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  1. Reading Robert Reid’s article on the end of the eight hour day reminded me of the late seventies and early eighties when I regularly worked an eleven hour day. The eight hour day went ages ago and as for doing something about it, well that horse has well and truly bolted.

  2. This seems a grim prospect:

    Creatures in Australia, New Zealand and South America will be hit much harder than North American and Europe, due to a high number of species not found anywhere else… Relatively small land masses in Australia and New Zealand mean that many species there will be unable to migrate to cope with rising temperatures…

    even if governments do manage to hold global warming to 2C, one in 20 species (5.2%) still face extinction, the study found.

    If manmade greenhouse gas emissions continue at their current record-breaking rate, leading to a temperature rise of more than 4C by the end of the century, 16% of species, or one in six, face extinction.

    The article is from yesterday morning (UK Thursday eve), but I wanted to check the original Science journal article before commenting. It’s not my field, but it does seem to be a thorough meta-analysis.

    The thing that struck me most is that; it those regions which have contributed most to anthropogenic climate change (Europe and North America) which will be least affected by the consequent mass extinction.

  3. In a week will we see FJK send his message to UK for them to vote for the Tories?

    Key has ignored any Electoral process before so expect him to splash the media to help his cronies in UK dribble home again and he may help with giving them the Source code system of rigging elections also?

    Watch this video of evidence given by a US federal incitement of a Election ex NASA programmer hired by a Chinese Lobbyist during a US election using rigged “Source codes” developed by Programmer Clint Curtis.

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