TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t bring capital gains tax in, I only said it wouldn’t work … (for the rest of New Zealanders, only for us rich elite).
    Keys only doing this to make himself look good, not the fact that he’s forgotten what he said, and done a complete arse about face on the matter.

  2. This Government is just FUDGING THE NUMBERS AGAIN let me explain;

    In question time today I while responding to Winston’s question said in response to Winston Peters question “PM what are you doing to the Auckland housing crisis?”

    As usual I informed the member that “National housing prices” only increased 35% under our administration!

    Then I informed the member that while under Labour “Auckland housing prices” went up 70%!!!!

    Spot the difference? I am a trickster folks, as Winston asked about the bubble in Auckland, and I answered a different question under the National housing not Auckland, clever aren’t I, as there is no bubble elsewhere only stagnation!!!!

  3. I really don’t the people trust me anymore,i must losing my evil touch ,but it dosnt matter my work is almost complete,my friends of the corporate world can take over where I leave off.

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