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  1. So we are sending NZ troops into help fight ISIL?….when ISIL is being used against Syria to bring down Assad! ( who 80% of Syrians voted for)….this mess?!…straw dogs and red herrings….and following on from the shame of what has happened to Libya?…who are the pawns in this game?….who is behind these utter warmongering strategic crimes against humanity?

    ‘Syrian nightmare’

    “Is it too late for an agreed political settlement to end the Syrian civil war? Recent advances by Al-Qaeda affiliated groups and the Islamic State suggest any regime following Assad will be radicalized, extremely brutal and possibly aggressive. Would this be a case of the cure being worse than the disease?
    CrossTalking with Richard Murphy, Jason Hirthler, and Sukant Chandan”.

  2. James Cameron and New Zealand GREEN farming for the future…

    ( or getting away from dairying in the wrong areas which pollute the environment and plunder precious rivers and underground aquifers)

    “Movie director James Cameron has further distanced himself from dairy farming, adding an organic-vegetable venture to his increasingly plant-based Wairarapa businesses.

    It is understood Cameron, who spends time each year at his secluded Wairarapa home with his family while working on the sequels to his blockbuster film Avatar, has bought Te Manaia Organics, a successful vegetable-growing business based south of Masterton….”.

  3. So our Prime Minister by emphasizing the fact that income tax will be collected off of ‘investment properties sold within 2 years of purchase’ is actually saying that for the duration of His Government,going into year 7, He has presided over a taxation system that has failed miserably to collect due tax from those profiting from the current Monopoly game,

    This is what the Chief Executive of the Property Institute said to the NZHerald yesterday about the latest little ‘tinker’ with the ‘property market’,

    ”Its been Government policy to levy tax on anyone buying an investment property with the intention of selling it at a profit within 10 years of purchase as long as i can remember”, unquote.

    Given that Auckland in particular will not be able to build enough housing to meet the influx of citizens any time in the forseeable future the Prime Minister’s announcement is merely ‘pissing into the wind’ and all things being equal His latest little bit of ‘tinkering’ will see Him get his own back in the form of a loss of voter support,

    Why would paying income tax on what is essentially free money,(inflation), gained by those playing the game of Monopoly which is the New Zealand ‘housing market’ slow or stop this little game in any way,

    When those favored by the Banks can borrow ‘Interest Only Mortgages’ in a situation of Inflation while having the ‘tax base’, (you and me that cannot avoid a cent of GST or Income Tax), pick up the total cost of any such properties that Rents do not cover then the Game will continue at a pace,

    ‘Interest Only Loans’ of course are only offered temporarily by the Banks, by temporary the maximum term is usually 5 years,

    Can i insert a Ha Ha Ha in about here someplace, to explain that Ha Ha Ha you only need ask yourself how much Auckland house prices have Inflated in the past 5 years to see how the Game works,(and that’s without considering any ‘Investors’ ability to swap Banks, simply swap to an Interest Only Loan from another Bank if you can follow that),

    So, you ‘buy’ an Auckland property using an interest only loan,the ‘tax base’,(you and me that cannot escape that cent of GST or Income Tax), then pays your legal fees, property management fees, interest payments,and, the cost of repairs,(just to name a few),

    Lucky you!!!, you now have with your Interest Only loan 5 years of paying NOTHING while the value of the property inflates lets say 1, 2, or, 300 thousand dollars above what you ‘bought’ it for,

    Is paying your current rate of income tax on that PROFIT of 1,2,or,300 grand going to worry you more than the 5 minutes it takes to count all the free money you will have gouged playing the Game so far,

    Not frigging likely, AND, if your one of the current 199,000 who have been playing the Game for the last couple of decades the amounts of inflation you have gouged out of ‘the market’ and put into your pocket will make the Reserve Banks 30% deposit rules for Auckland a mere triviality…

    • I seem to have forgotten a little something in my rather elongated rant, while you sit with your investments property(s),( the usual for the 199,000 playing the Game i am told is 2),

      Your rates are also deductible from your due income tax,

      What a grand ‘scheme’, should i say ‘scam’ , i am absolutely thrilled, while i sit here in Wellington paying all my due GST and personal income tax Auckland ‘property investors’ using ‘Interest Only Loans’ are using a portion of the taxes i pay to inflate themselves into riches i wouldn’t even begin to dream of…

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