Like Mike – Prince Harry visits too many Maoris



  1. I’m not sure if I like these rants by Wells or not and there are a few questions I want to ask. Firstly I don’t aksually live in Auckland so haven’t listened to Hauraki.

    Does Mike Hosking aksually write these rants and then pretend to be Jeremy Wells, in some kind of triple-double-bluff of extreme right-ism and another sly way to promote ZB and the political aspirations of Mike Hosking?

    Does Mike Hosking’s wife have a Lady-Macbeth-role and write these rants for Jeremy Wells, via Mike and Jeremy via Mike?

    Has Mike Hosking looked in his own mirrors so many times that he has been struck down with Jeremy-Wells-envy-syndrome as a result?

    If Jeremy Wells works for Meridian AND cares about poor kids going to school in the rain, does it give him give him a conflict of interest every time it rains?

    So many questions, so little time before the 2017 election.

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