Earth to Louise Upston, where are you Louise Upston?


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One would have thought that the issue of harassment of woman in the workplace was something the Minister of Women’s Affairs Louise Upston would have an opinion on.

Sadly it seems when it is the Prime Minister doing the harassing the Minister has nothing to say

we have a Minister for Women, Louise Upston, who’s contribution to the cause of women this week was to tell them that if they were harassed, they should speak up for themselves. In the same breath, she said through pursed lips that the Prime Minister had apologised for his frankly infantile behaviour towards a young waitress at a Parnell cafe and “that was the end of the matter”. Oh, jolly good then.

…so as long as the bully is powerful, says sorry with two bottles of wine, that’s the end of the matter? 7 months of harassment, and as long as you’ve said sorry with alcohol it’s all ok now? This is the Minister of Women’s Affairs saying women should speak up, but when they do they get victim blamed and vilified in the mainstream media but alls forgiven if the bully says sorry with booze.


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Refusing to call yourself a feminist while singing the praises of beauty pageants is one thing, but not calling the PM on his behaviour undermines the position of Minister of Women’s Affairs.


  1. When is a Minister for Women not a Minister for Women? When she is Louise Upston. She’s a disgrace. No point in having the portfolio if she’s the best the gNatz can come up with! Scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    • It’s painfully obvious that gagging orders have been given to Louise Upston to “forget” the issue, supposedly “sorted” by the PM with two bottles of wine.

      Not so Mr Key. What we need is someone like Judith Collins back in cabinet as Minister for Women’s Affairs, then we’d see some affirmative action. No better feminist in the National ranks.

      Let’s face it, Mr Key has damaged National’s brand and women colleagues I talk to won’t vote for National if he is leader because of his creepy actions and his ham-fisted attempts to firstly silence, then secondly vilify and bully the victim via National mouthpieces like Mike Hosking.

      Stating that he would also touch men’s hair has alienated my male colleagues, who are good keen sporting and hunting blokes. Time to call it a day Mr Key, maitai on the beach in Honolulu and get Cameron Slater to write your biography. Could Peter Jackson be approached to make the movie about the most popular PM New Zealand has ever seen.

  2. I challenge the Honourable Louise Upston to stop condoning sexual harassment at the highest level.

  3. You guys just don’t understand. Her correct title is ‘Minister Of National-Voting Women’s Affairs’. I doubt she gives a toss about the rest of her gender.

  4. Ever watch Louise Upston in Parliament ? She seems nervous, anxious and almost always shaking her head to the affirmative every time Donkey Jonkey speaks. She does not represent any women I know because a stronger more independent woman needs to be in that role. Funny how there seems to be practically no National women who are strong role models for the majority of NZ women because they are so biased and pro corporate and out of touch. They all defend a sinking ship all the while denying anything is wrong at all.
    Our schools are failing for the most part and thanks to National, we are privatizing more and more of what should not be privatized. Go Go multi national mega corporations with your massive gains on the backs of us NZ workers and our families and our environment.
    Our gov’t and our media have been mostly bought and controlled and dictated to by these same greedy multi national corporations and Jonkey supports that. Secret meetings
    pay offs and secret donations ; greedy lobbyists ; bought judges – etc. . . . .

    Take a moment Louise and listen to Ralph Nader talk about TPPA and other issues and hear a man with ethics and integrity and a straight shooting man who would never abuse anyone and fights for what is best for everyone, not just the wealthy. Some men have integrity and some have a phony version of what they think integrity and ethics are about. Funny guys.

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