Open letter and complaint to TVNZ over Hosking’s victim blaming tirade


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Seven Sharp is on TVNZ. TVNZ is the State Broadcaster. As such you have an obligation to hold a certain standard. Last week I believe your host Mike Hosking went well beyond that standard  by victim blaming the young woman at the centre of harassment by the Prime Minister of NZ.

Mr Hosking is well known to have conflict of interest issues with Sky City, does he also have conflict of interest issues with the owners of the cafe the young woman was harassed in?

Calling the young woman ‘puffed-up’, ‘self-involved’ and ‘politically motivated’ for having the courage to stand up to intimidating and harassing behaviour by the Prime Minister is outrageous and offensive. That Mike Hosking can victim blame in this manner on national television is an obscenity and it is his mindset which prevents other victims of harassment from stepping forward.

Hosking has breached good taste and decency by victim blaming this young woman.

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Make your own formal complaint about Hosking here.

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  1. When I read ‘puffed-up’, ‘self-involved’ and ‘politically motivated’ I thought Hosking was describing himself in a rare show of cathartic self-awareness.

  2. Good luck with that – they’ll delay and delay until the very last minute ( cooling off period ) and then send a private ” Sorry about that ” letter.

    • They will be waiting for instructions from John Key on how to deal with this. If anyone seriously believes that the complaints committee will treat the matter in a non-partisan and fair manner, then they don’t know s..t!

  3. Yeah good luck with that Martyn. The two state broadcasters (TVNZ, RNZ) are not particularly well known for their balance in either reporting or investigating themselves (as you well know yourself!).
    But the good thing about this dreadful ego Hosking person is that he provides endless material for the marvellously entertaining and perceptive Jeremy Wells. A silver lining indeed!

    • Actually I’d have to disagree with you regards RNZ. They are our nations last bastion of decent Journalism.
      To argue otherwise is an exercise in futility.
      Also, to lump RNZ in with that pathetic excuse for News and anlaysis that consist of TVNZ’s “News” and “current affairs” programming, being the thinly veiled PR snow jobs and advertorials that pass for Journalism in TVNZ managements fantasy world, would be highly misguided.

      • Tend to agree, Quinnjin. Even with RNZ’s faults (their afternoons lately have been abysmal), they still stride above TV news like a colossus. The only reason I watch TV3 and TV1 news is to understand what shite they are feeding the citizenry…

        • RNZ like the BBC feeds shite too, especially relating to overseas news where all they are do is reporting other news agency stuff written on behalf of the US state dept. Disappointing that they continue to be propaganda parrots for the US. Although understandable I guess.

  4. Hope the complaint is taken seriously as mine sent to them in 2014 was a complaint over Linda Clarks’ arrogant (Joyce) type overbearing attack on Cunliffe, during her pre election interview where she didn’t’ give Cunliffe reasonable time for a right of reply and they said “nothing wrong here”.

  5. He’s a bafoon and shouldn’t be hosting a mainstream media show when he is an advocate for the National party and uses 7sharp as a platform for being their mouthpiece, shame on you TVNZ

    • Bafoon? Is that a cross between a baboon and a buffoon? If so, you might have come up with a great new descriptor.
      Oh that is probably why he IS on the payroll

  6. Moral of this story: anyone who has experienced any form of harassment should steer well clear of “Seven Sharp” and/or Mikle Hosking.

    I know that doesn’t address his repugnant behaviour, but it might give pause for thought for “Seven Sharp” producers if their show is boycotted by swomen coming forward with harassment experiences.

    This kind of thing is unacceptable at every level and it reminds me of the Paul Henry show, one night, where he demanded to know from a respected, internationally-renowned scientist, if she had had sex with Richard Branson. ( )

    With rare exceptions, TV in the 21st Century seems based on sleaze and sensationalism.

    • Why just women who have been harassed Frank, what about women in general?

      If every woman who cares about other women, wrote and complained about Mike Hosking’s bullying behaviour towards Amanda Bailey, then the groundswell might be enough to get him booted from Seven Sharp. It happened with Natasha Kills’ and Willie Moon’s bullying rants. Surely the sawn-off little right-wing mouthpiece Mike Hosking’s rant is no less odious?

      We all know he speaks on behalf of the Nats – ergo his rants then must represent the arrogant beliefs and lack of values of the National Party, not just jumped-up dandies like Hosking himself?

  7. The Unite union who on behalf of Amanda Bayly should sue Mike Hoskins and Seven Sharp for slander and harassment, who does he think he is spouting his rubbish .We all know what he is, a self important creep who is National tool.
    Hoskins is trying to influence public opinion against Amanda
    to cover up and excuse Key,what a nasty tyke Hoskins is , he should be removed from all forms of public life

  8. Ok you don’t like what he said, but what ever happened to free speech? Or don’t you like that too?

    • Bg – it’s not Hosking’s free speech that is being criticised – it’s what he said with it. The rule of free speech applies to criticism of the critics, as you well know.

    • It is not purely a question of free speech. Hosking calls himself a journalist, right? A journalist is supposed to get facts and present them in a logical manner as best he/she can to produce the truth. Hosking rearranges facts, half-truths and fabricates stories, presents them as the truth so that he can abuse people he doesn’t like and display all the negative parts of his extremely large ego. He is not a journalist, he is just the New Zealand version of Rush Limbaugh. He is indeed entitled to free speech, but he should not be credited with representing the opinions of ordinary decent New Zealanders – because he doesn’t.

  9. Mike Hosking describing ANYONE else as “‘puffed-up’, ‘self-involved’ and ‘politically motivated’ would be laughable hypocrisy, -if it were not strong evidence of mental illness. -But describing the victim of serial assault -the perpetrator of which -just happens to be his personal friend (the most powerful man in the country) shows the cowardly tactic of victim bashing that his name is now synonymous with. Using a state owned broadcast channel to do so displays the kind of vulgar, pompous, arrogance that is (thankfully) in a league all of his own. We have tolerated the unctuous, obsequious, self important, gerrymandering from this acidic snake beyond a virtue and now it is time that we -the people of New Zealand -dismiss him from our service without delay or regret.

  10. Yes we both will also send my complaint in as well now that there are more of us to complain together.

    We and hopefully the others shall come back on a special reply article if Martyn can set it up in a month when we hopefully will here back with a “whitewash” response like the last time or maybe some real meaningful response.

  11. New Zealands watch dogs are rotten to the core. The BSA and Electoral Commision, along with the Independent Police Complaints Authority, need to be abolished, and new, truly independent organisations established in their place.

    BSA and the Electoral commision allowed JK’s little radio show on Media Works, in which he interviewed Richie McCaw and Peter Jackson, associating himself with national heroes at election time for free, hosted by his buddy bud who now owns TV3 (no surprises their re Campbell) as not being electioneering because they didn’t discuss politics.
    Disgusting dereliction of of duty.
    These are the same organisations that banned the “Planet Key” song, and sere later overruled.
    They are corrupt, spineless organisations of no ethical integrity whatsoever.
    I highly doubt we’ll see them develop any of the latter anytime soon.
    They like the much of NZ’s political system are bought and corrupt.

  12. Ten thousand people should instead wait outside our TVNZ studio where hosking goes to spread corporate American foreign policy and pelt the little fucker with shit .
    Greg O’Conner is again asserting the need for the arming of front line PolizeMen while yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien is saying he’d welcome judith collins back.

    Writing a letter of complaint to TVNZ is like writing a letter to a giant complaining that its feet stink .

    I admit it is protocol and well done you @ Martyn Bradbury for bringing it to attention, sinse I never watch TV 1 I’d never have known otherwise .

  13. When was the date of this broadcast as I dont watch 7Sharp for obvious reasons, (it is stupid rubbish by an ignorant and biased host) , but still want to make a complaint as Hoskings needs to removed or heavily censored, he is in a position of influence and using it for his own ends, the Broadcasting Act applies to him .

  14. I truly believe Hosking is controlled the same way Key is, with shame and blackmail. They have their positions not because of talent, but because of their compliance and ability to be controlled. Read Greg Hallet’s – New Zealand, A Blackmailer’s guide. When I originally read it I found some of it plausible and some of it a bit out there, however, a former police officer revealed yesterday in the English papers that an investigation into a huge paedophile ring was linked to a member of the Royal Family. It was deliberately shut down by Scotland Yard, “In the interest of National Security”. Hallet named Prince Philip as a paedophile years ago. It would seem he was right. He had some very interesting things to say about Hosking in the book too.

    • Yup and Hoskins is not royal as Prince Philip is supposed to be,but he has the same tastes according to google.

  15. I note Key was quoted as saying “pulling a waitress’ ponytail wasn’t sexist because he “could have” done it to a man.
    Well Johnny I would like you to try that on this aged Kiwi bloke – for me that would be an assault and being old school I would punch your lights out – ah it brings to mind the famous line “Come on punk make my day!”
    Re Hoskins I did not watch 7 Sharp as I change channel the moment that sneering face comes on plus the subject matter is, in the main, trite tripe. However good move Martyn I hope it is successful!

  16. JKey condemned By Gordon Campbell. A good read, Key lies again?

    Gordon Campbell: The PM’s Hair-Pulling Power Trip

    There have been striking differences between (a) the account of the waitress involved in the hair-pulling incidents, and (b) the account being given by Prime Minister John Key.

    The version by the waitress is available here and is recommended to anyone yet to read it.

    By her account, there were multiple instances of hair-pulling and these persisted and persisted long after she had made her annoyance clear to Key – who had also been advised by his wife, and by other café staff that the behavior was evidently not being welcomed.
    According to Key though, he was merely joking and had apologized immediately he realized that offence had been taken. This doesnt square with her account of repeated transgressions, and the PMs Office has not disputed the facts of her account. Ultimately, even one incident of a customer pulling the hair of a young woman in her workplace is unacceptable. Even more so by a Prime Minister – given the power and potential for intimidation he has, and which the young woman clearly felt. The repeated behavior, even after being told that offence had been taken, is disturbing. It is as if her rebuke had only angered him, and compelled him to repeat the actions to assert his authority. Maybe the sort of response shown by Anne Shirley ( in Anne of Green Gables ) would have given Key the message more clearly :

  17. Good on you. I don’t watch 7 Sharp, but saw five minutes of it the other night. Hosking having a rant about new citizens raving about how cheap the house prices are and how easy it is to get a job here. I guess if you’re working in a specialist field and have just sold a house in another country, or something, those things might all be true. He was clearly using this example of one couple’s opinion as a big stick to beat “all the moaners” with. I’m guessing that’s the tone of Sev Sharp, can’t say I feel I’m missing out.

  18. Great work on making a complaint. You can also send an email complaint to the sponsor’s of Seven Sharp – Rabobank. I know some others were doing that, getting them to reconsider their sponsorship could have a bigger effect.

  19. What I am about to say is not illegal- or immoral- and should not be censored…..please Google “Mike Hosking Church of Sex”- and you may well get a btter understanding of this man and his victim blaming – and his PR campaign for Gloriavale and its child abuse allegations.

    • No surprise here Jim ,so many sex offenders in NZ and covered up by participants, such a strange lot.
      Why is John Key such a friend of Hoskins ,Key should distance himself before he is painted by the same brush.
      If you are correct in these accusations and im not saying you are ,it needs to be brought to the surface.

    • I’m not sure this is helpful at all. The link consists of unsubstantiated allegations presented as fact. Hosking is cringeworthy enough and provides more than enough fodder for criticism without resorting to dodgy claims about the man.

    • Its to be wondered if this item on Mike Hoskin is tied up to getting rid of Campbell live. John Campbell is onto Gloriavale,and its probably feared he will uncover something that tv channel dosnt want uncovered.Maybe this is another book for Nicky Hagar

    • If this is true of Mike Hoskins why hasn’t he been prosecuted. Hes pretty brazen if its true. Maybe just gossip.

  20. TVNZ is serving their master – greedy corporations.
    Hosking is serving his masters – greedy corporations and John Key.

    Does anyone expect quality; unbiased and real journalism with that much greed; non existent creativity and lack of ethics ?

    I, and no one I know watches Seven Sharp because it is low class;
    bafoonery ; pomp and bluster show with a half wit ranter. Boring and a waste of time. Jono and Ben are not funny and boring as well.
    Creativity and good entertainment and quality journalism are a rarity.
    Money rules and its all about — PROFIT BEFORE PEOPLE.

  21. If media are now going to attack victims of harassment then we’ve gone past sensationalism and sleaze and into the realms of nasty tabloid television.

    I wonder if TVNZ executives are really proud of their little sleaze-merchant, Hosking?

  22. Could I comment on Martyn on tv this morning 5th may.
    Well done for becoming a voice for the people. might I say though , you looked a bit defensive, you are a strong positive force nothing to be defensive about, the MSM will try to trip you up in support of Key,although there is a sea change coming ,Herald is printing more negatively about Key .
    Stand tall Martyn you are much admired.

    • Certainly do Matt, but victim blaming sexist ignorance is just a tad too much on the public broadcaster don’t you think?

    • Matt – the question could be turned back on you. Do you have any respect for freedom of speech when it comes to criticising a criticiser? Or does it just cut one way?

      Anyway, it’s not freedom of speech that is being criticised, it’s what Hosking said with it.

    • No I don’t think this is a tad too much Martyn and I don’t think the fact the comments are made on a public broadcaster should be relevant to the argument. The complaint isn’t criticising a criticiser Frank it’s trying to silence a criticiser

      • No, Matt, it’s not trying to “silence” anyone. It’s challenging what Hosking said.

        One could say that Hosking was trying to silence Ms Bayley, with his attack on her.

        Let’s be honest here, Matt. You’re a National supporter and, posting behind anonymity, you’re trying to support Key’s abhorrent behaviour under the cloak of “free speech”.

        If that’s your defence of Key, it’s not much to go on, is it?

        Freedom and rights are not absolute. We all have a thing called responsibility as well as rights.

  23. It is increasingly obvious that TVNZ is scrapping to get any form of good journalism. The fact that this story has dragged out on public television for so long frustrates us all. Tell the story factually and tell it once. Incessant blabbering over and over is sensationalism. Let the lady pursue her case. Let it play out behind the scenes fairly and with justification. We are sick of hearing about it. As for hoskings his frustration on the story has vented itself and unfortunately wrongly portrayed itself as victim bashing. Why not just admit mr hosking the whole story had been exhausted beyond recognition. Changing station does nothing at all as the news is focused on this story no matter which channel you watch. Turn it off if it offends that’s what I say

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