Malcolm Evans – Indonesia’s death penalty


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  1. I’m sorry….but if I had had any inclination to travel as a tourist to Indonesia…there is absolutely no way now that I would.

    Which means the poorer people would miss out.

    But on the strength of this despicable crime committed by Indonesia’s leadership… executing people who had drugs convictions , – not for murder even – I would have to say I endorse Australia’s boycott of Indonesia.

    And frankly I think we should be doing the same . Sometimes you’ve got to hit them where it hurts to drive the message home. Solidarity in this case would be for the greater good of humanity.

    What a heinous , disgusting thing to do.

  2. Grossly barbaric, uncivilized and deeply inhumane, to say the least! Even more so, considering the two Australians (& other foreign nationals too) spent 10 years in prison before being executed!

    State sanctioned homicide – Indonesia, same as the US, China, Saudi Arabia and many more nations as well! These governments are no better than the criminals they execute!

    AND we TRADE with them???????

  3. I’ve just been to Indonesia a couple of times and my habit is to avoid tourists and the tourist traps laid for them like the plague .
    Therefore, if I didn’t go back to the likes of Bali, the local people, who are mostly Hindi and sweethearts would suffer terribly. Imagine if tourists didn’t come to NZ because of the way our politicians behave ?
    And remember, heavy drugs like smack and coke cause widespread damage when not managed carefully and particularly so when introduced into poverty stricken populations. One either decriminalises all drugs, an idea I personally find favour with, or do what the Indonesian government did and shoot the stupid , greedy, dick heads. ( Ironically, there’s a Baltimore journalist talking about exactly that effect in his town on Kim Hills show as I write. )
    The guys who were executed knew, they knew the risks. They tried to fuck around with the odds for money and they got nabbed and dealt to accordingly. When in Rome do as the Romans I say. Go to Bali , show respect for their laws and rules , show respect for their customs and values then leave. If you can’t go without dope or drugs generally for the holiday time you have on that beautiful little island then you have more to worry about than being able to afford a holiday the locals can only dream about.
    Show some respect and leave the Balinese and Indonesians out of our druggie bullshit.
    Having said that. Of course, capital punishment is abhorrent.

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