The Daily Blog Open Mic Monday 11th May 2015




Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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  1. Whoops! Today’s headline – “The Daily Blog Open Mic Monday 14th May 2015″(??) Followed by today’s date underneath.

    Never mind team, we all know where we are today. Well most of us do 🙂 One brainfade is forgiven 🙂

  2. They might not want to vote for the British Labour Party ( former Labour leader Tony Blair’s toxic war crimes legacy)

    ….but the Brits sure as hell dont agree with the Tory austerity cuts on the poor and middle classes in favour of corporate wealth

    ‘‘No more f**king Tory cuts’: Scuffles at anti-austerity demo in London (VIDEO)

  3. Keiser Report on British Elections and a prediction of the end of the housing bubble ….

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the aftermath of the UK general election as the Scottish National Party sweeps Scotland and the LibDems are almost wiped off the map. They ask if Russell Brand is the biggest loser of the election and what happens when David Cameron’s housing bubble promises meet the arrival of the ‘Bondpocalypse’ as the 30 year bull market ends as witnessed in German bund investors losing 25 years of yield in 14 days”.

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