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  1. Hello, ello ello, what’s going on here then???, this little gem was found lurking on the Ads page of my local rag, the Cook Strait news, blackly glistening between the ads for ‘raw organic milk’, ‘Mein Street gas project’, and,an 100 year centenary ad for a not so local school,

    It doesn’t appear to be ‘linkable’ so i will take the time to type out the relevant text,

    ”Information sought from any person who was a witness to a injurious assault on a female by a male in Wellington during the 1990’s”.

    ”A complaint was made against a senior public figure employed as a politician in the National Government. the Police arrested the suspect but no information is available as to the failure to proceed with a prosecution”. unquote.

    The advertiser of the above little gem would seem to be a Private investigator with a PO box and a cellphone number attached which i wont take up space with unless there’s a demand,

    Interesting!!!, it couldn’t happen here tho right???, senior National Party politicians don’t go round injuriously assaulting females do they???, and, even if they did the Police, after a complaint was laid wouldn’t quietly sweep such a sordid mess under the carpet would they???,

    AND, even if such an event had occurred such an injurious assault on a female by a National Party politician would have had to have been viewed in ‘context’ right,

    It’s pretty obvious that ‘if’ such an injurious assault on a female had been perpetrated by a National Party politician as the advertisement is suggesting it all would have occurred in the name of FUN wouldn’t it???…

  2. They’re changing the baby at Kensington Palace.
    She’s Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, not Alice.
    Charlotte is named after some old dead Queen
    whose husband George 3 was excessively mean –
    with malice.

    They’re changing the baby at Kensington Palace
    Her great-great-great-uncle ran off with Wallis.
    So Marg’ret and Charles had mis’rable lives –
    their true loves could not be their husbands or wives;
    It’s callous.

    They’re changing the baby at Kensington Palace
    Her family history reads like “Dallas”
    Diana’s the name that the public wanted,
    The Queen prob’ly didn’t, so she’s disappointed
    And jealous.

    They’re changing the baby at Kensington Palace.
    Charlotte Elizabeth Diana’s not Alice.
    Nobody need give a flying duck, ’cause
    she’ll never be Que-en and live in Buck-
    ingham Palace.

    They’re changing the baby at Kensington Palace.
    She’s fourth from the throne though she hasn’t a phone.
    She’s doomed to a lifetime of horses and corgis
    and maybe she’ll even go solo to polo;
    She’s ballast.

  3. Are you interested in learning a bit more about the Palestinian history and their struggle for justice? If so, then join us for the free showing of a film by Benny Brunner titled “The Great Book Robbery”. The film is about a little known story of Palestinian Nakba history and will be shown at WEA in 59 Gloucester St, Christchurch on Monday 11 May at 7pm (plenty of parking and easy access). You can also lookup Hope to see you there.

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