Table Talk 2: Beneath the Ponytail: women, work, progress?


IKA Seafood Bar & Grill + The Daily Blog present

Table Talk: Beneath the Ponytail: women, work, progress?


6.15 pm Tuesday 19th May – doors open 5 pm

Join host Lisa Owen, of TV3’s The Nation, at IKA Seafood Bar and Grill, 3 Mt Eden Rd, Eden Terrace for a public discussion on women at work, harassment and advancement – with the panel:

Human Rights EEO Commissioner, Dr Jackie Blue
Senior Lecturer at University of Auckland, Dr Michelle Dickinson 
First Union Secretary, Maxine Gay
Labour Party MP, Jacinda Ardern 

5 pm – bar opens, Showtime 6.15 – 7 pm. Dinner service throughout for those who have booked a table.

Seats are limited so the discussion will also be live streamed on

To guarantee a place book a table for dinner. There will be some capacity for bar-only guests, but the doors will close once capacity is reached. Bookings can be made here.



  1. Hope the question is asked and there’s more traction on “DID KEY KNOW?” Did he know that Bailey didn’t like him, she didn’t fawn over him like others do and particularly other staff in the cafe. It’s not just about how a girl in the 21st century should be able to go to work and not be repeatedly harassed by a man, especially by a man in power, but if she samples to him an indifferent or disdainful demeanour towards him and his policies should she be berated for it personally by him? No. Now it isn’t political by Bailey, it WAS political by Key.

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