Hunger Games is actually social policy in NZ



Mike Hosking grows a ponytail to please the Prime Minister at the launch of National’s new youth policy on Seven Sharp.


The ongoing generational theft continues unabated in NZ. With as many Gen Xers fleeing the country as possible, the numerics are fixed on the self interested and it’s the old who are profiting from the demise of the young.

Hunger Games is actually policy in NZ…

Pensioners profit while the young fall behind gallery
Pensions have risen by $67 a week in the last five years – while the incomes of parents of children born into low income and beneficiary households have fallen further and further behind.

The gap is poised to grow even larger as the country enters a long period of low inflation because while pensions are pegged to average wage rises, benefits are linked to living costs, or the CPI.

The latest round of benefit adjustments painted a stark picture of the growing disparity. Pensions increased 2.07 per cent, or $11.60 a week for a married couple, in line with wage rises. But other benefit rates rose by only 0.51 percent.

…Gen Xers and Gen Y have to pay for their own education and then have to save for their own retirement all the while trying to save for a deposit for a house in a property market speculated out of their price range by baby boomers and overseas investors.

On top of that, pensioners are now doing better than children of the poor? The promise of democracy is that you can look into the face of your child and know they will get a better deal from society  than you got, 30 years of neoliberalism and the cult worship of success as an individual pursuit has made that promise a joke.

Egalitarianism never looked so unequal and unfair, and we wonder why so many have disengaged from voting.

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  1. the right ideology can in practice be a mind set as opposed to a considered evaluation of a given scenario. the ideology includes not caring for others, do what ever you have to to get to the top of the heap, very primitive in evolutionary terms btw, be that as it may, do the right followers, the national supporters, support caring for the needs of the ultra rich, elite individuals, companies and organizations ? as that is where their hard earned money is being channeled to. the trickle down theory is marketing imagery, the realistic imagery is the vacuum up all your stuff theory, while key touches up your kids and you venerate him for it apparently.

  2. Wasn’t it a Labour government that tied govt super to the average wage? Also, govt super is a universal pension scheme, not a benefit. And if a pensioner is still working or has other income, the super payment gets clawed back by a high rate of tax on the top end of their income. Just saying.

  3. I suppose that’s why we have stories about pensioners living in garages and cars because they can’t afford the price of rent. Or freezing over winter. Or going without medication and medical care, and food. They just can’t stand having it so good.

    And we are usually regaled with the ‘fabulous’ sum given to married couples without confessing that single pensioners don’t get nearly so much though their rates, rent are just as high.

    Is there some point to this nag-nagging on about pensioners and older folk? If they gave up their pensions, stopped helping their kids and grandkids, bought less and less – would something magical really happen?


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