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  1. Kathryn Ryan today on nine-to-noon very good on environmental issues's-mt-john-observatory

    Professor Gerry Gilmore of the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge. He is the principal investigator on Gaia project – a space observatory launched by the European Space Agency in 2013. Professor Gilmore is currently in New Zealand on a lecture tour for the Royal Astronomical Society, and has written to the Science and Innovation Minister urging him to find new ways to fund Mt John, which he says is a precious resource.

    Ian Wright is a New Zealander engineer who co-founded Tesla Motors with Elon Musk in 2003. But he left after a year to focus on creating a super-fast electric car, which he did, and in recent years has turned his attention to electrifying trucks. His company Wrightspeed, based in Califorina has coverted medium to heavy trucks for Fed Ex and is now applying its technology to heavy-duty rubbish trucks. Ian Wright believes that cleaning up commercial and industrial fleets will make a bigger difference to pollution and fossil fuel problems, than getting commuters into electric vehicles.

    The dangerous race for arctic oil.

  2. What was it the Prime Minister said about selling off the State Houses of New Zeland ???,

    ”State Houses will only be sold on the condition that they will still house tenants at the agreed 25% of income”,

    Such a claim, may i be so rude as to say gross piece of bullshit, from our Prime Minister is proven to be just that by the ads below and the 40 or so similar i have seen since the beginning of 2015,

    46A Hussey Street, Waverly, Taranaki, one of at least two dozen that have been sold into the private market from all across Taranaki, and, i am only following property being marketed at 100 thousand dollars or less on both Real and TradeMe,

    Here’s a real kicker of an ad from the King Country showing exactly what’s happening while the media and the opposition snooze away inside the bubble,

    26 Rosylyn Street Taumarunui, the headline that accompanies this particular ad reads:

    Attention First Home Buyers Or Investors!,

    So ‘private investors’ will be running ‘social housing’ will they???…

    • It is a disgrace what this Jonkey Nact govt is doing to State Housing

      …and John Key of new immigrant parents was privileged to partake of New Zealand’s generous social welfare and be brought up in a State House

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