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  1. Without naming names, do recently resigned Natsy MPs still receive state funded income and perks while being investigated? Just asking out of interest.

    • Good call Mary, sure they will sadly if they have done nine years of MP status.

      Most of them hang out till nine years to get the pension and perks.

      If someone has me corrected that’s fine I hope they do as we cant afford this drag of funds to past MP’s at the rate of those who left all at once 13 wasn’t it?

    • @ Chooky – yes I listened to the cat chat vet with Kathryn Ryan this morning. Quite interesting and funny 🙂

      Through different communication meows and body language our cat has us well trained to recognize his demands, which can be either loud or soft, to get our attention or to announce his presence 🙂

  2. I’d be interested to know what people think of the “proposed changes to coronial legislation” recommending that the requirement for an inquest into all deaths in state custody or care be scotched. The NZ Law Society has blogged that they’re in favour of the changes, so I imagine that that’s a reasonable vote of confidence from an informed body.
    But I’ve also heard a few concerned opinions on RNZ. People worried that there will be cover-ups if the legal requirement for an outside party to investigate is removed.
    I’m pretty ignorant of legal things, I must confess. Is this an issue? I would think it could cause problems.

  3. Watching the UK elections live. Can’t believe how fixated they are on exit polls. When the exit poll was announced, some of the commentators basically said it was all over, the Tories have won, let’s all go home. They were talking about who would be doing deals with who based on an exit poll of 22,000!
    And did you see people carrying ballot boxes full of votes sprinting like maniacs to the counting tables. It is easy to wonder whether accuracy is second to speed here.
    One announcer said something about Nigel Farrage campaigning on election day! She might have meant that he was just door knocking but I shudder in horror at the thought of campaigning on election day being allowed.
    If you think our elections are flawed, then take a look at Britain. It is more of a fable and story time than an election.
    Horrible and fascinating at the same time.

  4. Regarding the UK elections consider this;

    Again we saw a wild swing from the pre election poll results and the election night electronic tabulation and that suggests that yet another election fraud has occurred.

    According to the experts who made the voter fraud election programs called “Source code” the voting program that receives the manual voting results counts them electronically and then changes the final count as to the result ordered by a party, and it very much looks like thus is what occurred here again as happened during our own election last September.

    Watch this evidential video as evidence of how it can be done.
    Beware of NatZ preparing in 2017 pulling yet another election fraud here as possibly did last election since there were anomalies in the pre election predictions and election results which suggests vote rigging has occurred.

    Perhaps UK voters can order a manual recount?
    Only way to confirms fraud.
    Watch these videos of evidence given by a US federal incitement of a Election ex NASA programmer hired by a Chinese Lobbyist during a US election using rigged “Source codes” developed by Programmer Clint Curtis.

    Also this is confirmed by a retired NSA analyst also in this link.
    So according to NASA programmer if the pre election and the final election results are significantly different then according to his testimony there is evidence of voter fraud and therefore to prove voter fraud it requires only an manual independent vote recount to prove rigged voting fraud as the programmer had built the software program to not be traced or even finally discovered as his program finally eats itself afterwards.

    To help protect the integrity of this vital election we must have opposition use this resource of independent oversight of these elections from now on.

    Election Defense Alliance has tools to protect election fraud we observe.

    Here are some other pieces of evidence for our election strategists to be aware of.

    Note we shall require a significant winning margin (more than 10%) because the vote rigging program will shave off 10% of the NZ First vote the evidence information tells us.…chive/2012/11/how-to-rig-an-election/6…ction-rigging-danger-2.html

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