EXCLUSIVE: What is the NZDF telling families of soldiers deployed to Iraq?


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The tip line  is running hot with questions over the manner in which the Ministry of Defence has gone about talking to the families of soldiers deployed in Iraq.

In the past, the NZDF has manipulated, lied to and threatened the media of NZ into either being an unwitting mouthpiece for NZDF propaganda or they have turned critical journalists into pariahs.

Concerns relayed to TDB are…

– Prior to deployment NZDF staff met with the families of troops being deployed and painted a very bleak picture as to why we should be going to Iraq (rape/murder etc); while all of this is certainly true it also did smack of a heavy dose of propaganda and the families were only given one side of the story.

– A gag order on any information shared in the meeting was placed on the families also; the NZDFs main reason being that ISIS apparently has a history of hacking social media and targeting family members of troops.

– According to sources the troops have arrived in Baghdad; a city that they were never meant to be sent into in the first place and have not moved up to their proposed base since ISIS took Ramadi a few days ago and are now stuck in limbo.

– Also according to this source, far from being the bastion of defence it has been portrayed to be to Kiwis via the MSM, the ‘base’ is in fact constructed of shipping containers for the most part and resources are completely depleted in the area and it can not be fortified further.

…gagging families from commenting on the dangerous situation Key has placed NZ soldiers into so he can win points with America is as bad as the new plans to stop independent investigations of NZ soldiers killed in action.

The pointlessness of re-invading Iraq is one thing, manipulating and silencing the families is another.


  1. Last I heard, ISIL as it continues to creep across Iraq capturing villages, towns etc, is getting closer to the camp where Kiwi military “trainer” personnel are supposed to be based!

    If in the dreadful event Kiwis fall victim to ISIL, will we see FJK, Brownlee and a few other Natsies resign?

    Good to see the Tip Line up and running. Thanks Martyn and TDB.

  2. Martyn, again you hit the spot,

    This old soldier of 1964 as a conscript wont swallow the “Club” sell any more.

    We used to have clear goalposts then but Vietnam now reminded us that all is not what seemed, and now we only have a “club” mentality.

    Who is that club Mr Key? Is it the illumini club , “enlightened” ?
    who are a very secretive society.


    Is it “The Bilderberg Group” that you have secretly attended as NZ PM in 2011-12 you know one club that are excusive and do not publicise their policies and their agendas?

    • The Club.. Try the ‘Kazarian Zionist Mafia’ working a plan thats a few hundred years old. Actively causing war and mahem since and including the American Revolution and probably earlier.
      Spot on with the Illuminati as a faction in play along with the Jesuits, wealthy tycoons, Royalty and the Kazarian Zionists (fake Jews).
      Quite an evil gathering are JKs buddies.

  3. This is crap. Mod Staff?! Your source is making stuff up. You do not need some kind of inside source to look up the camp in Google maps, and see for your selves the half baked collection of shipping containers this article implies. Are the hundreds of other troops based there in some kind of limbo as well?

    Also, shipping containers make excellent shelters, they can be shifted around, modified, and adapted as necessary. They also offer better ballistic protection than your typical permanent structure.

    I believe a part of force protection is situational awareness, and having contingency plans so that unlikely events such as ISIS advancing to the capital will not pose a risk to our troops.

  4. Thank goodness Helen Clark kept us out of the war on Iraq

    “It is a complete mess” – investigative journalist on the ground


    “The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) is an enigma: most of what we know about it comes from the brutal media apparatus of the IS itself. It lets everyone see executions and war the terrorists are waging – but still, how does life go under jihadist rule? One man decided to find out for himself, spending 10 days in the ‘capital city’ of the IS and coming back alive. Today, investigative journalist Jürgen Todenhöfer tells his story to Sophie Shevardnadze

    ….”Now, recent events have seen several ISIS’ defeats, when the group moved into Shia or non-Arab territory, it was actually repelled. The Kurds score victories against them, the Shias, the Iraqi army – has the ISIS threat passed, in your opinion?”

    Jürgen Todenhöfer: The situation hasn’t substantially changed since December, and if the Americans or NATO are saying that IS lost 25% of the territory – this is just not true. This is not the truth. Maybe, they have lost between 5 or 10%, but this doesn’t play any role in the guerilla war, when people are moving.

    • Good one Chooky, You did a good job supplying that RT TV link.

      I just watched the show on RT with Sophie and the German Journalist who has been involved in the Arab world for 50yrs reporting.

      That was so riveting, where he stayed with ISIS for n10b days Christ he’s got guts and I respect his integrity.

      Yes it is like I have said before we should never be in Iraq or in any Arab country.

      Key is such a misguided plonker that he will cost us dearly here.

        • E-clectric,

          yes I agree he has been misguided by others and they are all gutless, faceless war merchants who want a war to sell their armaments to just for business.

          They planned the trouble in the middle east just for this reason.

          Many reckon the long game is to make the region so unstable and war torn that they want to take it over and milk all the energy they can while they can as they need cheap oil.

          War is all about oil now.

          watch this again it will prove this is true.


          Its all about wiping out our solders as well as others in the process while making money and key is implicated in it no doubt if there is money in it for him he has no shame.

    • Helen Clarke kept us out of Irag but folded like a deck of cards and jumped into Afganistan. Got her UN job as a pay off, Childrens embasador for ‘Agenda 21.’ Poor little buggers are doomed. compulsary vaccinations anyone… JK has made it a law here ready to roll out when given the nod by his puppet masters.

  5. If your really serious about taking out ISIS leadership and end there funding just bomb the pentagon CIA, MOSSAD and Saudi royal family. want to free humanity bomb the Windsors, Vatacan, Washington, Isrehell, Rothschilds and the Rockerfellas.
    Imprison or execute every political leader in power going back to the 70s when they ended national central banks. ie Nixon onwards.
    All wars are bankers wars, started with lies to serve corporate interests.
    the MoD are just puppets dancing for colonial masters for the NWO agenda. lucky for them there is no shortage of mass murdering Rambo wanabees that will believe any BS thats fed them. and being a democracy Im free to choose which side i want to win.. Free market capitalism by the barrel of a gun is corporate rape.
    This aint our fight, Isis kick em where it hurts in there self righteous arses!

    • So remind us Jonkey Nactional why are we are sending NZ troops into help fight ISIL?! …when our ‘allies’ (USA, Israel , Saudi Arabia) seem to be supporting ISIL covertly and overtly…

      ….when ISIL is being used against Syria to bring down Assad! ( who 80% of Syrians voted for)….this mess?!…straw dogs and red herrings….and following on from the shame of what has happened to Libya?…who are the pawns in this game?….who is behind these utter warmongering strategic crimes against humanity?

      ‘Syrian nightmare’


      “Is it too late for an agreed political settlement to end the Syrian civil war? Recent advances by Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and the Islamic State suggest any regime following Assad will be radicalized, extremely brutal and possibly aggressive. Would this be a case of the cure being worse than the disease?
      CrossTalking with Richard Murphy, Jason Hirthler, and Sukant Chandan”.

  6. Hey there CHOOKY, .who is behind these utter warmongering strategic crimes against humanity? The planning comes out of a number of think tanks, secret societies Skull and Bones, CFR etc.. and the of course the Bilderbergs all for the ‘Kazarian Zionist Mafia’. Comprised of all the European royal families, Rothchilds and Warburgs just to name a few. They own and control all the major entities the world relies on ie Energy, Banking, Health, Political, Military and Religous Institutions. Including the United Nations, IMF, WHO. There plan is complete global domination a ‘New World Order.’ Ultimately most people and i mean BILLIONS of us will be surplus to there requirements and disposed of.
    JK and his elk are just playing along hoping for a seat at the table.. (useful assets) There is a lot of info and documentary film on the net. We like to call it ‘Waking Up’
    Good Luck hope that helps..

  7. The families and soldiers should really have all been given a DVD copy of Apocalypse Now so they were prepared for what they have been dropped in the middle of.

  8. Newsflash – the Ministry of Defence has not been responsible for the Defence Force since 1990, when the two agencies were separated. Your article should refer to the NZDF rather than the MoD. (The MoD is a small policy Ministry of about 70 people. It has nothing to do with the daily management of the military.)

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