Radio NZ – Mediawatch for 24 May 2015 – TV3’s Mark Jennings interviewed re Campbell Live



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Originally aired on Mediawatch, Sunday 24 May 2015


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Mediaworks Head of News and Current Affair, Mark Jennings, answers questions on the planned  cancellation of  TV3’s ‘Campbell Live‘…

Jennings’ responses to Colin Peacock are at times contradictory, and at others, raise more questions still.  The listener is left wondering if there is indeed more to the demise of ‘Campbell Live’ than Mediaworks has been letting on.




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The number one question has to be why Mediaworks did not promote ‘Campbell Live‘ more heavily. Jennings’ comment that the show “had been drifting down in ratings” simply does not stack up when the rating numbers are looked at.

Jennings admitted that the recent “burst of publicity has helped” ratings. So, one is left wondering why Mediaworks has not done it’s own promotional activity if the “burst of publicity” helped.

Listen to the interview. Come to your own conclusion.




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  1. Jennings’ comment to the question of why Mediaworks did not promote ‘Campbell Live‘ simply does not stack up?

    Does “not stack up” = is total bullshit, is cover-up, is avoiding the truth?

    If this were an NCEA question there would be a big tick for the conclusion.

  2. Just a tip toe around the roses wasn’t the interview.

    Particularly when Jennings said “we are wanting to use more “entertainment shows and Campbell live was not that kind of show”


    So TV3 are not interested in Current affairs so we now should have all opposition MP’s serve a writ in Court to seize all taxpayer funding of TV3#$ full stop.

    Hit them where it hurts is the only way they will ever understand.

    Gooodbye TV3.

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