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  1. Amazing, Andrew Little spins full circle on superannuation, from raising the age, to we will not raise the age, to we should means test it, to we will not means test it,

    Incredible, i should imagine that now a third of the electorate think Labour will raise the age of entitlement, a third of the electorate think Labour will means test the entitlement, and, a third think Labour will not change the entitlement,

    I have to wonder if this is ‘the thinking’ of Andrew Little, the musings of the Party as opposed to the MP’s, or, has Little allowed Himself to be cornered by the large contingent of Neo-Liberals in the Labour Caucus,

    Channeling Ruth Richardson befor the 2014 election we had ”there is no alternative” as then finance spokesperson David Parker tried to shove the policy of raising the age of entitlement to 65 up a certain orifice best given no further mention,

    It is affordable, by trying to create a crisis over the affordability of superannuation simply by concentrating upon the doubling of the numbers entitled in 30 years time Labour are feeding us a lie,

    Sure the number of us entitled will have doubled in 30 years time, thats the Cost side of the equation,

    The income side of the equation, GDP, shows that in any 30 year period where there are records the GDP of the country has doubled,

    In the 30 years between 1940 and 1973 when we had a fully unionized workforce and full employment the GDP in that 30 years tripled,

    What the GDP historic record shows is not only has there NEVER been a real need to raise the age of entitlement for superannuation but as more neo-liberalism has been forced upon our economy the worse it has performed…

    • Labour is a dog chasing its own tail. Honestly, you’d get more coordination from a blind, multiple-amputee with Parkinsons.

    • …well at least he has come full circle to the right position…( the old dog can learn new tricks)

      now they had better advertise it like hell ….at least until potential Labour voters forget what they have already said

      ( reminds me a bit of a boy racer pulling out straight at speed ….from a tight wheelie…the skid marks are still there as a reminder ….but the car is back on the road….)

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