TV 3 show their ‘commitment’ to real current affairs by replacing Campbell Live with Road Cop reruns



The final slap in the face to Campbell Live and those NZers who want a 4th estate holding the powerful to account is the news that TV3 will replace Campbell Live with a bloody cop reality show until they can con whatever Journalists they have left to front the bleeding damaged reputation of TV3.

How disgraceful.

Once Campbell Live ends on Friday, the only thing ethical and progressive media consumers can do is boycott TV3.

What a sad day for broadcasting and a sadder day for NZ.


  1. We guess they are so broke that they couldn’t afford to put any new show on?

    Maybe they are insolvent finally and wont admit it?

  2. Our household will be switching to TV1 news after Friday. As for the 7pm, well, I guess that will be an extra half an hour reading up on current affairs and more writing.

    • I personally find Prime News better than 1 or 3. It manages to pack more into half an hour than the others can do in one hour. Trouble is I don’t often get home in time to watch it because it is on earlier.
      If BBC news ever had a permanent satellite station in NZ I would gladly watch that.
      When the big earthquake hit Christchurch, I couldn’t get any sense out of our two main networks so I switched to BBC and got better and more accurate information in five minutes than the others could do in a couple of hours.

  3. The reality for my little clan of watchers is that when John Campbell walks the plank on Friday night, TV3 ceases to exist, simply because there is nothing left to watch on it. The same pretty much goes for TV4 as well. Oh dear, how sad, too bad, never mind!

    Congratulations Julie Christie et al. You’ve taken a once innovative and interesting TV channel and turned it into another meaningless foghorn of Americana…

    When your life on earth is ended, I can see you and your troop of baboons being forced to sit through all the current affairs programmes, documentaries and NZ dramas that you totally failed to support during your lifetime. This will be for eternity although I like to think of your heads exploding as a result of you having to use your brains for the first time in your existence (or after-life or whatever)…

    • Just playing Dante’s Inferno – you just know what Ms Christie’s hell looks like.

      Maybe those forced to watch are already…

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