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  1. Good Riddance to Tony Blair!….who actually should be in jail for crimes against humanity! ( He looks like a haunted man and so he should be!)

    ‘Tony Blair resigns as Middle East peace envoy – reports’

    …’The Stop the War Coalition, which opposed the Iraq and Afghan wars during Blair’s tenure as prime minister, welcomed news of his resignation.

    National convenor Lindsey German said: “Tony Blair’s legacy remains; a devastated and war torn Iraq, a Middle East in turmoil, and a much more dangerous world. We will continue to campaign against the aggressive foreign policy he championed and for him to answer charges of war crimes.”

  2. I larfed, NZFirst’s Tracey Martin on the ‘Backbenchers’ program last night where the discussion turned to the ‘obscenely high’ salaries of executives in this country apologised for ”sounding Socialist”,

    Tracey pointed out that while the Boss was grasping 4 million bucks a year a lot of the workers were scraping along on the minimum wage and according to Tracey that was ‘just wrong’,

    Couldn’t agree with Her more, and if your ‘right’ then a particular ‘ism’ just doesn’t come into the equation…

  3. This presentation uses temperature data over three decades ending in 2011 to demonstrate the exponential nature of climate change and shows that climate change is now accelerating in an extremely dangerous way.

    This is one of the most clear and startling presentations on climate change that I have ever seen. The graphs presented are sort of intimidating at first, but it is thoroughly explained so even a math/statistics dummy like myself can understand. Run-time is a little over 12 minutes in length.
    Alas Babylon co-owner

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