NZ Police watching waaaaaaaaay too much TV



What the bloody hell can one say about this madness?

Police behaviour in Red Devils gang case possibly criminal, says judge
Five years after police’s fake warrant and prosecution plan, Justice Collins has ruled that it amounted to grave misconduct, possible criminal offending and misuse of the justice system.

Justice Collins gave four reasons for why the charges are stayed:

* The gravity of police misconduct during Operation Explorer

* The causal connection between the misconduct and evidence obtained by police

* Maintaining public confidence in the criminal justice system

* Protecting the criminal justice system from being “degraded” and “misused”

I’m sorry – what? The NZ Police faked a search warrant, faked a prosecution and conned the Judicial system into going along with these abuses of power?

Look, I’m no fan of organised crime, but to fake warrants and prosecutions and openly lie to the Court is a danger far beyond what the Red Devils can manage.

This bewildering abuse of power comes on the heels of the Police unable to arrest rapists bragging on Facebook while lying to NZ about no one complaining, the Teina Pora setup, the sado-masochistic gang rape culture of the 1980s, bugging conversations with lawyers, new warrantless search powers and the new tactic of contacting banks and damaging your credit rating without you even knowing. 

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At some point the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind have to accept our Police force is drunk on their own power and the need to give the IPCA real teeth and funding to provide actual oversight is desperately needed.


  1. Thank you for the concise summary of the issues in sad event.

    I also liked your original post in 2010 which disassembles the defensive ramblings of Police Association casuist, Gregory (I’ve never used drugs) O’Connor:

    Chris Trotter, too, who back then wrote … “”When policemen break the law, then there isn’t any law – just a struggle for survival.”

  2. Perhaps not so much “drunk” on their own power, but calculating, manipulative and downright dishonest.

    This does not apply to all police officers, but there continues to be such throughout the ranks, and they lie at times, simply to “achieve” what they want as an outcome.

    Never mind the “evidence”, we will “make” (fabricate) the evidence, if needed, it seems.

    They are not doing themselves any favours, as credibility goes out the window. But then again, I gave up long ago, believing such BS “surveys” that claim, this is one of the “least corrupt” countries in the world.

    The “Wellington Beltway” and the hangers on there are the best example, including various “Commissioners”, all going to the same dinner parties as the senior politicians and public servants appointing them. How can they be “independent” and “objective”, when at times they are expected to put the wrongs of their buddies “right”?

    A banana republic of sorts, dressed up as a constitutional monarchy, in a clean white dress, covering the rot and stench that lies below the surface.

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