TV Review – Kinne & Soul Mates – Comedy Central



The two funniest comedies that you need to be watching right now are new Australian comedy shows,  Kinne and Soul Mates on Comedy Central.

All we’ve had in terms of recent Australian comedy in NZ is Housos which manages to be as offensive as it is gross as it is racist as it is sexist so the bar has been set pretty low, but the genius of Kinne and Soul Mates manages to forgive at least a century’s worth of bad Australian comedy.

Kinne is bewilderingly funny. His ‘what if life was like Facebook’ is genius and his unfortunate bets gag is a joy. I’ve never laughed so much in 30minutes, Kinne is an Ozzie adonis with a wit larger than Tasmania.

Soul Mates is very clever humour, their time travelling story, their prehistoric Australians gag is brilliant and their hipster characters are so hipster it hurts but their ‘Kiwi Assassins’ from the Munistry of Defence is so perfectly Nu Zilind I laughed so hard I cried.

TDB Recommends

Comedy shows like Kinne and Soul Mates are very rare.

Highly recommended.