Milestone for The Daily Blog


For the first time in NZ Blogging history, Kiwiblog has been beaten by a left wing blog

Screen Shot 2015-05-02 at 4.10.36 pm

few people believe Whaleoil’s numbers are real, so Kiwiblog has been number 1 or 2 since the blog rankings began and this is the first time it’s been third.

Many thanks to our readership and our bloggers.


  1. Congrats on the visits/month stat, and the statistics king David Farrar will be seething at his demotion.

    I’m surprised he hasn’t congratulated TDB himself but then he only comments on/misrepresents stats that support his own narrow, right wing view of the world. He deliberately ignores/misrepresents any stats which damages that view or supports any socially responsible view of the world.

    I’d like to say though that these very encouraging views per month are not translating into comments. The heart of a blog is in it’s commentators and some improvements could be made on the back of this result.

    TDB authors are the equal and in some cases way better than The Standard authors but this does not seem to make much of a difference.

    I’m not qualified in blog studies to know what improvements might be made to increase the number of comments left here at TDB.

  2. Can someone explain to me why the vile odious Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil blog is so popular? Do we really have that many Kiwis who enjoy reading his nasty vitriolic diatribe? It staggers me that there are people who want to read his repugnant noxious invective garbage. This guy has no moral code and I guess the same applies to his readers and supporters.

    • You only have to look at who is running to country to see that the majority of New Zealanders do think like Whale Oil.

    • 30 years of ; “neoliberal brainwashing, demonization of others, dumbing down of public broadcasting, specialised education”, yep there is more but that’s more than enough explanation.

      Its not me going on the wood louse site I am banned – contrary views, criticism are not welcome.

  3. Aha! I think I’ve got it. One of the reasons why TDB visits do not translate into comments is…

    …real socially conscious people with real socially conscious comments to make do not like their having their comments stuck in moderation for hours upon hours as if we were mistrusted right wing trolls.

    • Double-edged sword: the delays are annoying, however, the signal to noise ratio in the comments is pretty high. Maybe that’s the price.
      At least I never feel the need to take a shower to clean off the muck that purports to be comment streams on some of the local blogs.

  4. Yea but Whaleoil’s way out in front ! What.The.Fuck. ! ?
    God almighty ! People ARE that fucking stupid ! Oh.My.God. ! ?
    Cameron Slater has all the writers appeal of shit stuck to a boot . He’s simply not that good so why ??
    Is it really because people prefer hater, whiner, negative, ugly, unimaginative gibberish ? Fuuuuuucck !
    After all that effort by Glen Greenwald, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Kim Dotcom and you and I/me and everyone else out there with even half a brain and the thinnest stain of empathy.
    It is of course fabulous that The Daily Blog is snapping at slaters heels but his heels are higher than a Gay 1970’s mardi gras pole dancers is / was .

    I’m aghast . yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien DID win the election . Jesus ! I was really trying to avoid that particular fact .

    Does that mean that people , well most of them anyway, are that unthinking, that un-analytical, uncaring . Preferring instead to bathe in ignorance for the sake of unblinking hatred and greed ? Jesus Christ ! What’s happened to good old Kiwis ? Or have we always been ignorant arse holes ? Taking what was that of others , demanding ever more when there was enough for everyone ? What say you , you Maori ?

    I live like this . I hope for the best … until I open a bank statement . Then it’s all down hill , a-wailing and a-moaning .

    I say, lets kick Whaleoils arse !

    • Maybe Whaleoil got a boost from dirty politics saga. people check it out to keep an eye on the dirt it prints. They lie just like their leader so I don’t read and believe anything they say .I have checked it out only twice to see if slater has a change of ideas , Key is not his friend anymore.
      TDB has got a boost from the ponytail saga,so I wouldn’t be concerned ,TDB is an honest boost.
      Whaleoil has different “news’ all the time so ive been told.

      Daily Blog because of maybe financial restraints are a bit repetitive.
      I think T D B is great ,but when we ask genuine questions we get no answers.
      TDB can only go from strength to strength well done .

  5. Martyn & Countryboy,

    Firstly a well earned pat on the back to all including Martyn for being there for us all.

    We should get our own superman Martyn, catapulted into the MSM headlines with some similar outlandish display of activity that made Cameron Slug Slater a front page infamous person.

    Maybe Martyn can take something from this movie and spin it into our MSM cyberspace to wake up all the mesmerised hobbits of NZ?

    Watch this if you dare.

  6. Excellent results!

    Countryboy – I wouldn’t get to wound up over Whaleoil’s results. There are indications that he has somehow cooked the figures.


    Whatever one might thing of David Farrar’s views, I believe his figures are more accurate. Somehow I can’t see him resorting to dishonest techniques to boost his ratings.

    So at the end of the day, the top three blogs in this country are Kiwiblog, The Standard, and TDB.

  7. Well done Martyn and team. Long may this positive trend continue. Perhaps getting a few international visitors as well now after making headline news.

    I love it when all the right wingers come over here for a visit to do their thumbs down thing, putting visitor numbers up, promoting this site 🙂

    TDB is the best 🙂

  8. ” Cooked the figures” Riiight . Oh Jesus , that’s a relief . Thanks @ Frank . Of course, the creep would do that.

  9. Kiwi blog reminds me of being back in Uni. – So many stats and so boring and so biased that I fail to understand why many would click onto it at all. Some few and great profs. but you need to seek them out.

    Whale Oil is full of blubber, blubbing on and on trying to sell the right wing agenda, boring boring and more propaganda we do not need.

    I mean, come on, how many aware and informed folks would affirm that Cameron Slater and David Farrar are good and honest journalists who are interesting and full of integrity and ethics ?
    Bottom of the barrel – comes to mind but the word ” BIASED ” is very prominent as well, in our opinion.

    Congrats. Daily Blog. I know our family were very happy to finally discover you and now enjoy your honest and mindful journalism almost every day. We promote you to others whenever we can.

    Unfortunately a lot of New Zealanders still have their heads in the sand and believe anything that is in writing and still follow a lying and unethical ” funny man ” leader.
    ” Must be true if it is on the internet ” ? ? and ” surely our PM would not lie to us ” ? ? – yeh right and if all you ” asleep at the wheel ” – National supporters believe that then we have some great land in hell to sell before it freezes over. Just a joke – not meant to offend.

    Besides, Kiwi Blog is so fearful and biased that he would not allow comments at all.
    Whale Blog quickly blacklists anyone who disagrees with him so why they are both so popular just shows how intelligently and ethically impaired many in this country still are.

    Let us all hope that The Daily Blog continues to rise in popularity and continues to expose the ugly truths and the honest journalism that it stands for. You showcase some of the best journalists in this country. Your are a unique and rare thing to be respected and protected.
    ======>>>>> Great Job ! May it live on and on. Spread the good word ! ! ! !

  10. For the record, my own blog “Frankly Speaking”, dosn’t have a sitemeter. Evidently, WordPress is not sitemeter-friendly.

    My own monthly stats are

    Jan ’15: 3,377

    Feb ’15: 3,801

    March ’15: 5,706

    April ’15: 4,484

    My highest figure was 15,304 in November, 2012. The lowest was 1,615, in August 2011, the month following when my blog went live.

  11. Congratulations! WhaleOil’s blog is very popular, but the numbers are heavily skewed by his bait posts (cat videos etc). Needless to say all the top bog sites have a strong constituency that must be a worry for the MSM.

    • Inasmuch as there is continual gaffes by Key , and the more Whaleoil try to ham up the PM’s successes…the more it works against him ,…as people are not stupid and can spot a sycophant a mile off.

      A good amount of the people visiting that site are those who oppose him….and the National party. And that includes lazy journalists who are underpaid , as well as those who just don’t like him or the lies of the current Pm.

      It would do well to remember that fact regards Whaleoil. He no longer has the influence he once did.

  12. Well done TDB, it must have been the Waitress and the PM story that gave the blog the big boost.

    We need more revelations that are soundly researched and based on facts. The MSM have taken note, so TDB was mentioned and quoted all over the stations and media publications. Success can be achieved without using Whaleoil tactics.

    Investigative work done the genuine, committed bloggers’ way!


  13. Well done to The Daily Blog crew for bumping Farrars Dirty Politics blog down a notch.

    That horrible little slime Farrar is part of the ‘good cop bad cop’ routine that he and Slater played with help from John Key and the prime ministers department……… Farrar played the role of the good cop which ironically makes him a much bigger and more dangerous asshole than Cameron Slater ………….

    Farrar pretends to be nice and reasonable while Slater has always acknowledged he’s a nasty arsehole………… although admittedly he never let on the full extent of how big and rotten an arsehole he was.

    Both are extremely dishonest as shown in Nicky Hagers “Dirty Politics” book and both have contributed to the dirty sleazy and corrupt attack politics that this National Government and John key will be remembered for.

    I never go to either Farrars or Slaters blog as life is to short to pick though shit …………

    My advice to people is that their internet experience will be much more pleasant if they keep away from these nasty Natioanl party sites ………………

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