Malcolm Evans – house prices


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  1. One thing we all gotta remember is , in the words of the great Neil Young… ‘ Rust never sleeps ‘…

    Don’t worry people….Key will be out for a duck sooner or later the way hes subverting this country.

    • But what kind of damage will he inflict in the meantime. When the fourth Labour (Rogernomics) government became aware that it was on track for an electoral hiding in 1990, it adopted an up yours attitude. We know we are toast but there are months before the next election and we can do what we want until then, and there is nothing that you pathetic New Zealanders can do about it. We will make sure that we change things enough and destroy enough so that it can never be fully repaired. And they largely succeeded because Bolger eagerly took up where Douglas left off.
      I sense this is the sort of attitude starting to come from National now. They are sensing that the blissful “anything you say….dear!” acceptance is steadily evaporating; but they have more than two years to go so in the meantime, they can muddle on as usual. Take that New Zealanders!
      Perhaps we might be lucky enough to have another by-election before then.

      • We sure hope you are right MIKE as we are reaching the position a rat in the barrel is in before he gets a belly full of lead.

        This Government is just a CARPERBAGGER administration and why cant the kiwi people see that

        Key in question time today responding to Winston’s question what are you doing to the Auckland housing crisis?

        As usual Key uses false answers saying actually “National housing prices” only increased 35% under our administration while under Labour “Auckland housing prices” went up 70%!!!!

        Spot the difference?

        Key is a trickster folks, as Winston asked about the bubble in Auckland as there is no bubble elsewhere only stagnation!!!!

      • Yes….your quite right , MIKE,…but!…if National lost….and Key went with it…and was ousted by those lining up behind him for the job , ..looking at the contenders, most seem pretty easy to get rid off.

        They really haven’t got much choice of talent to be honest happening there.

        But most definitely the damage is done, however, we would still have to rebuild. No matter what. And Key will be ousted eventually.

        It will happen.

        And no international contract is binding if we ultimately say so. Think ANZUS and the nuclear ships issue.

        So the onus is on us the public to vote in a Left /centre Left govt.Then starts the long deconstruction of all the corruption and anti – public legislation the Key govt has passed.

        There’s going to be a lot of work ahead for all of us.

        A lot of work.

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