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    • HY

      You’ve got to provide some preamble or context to a link, otherwise no one is going to click through. Some kind of Youtube clip is all I can tell from that. Why should I use my limited; time, and broadband GBs , to look further?

    • A good point, but it’s a pity you didn’t watch the item before discouraging others from doing so, rather than watch it and write a comment that would encourage them. Doesn’t anyone have any time for a pleasant surprise any more?

      It’s an original song, less than two minutes long but richly illustrated, a parody of a children’s song of the mid-20th century that older people may remember, commenting on a much-hyped event of the past week, very much in the spirit of the Daily Blog. Now that’s spoiled it for you, go and watch it.

  1. Sexual harassment is an international issue of womens’ rights ….that is the rights of approximately 50% of the world’s population who are the most oppressed…especially education , economic , employment , independence

    Sexual harassment is a way of keeping women marginalised and mininimalised and trivialised …it is a patriarchal power and control issue

  2. The facade of local democracy is looking pretty broken and corrupted this week down south:

    The Service and Food Workers’ Union has notified its intention to take legal action against the Southern District Health Board over the unpopular decision to award a 15-year food service contract to the Compass Group…

    It can also be reported that Compass Group and Health Benefits Ltd representatives were admitted to the public-excluded session on Thursday where board members were considering their decision.

    The union was excluded – even though its counterproposal was also before board…

    During the open part of the meeting, member Dr John Chambers expressed concern about the absence of the union from the deliberations.

    A bid by Dr Chambers and Mary Gamble to push the deliberations into the open part of the meeting failed when it found no support around the table.

    I was at the public meeting, and it was a total sham. A petition of 7000 signatures presented to the Chairman was unceremoniously shoved under the table as soon as most of the public had left. At that, they left then because the Chairman had called a recess when members of the public had the audacity to talk at a public meeting. There was still a half hour after that, before the public was formally excluded; but that mainly consisted of the board running through the agenda as fast as possible while avoiding meeting the eyes of any of the remaining members of the public.

    This one exchange from the second half was worth jotting down (may not be an exact transcription, but as close as I could get):

    Board Member Mary Gamble: “…are we ever going to open the books and see that we are within budget?”
    CEO Carole Heatley: “We have a lot of tough decisions, and not all will be popular; as we have seen this morning”…
    Chairman Butterfield: “the 5% cuts are only the start.”

    • +100…a pretty serious report on a very serious state of affairs Parsupial

      …lets hope the local Otago newspaper and populous becomes aware of this issue and takes action eg why is health being starved of government funds?….this is where the taxpayer dollar should be going …not the millions into PR for John Key’s new vanity flag( when no one wants a new NZ flag)

      ….really control of NZ health services are being taken away from local New Zealanders and are being privatised and corporatised …with the attendant loss of control on quality, accountability and public assets

      …it is an absolute disgrace!…those responsible must be held accountable for their undercutting democratic process

    • The ODT seems to do a fair job of telling most of the story…but it is always helpful to get more in depth updates from someone involved and on the spot.

      Thank you, Pasupial

      Our country is being sold to these companies…to our collective detriment.

      You’d think there would be loud and protesting voices from the Opposition about this

      Where the bloody hell are they?

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