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  1. Why does msm have opinion pages?

    If the blog/thread is related to the Natsies or FJK, it is closed off early, before too many negative comments (truth?) against Key get out there into the blogosphere, giving the masses something to think about!

    Then there is the non publication of comments. I know this from personal experience. Hardly any of my posts are published now by msm. Nothing has been posted up on any of the msm sites for well over a month now. Obviously don’t like opinions which come from the left!

    I won’t waste my time commenting any more on msm. It’s not worthy of support!

    Free and open media? Pig’s bum it is!

    • MSM opinion areas are to keep all the trolls happy. They like to stick their heads out from under their bridges every now and again.

    • Yeah I made a negative comment about the ANZ in an article quoting the ANZ CEO. Didn’t appear. Apparently the bank is chucking farmers off the land in Australia. Watch 60 minutes. Also Google for more info. Very worrying.

  2. Is it time to consider the merits of having an elected upper house?
    Recent governments have been increasingly resorting to pushing through rushed and flawed legislation. Plus National has shown its willingness to interfere in democratic processes, like dismissing a legally elected local body simply because that body made a decision which National didn’t like. In its first two years in power, this National government has pushed 17 laws through under urgency without allowing public scrutiny via select committees.
    Even the right-wing Maxim Institute thinks an upper house would be a good idea, although it wants it more because of its terminal fear of the MMP system rather than any genuine concerns about excessive power of the cabinet and executive council.
    I advocate having the NZ equivalent of the British House of Lords, only without the taints of privilege and aristocracy, and also elected rather than appointed members. Since its wings were clipped by the Blair government, the HoL has arguably become what it should have been in the first place – a place where legislation can be scrutinized and any flaws picked up before it gains the royal assent.
    Our upper house does not need to be a vast horde of fat overpaid millionaires like in the USA. The British HoL members don’t receive a salary and get only an attendance fee at sessions and this could work here in NZ.
    Even the right-wing Maxim Institute agrees that we need an upper house. However its arguments are based on its terminal fear of MMP government rather than any genuine wish to safeguard democratic rights.
    The cabinet and executive council have too much unbridled power in NZ. It is no use expecting the governor general to help here: we need an elected upper house to restore democracy to New Zealand.

  3. Reasons why Labour is not the Government No 1#,

    Raising the age of superannuation entitlement, you only have to count the number of tax cuts including working for families that just happened to be ‘affordable’ in the years after the age for super entitlement was first raised to ‘see’ just how affordable superannuation was,(and still is),

    The excuse, delivered by then Labour Finance spokesperson David Parker with a Ruth Richardson-esque ”There is no alternative”, thus outing Himself at the same time as a closet Neo-Lib, was that the number due superannuation will have doubled in 30 years time,

    Parker was right, but, what He failed to inform us all is that every 30 years the GDP of the country also doubles and thus the Governments income doubles as well,

    Befor the first raising of the entitlement age for superannuation the GDP had also doubled hence the ability, after the age was raised, for successive Governments to deliver the goodies in the form of tax cuts and working for families,

    i and other’s railed against this particular Labour policy for two election cycles and should feel vindicated by Andrew Little saying the policy will not be part of His Labour Government,(i don’t tho, feel vindicated that is, just weary that Labour are such slow learners),

    Better not get too smug tho right, because if Andrew Little can be flipped,(presumably by the large ACT like Neo-Lib cohort in the Caucus), over the much needed Capital Gains Tax on investment property, then attacking the pension may well be back for the 2017 election,

    The even bigger stupidity,(if there is anything more stupid than a policy that drives away 5% of your voters that is), is that those in Labour who pushed this policy, both in the Party and the Labour Caucus, couldn’t tell any of us just how the hell they could hope to implement it,

    Every poll bar one in the 3 years leading into the 2014 election said that Labour would have to have the blessing in some way shape or form from NZFirst to form a Government should they have gained enough of the vote,

    Next reason 2# why Labour are not the Government…

  4. Great news on TPPA front….the Americans don’t want a corporate takeover of their country and State laws either, it would seem.

    ‘Senate votes against fast-tracking TPP’

    …”In a 52-45 vote on Tuesday afternoon, the Senate opposed moving forward for now on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A procedural vote required at least 60 “ayes” in order to let the Senate host discussions on whether or not to give the president so-called “fast track” authority on the matter. Failure to reach that threshold puts the future of the trade agreement in jeopardy”….

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