the “Arab Spring” but I doubt that many who know the region were too optimistic. Nevertheless, very few would have predicted the widespread chaos which ensued.

    I agree that there is nothing for the Western forces to do but pull out. We can only wonder how much more damage will be done before this becomes clear to those who will have to swallow the rat.

    However, in my estimation, little is served by inventing conspiracies beyond the obvious.

  3. It’d be nice if “the Standard” got its shit together eh?.
    There’s some really worthwhile posts and commentaries on that site – acthe trouble is – it all comes with the very same dsyfunction that afflicts Labour (and before its foreskin jumps up and down protesting it’s NOT a Labour (labor) party site – the dysfunction is the same.
    I notice there’s a Chooky and more that circulate there, and here …..
    I suppose SHIT and togetherness always was going to be a difficult concept to get together.
    Just seems to me that site goes thru’ various iterations – the latest in which a Steph and her accompanying baggage holds sway (well maybe I’m a little out of date) …. previously there was a Karol who abandoned it – and I’m picking for the same reasons most of us do …..
    Not wanting to denigrate…….. acknowledging its woth ….. respecting its long sufferer matyr – cum – programmer – cum – obssessive/compulsive …….
    OwT – Bow down and face Mecca!!!!
    Bloody shame really (especially things like posters also moderate their own posts).
    There ya go tho eh? l l l l l P P P P rent ….. u truly are gorgeous (even tho’ you are a fat ugly trans-fat fuck) specimen.

    And Mex is a DJ …. now there’s something you could aspire to

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