Unite Union take up Amanda Bailey’s case


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Unite Union has agreed to represent Amanda Bailey, the waitress at the centre of the repeated harassment involving the Prime Minister.

Amanda Bailey has sought support from Unite after being named as the author of an anonymous story for the Daily Blog last week describing how the Prime Minister had repeatedly pulled her ponytail over a period of months.

Unite will be advising Amanda on employment issues and assisting to resolve concerns about how her identity was revealed by the New Zealand Herald.

Amanda doesn’t wish to be interviewed and has stated that her two posts on the Daily Blog have documented her side of the story.


  1. Glad there is going to be follow up – especially the part played by NZ Herald’s Rachel Glucina

  2. Good News.
    The case needs to go all the way through the courts.in spite of Key and co having enormous influence behind the scenes.

    This situation is a test of the influence of money over a humans right to dignity.

    It is a public matter that justice should not be denied to the victim and the perpetrator of the injustice be brought to account with consequences befitting the betrayal of Amanda, the country. and whoever or whatever else he has laughed off.

    Donations will be forthcoming if a matter of collection is sorted out.

  3. Hopefully Unite will be coordinating with McCready who has already filed documents with the courts:

    presented paperwork for filing on a proposed assault charge against Mr Key at the Auckland District Court this morning… McCready alleges a Crimes Act charge of male assaults female, which carries a maximum penalty of two years in jail…

    Mr McCready has already filed a sexual harassment complaint with the Human Rights Commission against Mr Key and a code of conduct complaint against two police officers to the Independent Police Authority over the ponytail-pulling incident…

    Mr McCready has written to waitress Amanda Bailey but has had no direct contact with her, he said.


    However much I’d love to see Key turfed out of Parliament (due to a conviction punishable by two years jailtime – even if he only gets a week’s PD), the court process is very stressful. This has to be what Bailey wants, and I feel a lot more comfortable now knowing that Unite has her back.

  4. If the Daily Blog can not, who can set up an account and/or avenue or ? for those who want to financially help fund her case. I believe that there would be many who would want to support such a venture to make sure that justice is served for her as well as justice finally nailing our manipulative smiling lying sham of a prime minister.

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