Old McSaudi bribed a farm – E-I-E-I Oh no!



Accusations fly over Saudi farm

 A threat of legal action being used to partly justify nearly $12 million spent on a Saudi businessman’s farm was clearly hollow, Labour says.

Controversy over the spending boiled over in Parliament yesterday with accusations of bribery.

This is becoming more unbelievable by the second. The Government have effectively given into  a threat of legal action after we stopped live sheep exports and bribed Saudi businessman Hmood Al Khalaf, who was involved in the deal, so we could get a free trade deal with a country that treats women slightly better than our sheep!

Are you ready for the kicker?

The reason we had to pay the Hmood Al Khalaf out is because he had received private assurances that the live sheep export trade would restart. Who assured Hmood Al Khalaf of that – are you ready – John Key and David Carter did before they became the Government in 2008.

That’s right, Key and Carter privately promise Hmood Al Khalaf to restart live sheep exports, they become the Government in 2008 and realise they can’t restart those exports without significant electoral resistance and Hmood Al Khalaf then threatens a huge legal action so National pay him out with a taxpayer bribe.

Imagine if Labour had done this? The newspapers would be screaming for heads to roll, so far the mainstream media have spent more time interviewing the bloody Papakura Seal than focusing on this outrageous behaviour by Key and McCully.

At some point this cargo cult love affair NZers have with Key has to end right? This is out and out corruption.


  1. This is exactly what we need an ‘actual’ public broadcaster for! John Campbell may have covered this story, but they got rid of him to. I guess social media and word of mouth will have to suffice, but this never reaches the people it needs to reach – the ignorance is bliss ones.

  2. That’s interesting. The implication to be drawn from Murray McCully’s interview on National radio this morning was that those assurance came from Labour. Can we confirm that they were from Key? That would massively aggravate the embarrassment for the regime from this dirty little extortion/bribery saga.

    By the way does anyone remember that John Key originally denied knowing that the bribed official was the very chap who had caused the death of so many sheep, or that the new sheep sent to him were bought from him in New Zealand, then sent to him in Arabia.

    And all this in the hope of being bone-thrown a trade deal barely worthy of the name with a regime we probably shouldn’t be in bed with*.

    (* ISIS are the brown shirts of the Saudis. Check it out – apart from the bad press in the West, there isn’t much to choose between them. Both Sunni, both authoritarian, both medieval in their approach to Sharia Law, both implacable in their attitude to Israel and the Iranians, both extreme in their suppression of women….).

    (Thank God we love the Nats so much or their grubby little administration might be in real trouble (yet again). Of course it’s not REALLY SERIOUS like signing someone else’s art for charity, or failing to perform citizen’s arrest on their bodyguards for speeding, so we may just give them another pass on this one).

  3. Accusations of Corruption are just water of the ducks back to this Govt.
    Until such a time that the corrupters have to face the courts then they will keep going on their merry ways.

    I have seen many Governments come and go since 1943 and this one is doing more damage than any in the past, not even Muldoon would hold a candle to this lot.
    They border on criminality most of the time and they are so smug.

  4. On WAKEUP NEW ZEALAND todayit stated that dick cheney runs America now not Obama.it also states the the BRICS countries are combining to overturn the one world order cabal,they will have their own banks and universities. India and China send so many students to American etc unies will lose those. India has built top class unis in their country to cater for overseas students instead of sending their students to usa ,china the same. Russia and other countries involved are meeting to discuss the business.America is getting worried and offering to assist Russia who has quietly building up resourses and weaponry to put America and banks in their places. the report is long you need to read it for yourselves .

  5. Interview between Espiner and McCully – Morning Report. Mc Cully is truly awful.

    Not too hard to believe the bribery and corruption angle here after listening to this! And he wasn’t any better in Parliament yesterday or today either during Question Time!

    Other msm networks should be pursuing this issue for all it’s worth! Bet they won’t though!


  6. Hey Martyn,

    That ewe (Sheep) looks like one of mine mate?

    I have a small farm with 50 of these so do you know who flogged one of mine?

    Christ you cant even keep your own stock safe, maybe the Saudis took some of mine as I lost 10 this year.
    ‘Maybe they were figuring if they were owned some they could help themselves?

    Gosh the NatZ have made a mess of this and Winston’s fired up calling it a dirty little bribe as we were in difficulty over the middle east trade deal even the wanking PM went there, perhaps he brokered the whole deal as he is so slimy.

  7. I have watched McCully’s performances in Parliament over the past few days on this matter and he is either corrupt or stupid, it’s hard to tell which. As an aside, I have been pleasantly surprised by the tenacity of David Parker in chasing him down. I’ve never rated Parker, but he has some steel it seems.

  8. The farm the Saudi businessman owns in NZ is two kms down the road from where I live. Taxpayers’ money used to buy stock from this farm to send to his other farm in Saudi Arabia? Stinks of more than sheep manure.

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