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  1. Amanda is not going to have anything to do with Mr Mcreadys prosecution,says she will go with Unite prosecution,i could be wrong but Unite is about workers rights ,so maybe its the café owners who she will take a case against.

    • Hi Elle

      Regardless if it is the cafe management or the PM Amanda makes an official complaint about through the Unite union’s advocacy service, whichever, the topic will stay out there in the open, which can’t be a bad thing, because Key’s actions will be the reason for any complaint being activated. The focus will be on Key, which for once he won’t enjoy!

      Amanda is doing the right thing I think, by not going with Graham McCready’s complaint(s), even though I’m sure he is well intended here. She’s far better having a Unite union advocate to handle any case on her own behalf, should she decide to take things further, a decision only she can make.

      Be interesting to see if Unite union’s offices become the target of another break in, if it becomes involved in proceedings against Key! Haven’t heard anything about the outcome of the last one! Does anyone else know?

  2. When is dribble-guts back in the country? Monday?

    I hope the journos are at the airport to report on how he took a back door exit to the waiting limo.

  3. No matter whether it be McCready or Unite who takes up the case for Amanda, somebody has to throw a spanner in Keys attitude of ill-mannerisms and abuse of position and power. Key has to be prosecuted to the point of being discredited as a politician.

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