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    • He’s your typical psychopathic politician. He doesn’t see that we all know there was a damned good reason for Kim Dot Com to write two cheques rather than one. He’s as shallow and transparent as hell.

    • How can Banks ask for a donation from Kim Dotcom….and when he gives it to Banks….call it an annoymous donation?….or am I missing something?

      • What you are obviously not missing is the brain fade required to accept that everything around the John Banks/Dotcom two cheques business was kosher.

        What you obviously missed was the lobotomy which would have left you with the belief that John Banks is hard done by and should still be called the Honourable John Banks.

        • I have little sympathy for Mr Banks’ bleating about his ‘hellish’ last year or so when I re-read Lynley Hood’s book on the Christchurch crèche case. Banks was the Minister of Police at the time and heartily endorsed an injustice that has resulted in decades – not just a year or two – of hell for an innocent man, namely Peter Ellis. And Ellis has still not been pardoned, despite pleas from some very prominent citizens. It’s a mild version of karma that Banks has had – he can count himself lucky he hasn’t had to put up with what he imposed on Ellis. That would have been full karma!

  1. The whole affair stinks – if he runs for mayor I think I will puke.
    John Banks that is, not Dot Com.

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