If Iraqi’s won’t fight for their corrupt, violent, human rights abusing Government – then why should NZ soldiers?


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Kiwi troops ‘in a hornet’s nest’ – analyst
A defence analyst says Kiwi troops are in a “hornet’s nest” barely 100km from rampaging Isis troops in Iraq.

New Zealanders have started training local troops in Taji, Iraq, to fight the so-called Islamic State (Isis).

Taji, in a largely Sunni area, is about 120km from Ramadi — a city that Isis overran this week.

So much for Key’s claim that our troops would be safe behind the wire’. Adding more violence to re-invade a country that has fallen into this situation because America invaded it under false pretences is neither moral or rational. America spent $25billion on trying to train the Iraqi Army, the same Army that committed atrocities that helped ISIS gain support in the first place.

We are in Iraq to suck up to America, this isn’t a moral mission of mercy. This is John Key’s war, it’s not NZs war. If anything happens, the blood is on his hands.



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It seems astonishing to me that a Prime Minister can put NZ soldiers at risk for political brownie points with the yanks for a war he had previously assured NZ before the election that we would’t be involved in and there be no fall out with the NZ electorate.

When even a card carrying member of the National Party like John Armstrong can see the madness in all of this, surely middle NZ can…

New Zealand’s 100-plus contingent of military training specialists plus support personnel have barely arrived in Iraq. Yet the folly of this military (mis)adventure is already rapidly becoming apparent.

Last week’s fall of the city of Ramadi after Iraqi forces capitulated to Islamic State fighters, despite heavily outnumbering their enemy, has shifted the front-line in this sectarian struggle worryingly close to Taji, the huge military camp within which the New Zealanders are based alongside Australian counterparts.

Unless the Isis (Islamic State) advance is halted, the New Zealand Government is going to be faced with a major dilemma at some point in the not-too-distant future: pull the training team out of Iraq and lose face, plus earn black marks from the Americans and the Australians; or stick it out for the sake of good form and loyalty to allies and gamble on things not deteriorating with the risks this brings, including the possibility of casualties.

…we can’t win this war, our allies are butchers and warlords and our reasons for fighting are more to do with our membership of 5 Eyes than human rights.

What has happened to NZ?


  1. Absolutely spot on Martyn.

    An extremely gutless and weak PM in the form of sycophantic FJK, won’t pull the NZ training contingent out of Iraq, because the “Club” dictates the rules. Any decision he makes will be based on instructions from Washington!

    If the Iraqis aren’t prepared to help themselves, why are we over there?

    Meanwhile FJK is comfortable with the situation as it is in Iraq as far as our military personnel are concerned, despite the impending danger of IS capturing Camp Taji!

    If the situation takes a turn for the worse, the bloody result will be Key’s legacy!

  2. What has happened to New ZEALANDERS?

    Well – for a start this isn’t the 1960’s and this isn’t the Vietnam war.

    Though the same old profit making company’s stand to become even more filthily rich making arms and selling them. Remember the Bell company who were almost going broke – but was rescued by mass production of helicopters for that war?

    Except now we live in the computer age where not only can some guy sit on the other side of the world, push a button and direct a drone onto a target – we live in an age where govt groups have dangerous ability to spy on their own populace – and do so unfettered through such groups as the 5 eyes spy network.

    Lets not forget who we are dealing with when George Bush Senior stated :

    ”No one will stand in the way of our NEW WORLD ORDER or our thousand points of light ”

    This statement made at the time after the invasion of Kuwait in a world televised speech.

    Then there was the illegal and unilateral decision by both the USA and England to invade Iraq with the bogus ‘ weapons of mass destruction ‘ con job. Costing Tony Blair his PM’s job and discrediting him entirely.

    Moving on to this decade we have a sycophant for the USA in our current PM who more than any other PM before him has eroded our privacy , integrity and sovereignty in a rabid fast tracking mode to align ourselves as another vassal state of the USA – not to mention economic sovereignty as well if the signing of the TTPA goes ahead shortly.

    And with the dumbing down of the population politically with such methods as dirty politics and the rapid privatization of media and embedding hand picked journalists and entertainers who are loyal to the current National govt , – such as the recent move to axe the last vestige of scrutinizing investigative journalism in the form of Cambell Live – we no longer have a forum or rallying point with which to critically analyse policies and initiatives from a potentially corrupt govt.

    We have become that very thing that schoolchildren of the 1960’s and 1970’s chanted :

    ‘ Your a dopey dopey brain affected disconnected dumb dumb ‘.

    Let us hope then , that the commanders at the military base where our troops are serving keep those helicopter engines constantly maintained , running and ready to airlift people out at a moments notice as it – as usual – has now transpired that this sycophant to the USA ‘s interests John Key has lied to us yet again.

    • You Quote “no one will overturn the One World Order” well read WAKE UP NEW ZEALAND it will give hope .some amazing news on this mornings publication.too much to explain here.

      The TPP meeting was cancelled and probably wont be signed this year it would interfere with presidential elections,because both sides know how unpopular the TPP is.

  3. It is distressing to learn of the IS atrocities. It’s hard to turn a blind eye. And yet the training in which NZ soldiers are engaged is for an apparently proven unstable Iraqi element. The training might worsen matters.For that reason alone we should be more circumspect in any military involvement. In the meantime we can however, give humanitarian aid and increase our quota for refugees. To be detached or indifferent to all this is heartless.

  4. Have seen a Daily Mail report dated 27 May yesterday that Iraqi forces are fighting Isis just 30 miles north of camp Taji at Balad. They say to paraphrase that Isis fight like kamikazis, they use personalised suicide bombers etc. etc and show no nor expect any quarter.

    Anyway view info yourself and correct any errors you may find. It does seem the kiwi forces are under threat – no one expected the peasant fanatic Vietcong and NVA to beat the US until Saigon was evacuated by helicopter.`




    Iraq digs in for the Battle of Baghdad: A gripping dispatch from a city braced for bloody onslaught by ISIS jihadists

    Weary Iraqi soldiers were yesterday returning from gruelling 12-hour battle in Balad against militant fighters
    Spoke of how ‘crazy and ruthless’ soldiers of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) were difficult to force back
    Jihadists are clinging to their newly-won territory in Iraq while creeper closer to the capital
    Baghdad residents – who have been enlisted in the military by the thousands – remain determined to hold the capital

    • Just seen above Daily Mail report dated 2014 not 2015 though above at top says 2015. Maybe at the moment the north is secure as Tikrit has been under siege. Apologies for possible false alarm. 🙁

      ” Published: 00:13 GMT, 15 June 2014 | Updated: 07:18 GMT, 15 June 2014 ”

      I’ll have to be more careful next time!

    • When you realise that ISIS is a product of American government it makes it a whole lot worse to know that our troops can be hurt by a funded ISIS .America is behind Isis to get control over Syria for their own ends,fighting by our troops is not to stop terrorists ,its to enhance Americas takeover in another country in middle east. Bring the troops back,they are being used American military in a corrupt way.

  5. Congratulations New Zealand. Once again you have got yourselves involved in an overseas war.

    Out of curiosity, when did NZ’s armed forces last fight off an invader to these shores of ours?

    No doubt MonKey will welcome the body bags home as heroes…

    • We have never had to fight an invader because our allies generally stop these threats before they get to us.

      • Toastie nz has not been the focus of wars , our troops have always travelled to other countries to help fight their wars. Now we realise the wars were caused by Uk and America wanting control.But now we have become involved in middle east wars courtesy USA and UK we know we are being used and conned.

  6. What has happened to New Zealand? Aotearoa New Zealand has been screwed over, corporate lobbyists and political warmongers has never had the respect of humanitarian issues, democracy, and the constitutional rights of this countries peoples, let alone the people of any country.
    Obama and his leading warmongering team are hellbent on taking over every country by any means possible. Key has been bribed into it because of the profiting incentive.
    Neither of these, how can I describe them, cowardly thieves and murderers, give a damn at the conflict they’re causing. I can only dream of crosshairs trained on them, as it was with President John F. Kennedy. The only difference is, the action on JFK was unjust. Applied to Obama and Key, it will be justice served.

    • Read today that a top level person said Dick Cheney is running America,now not Obama if its true no wonder Obama looks old and unwell.

  7. And if we withdraw and so does America, what then?

    What happens to the Iraqi people we leave behind?

    • When you say “America withdraws from Iraq”, do you mean withdraw their covert support of ISIS? If they do that, then the Iraqis might get some respite from the systematic beating they’ve had at the hands of the US for more than a decade now.
      The sack of Fallujah was a disgusting debacle. The use of depleted uranium has left the place a permanent radiation hotspot (Uranium-238 has a half life of 4.468 billion years.).
      I don’t think the Iraqis welcome our “protection”.

  8. This is Planet key where MonKey is playing out his childhood fantasy as being a ruler of a conquering nation during some other war, as he is an avid reader of past war stories didn’t you know?

    This is what the dumb assed kiwi Voter got when they voted for this ruthless Forex trader who stuck it rich while undermining our currency and economy in 1987 using the most corrupt partner called Alex Krieger.


    More evidence of the Key PR ‘spin’ orchestrated with the help of media collaboration.

    So now MonKey has got the hots for screwing this country in a new and twisted way using the Military complex as toy solders on a war game to place us in harms way, see its simply a game to him folks.

  9. Wakeup NEW Zealand today tells of the real reason Key wants to change our flag, it will dismiss our constitutional laws which originated in uk,im not a royalist but prefer the laws we have more than Keys laws.
    The article is to long to explain, check it out ,we are very lucky to have TDB to discuss this because MSM wont wont even mention it. In America they had a programme that states alternative media is winning over main stream media for news.

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