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  1. Yesterday i posted a comment here in ‘Open Mic’ including this little reprint of an ad gleaned from the freebie local rag here, the Cook Strait News’,

    ”Information sought from any person who was a witness to a injurious assault on a female by a male in Wellington during the 1990’s”,

    ”A complaint was made against a senior public figure employed as a politician in the National Government. The Police arrested the suspect but little or no information is available as to the failure to proceed with a prosecution”, unquote.

    The bloke who inserted this wee gem of an ad in the local rag is an Auckland private detective, Clinton Bowerman, and, befor i blew this months cell phone budget i, as you do, googled Clinton up on my laptop for a bit of background,

    Those of you who recognize the name will have already gone ”aaah”, but, for those that don’t there’s some ‘recent history’ between Mr Bowerman, National’s Peter Goodfellow, and, a certain blogger best described as the online slobbering attack dog of the National Party,

    I am not in the habit of naming every smelly smudge of excrement i have cause to scrape off my boots so i see no need to name this particular National Party attack dog,

    It appears, and this is all public knowledge that Clinton Bowerman was engaged by the ex-wife of Peter Goodfellow, the then Prez of the National Party, as both bodyguard and investigator during what, using an understatment, appears to have been a slightly messy divorce,

    It appears that Goodfellow took umbrage at the methods used by Clinton Bowerman to fulfill His duties to to Goodfellows ex and subsequently tried to have Clinton’s private detective’s licence revoked,

    At this point Bowerman then came under attack online from the attack dog,

    Here’s the gist of Goodfellow’s attempt to have Clinton Bowerman’s private detective’s licence revoked,…/peter-goodfellow-ex-wife-and-pi-secret-filming-claim...

    And the outcome of the complaint from Goodfellow,…/private-investigator-cleared-peter-goodfellows-spying...

    When i phoned Clinton Bowerman and asked Him whether He was able to expand on the advertisement i outlined above He happily did so,

    What He outlined, IF true, goes far beyond an interesting story, what Clinton Bowerman outlined for me would best be described as ”Explosive”,(stand back and light the fuse),

    Having spent yesterday considering the information Clinton Bowerman imparted in answer to a series of questions i put to Him and considering this alongside His previous little contretemps with Peter Goodfellow and National’s online disher of dirt i had to blow yet more of this months phone minutes asking Mr Bowerman this question,

    Q, ”In light of your previous run in with National Party ‘figures’ have you considered that the information you have been given surrounding this alleged 1990’s assault has been deliberately fed to you with the intention of having you ‘go public’ with it so as to bring ridicule upon yourself or have you engage in a defamation”???,

    Clinton Bowerman has considered this and has expressed to me the belief that His ‘informant’ has passed this information to Him truthfully and without any hidden agenda/motive,

    About here the handbrake needs be applied to what gives every indication of becoming an ugly story of historic 1990’s political corruption as it is obvious that without signed and witnessed statements from anyone directly involved there cannot be a publishing of the identity of those who were allegedly involved,

    i do tho propose to pose an open question to the Prime Minister,(and Mods please feel free to delete any/all of this if you feel it brings the Daily Blog into disrepute in any way),

    Is the Prime Minister aware that there is an allegation in the public arena that a member of His Cabinet was arrested in Wellington in the 1990’s for assaulting with attempt to injure a female and that a senior National Minister of the Bolger Government then personally intervened to have the former released and all job sheets/charge documents pertaining to this incident expunged from Police records…

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