TPPA is corporate fascism – a casual PM is no safe guard



When trying to explain why he repeatedly touched a young woman in her work place, despite obvious signals she didn’t wish to be touched, John Key has told us it’s because he’s the most casual Prime Minister in NZ history. How his laid back attitude to harassment defends his actions is something others will need to unpack, but this casual, some would say arrogantly negligent approach to leadership needs to be challenged somewhat.

Key’s casual about  children in poverty, he’s casual about worker rights, he’s casual about mass surveillance, he’s casual about taking democracy way from environmental groups, he’s casual about hungry beneficiaries, he’s causal about the weakest members of society, he’s casual about public education, broadcasting and social policy, he’s casual about Sky City and corporate welfare, he’s casual about the Christchurch rebuild, he’s casual about property speculation bubbles and finally Key is casual about the TPPA.

We  don’t need a leader who is casual with our economic sovereignty anymore than having one who is casual about sexism in the workplace. On the TPPA, we  need leadership that protects our democratic interests.

News that Obama has managed to gain an inch closer to fast track of the TPPA should send a deep chill throughout every NZer. If Key signs us up to this deal, our ability to pass laws that benefit us and not foreign corporations will not be allowed to pass and where they exist, Corporations are free to take us to foreign courts and charge us millions in legal penalties.

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The Washington Post aren’t convinced…

Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty will help neither workers nor consumers

at least Australia is pushing against the ISDS while wikileaks expose how bad the deal really is and in Winston Peters we may have a champion to stop Key

At the moment, the only thing standing between New Zealand and its total loss of sovereignty is Winston Peters.

Signing this ‘free trade agreement’ is treason. The only benefactors are America and Trans-National Corporations, giving them this level of power over our own Parliament is for the benefit of Washington, not Wellington.



  1. This TPPA it seems is a nightmare about to happen.

    It also seems that only a select few of the National MP’s know what is going on here.
    Surely this is not democracy at work as we all are entitled to have the knowledge to make an informed decision on the workings of this.
    Never before have we had such a secretive inner circle.

    I heard John Pilger talking recently about how Obama was the biggest lying President the USA has ever had and that is a shame as he was elected with so much promise after the Bush era.

    And we all know about our own leaders porkies.

  2. I think JK is one of the most ‘dangerous’ PM we have had. It is all part of National’s two pronged system – JK is a great façade (smiley boy next door) holding the public’s ‘blinded’ attention with one hand while the other hand does the real work. He wasn’t called the “Smiling Assassin” for nothing in his previous banking career. The pony tail pulling in fact, probably assists with this deception.

  3. Tppa – loss of sovereignty – won’t happen I can hear supporters say. I have recorded 15 examples where Corporates have taken action against the democratic governments in other so called Trade Agreements that have this ISDS clause.

    • Excellent link to “Truthdig” thank you Blake. Yes, everyone should read it, (then ram a copy down Groser’s throat. Metaphorically of course, but . . .)

  4. Well…I casually hope for a conviction , myself.

    And then we can perhaps casually unpick all the casually made treasonous
    moves that this casual individual has deceived and manipulated the population of NZ with.

    It is sad that NZ’ers are so easily taken in by such a little dweeb. I care nothing for a diminutive little slob like this who walks around Galipoli with his hands in his pockets like this small individual……and I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands who feel the same.

    A real couldn’t care less’er . Who pulls hair. Who acts like a namby pamby then viciously commits us to war unilaterally and signs away this country’s democratic foundations.

    Such a pallid little mouse.

    While other country’s get a real leader – we get a bitchy little nerd. An evil clown . A deprived geek with a fetish for ponytails.

    And people actually buy this stuff?

    Incredible !!!

    Contrasting the dignity , clarity and integrity of such individual’s as USA ‘s Edward Snowden , NZ’s Nicky Hagar to name a few….with this….creep and impostor of a PM….becomes a grievous execise.

    That there are people of values and integrity who are outlawed , blacklisted , smeared and harassed by the authorities for exposing these vicious political criminals and their odious skulduggery….even in this land…

    And a population that seems so incredibly stupefied , so amazingly dumbed down , a population that complicitly enables this Globalist PM and his Globalist ilk to herd their citizenry – yawning and half asleep – to negligently lead their children and their children’s children down the path of servitude towards a totalitarian One World Government .

    I make the call for John Keys resignation.

    I also make the call for the stepping up of Winston Peters and others in places of influence to oppose vigorously and vehemently any semblance of signage of this hideous corporate passport to other nations wealth that is the TTPA.

    • Unfortunately, Wild Katipo, unpicking it after its been signed would be next to impossible. We, the public, are not even allowed to know what we’ve signed up to by our idiot MP’s. At least not for the following five years. It says so in the agreement.

    • Oh its you…the blind faith character who would excuse any loss of nationhood if it increased your bank account at the expense of others.

      Oh well…cant expect a perfect world …and there’s always going to be those who somehow escaped basic childhood training on how to share their toys.

      Sad little man , Gosman. So sad.

    • Bollocks. Treason, as defined by Oxford, is “The crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.”

      Selling our legislature out to the whims of foreign / multinational corporations via the ISDS clauses fits that definition. Not the killing part, but the overthrow of government. Since the TPPA is not open to public perusal, debate, or vote, then yes. this is an attempt by the government to circumvent the public’s wishes, and sell our sovereignty to outside interests.

      If you can’t see how that is treason, then you are indeed every bit as dumb as we suspect you to be.

  5. I don’t understand.. ? That we should care about the ‘ TPPA’?
    Why should we give one small flying fornication for what the USA corporates try to tie us into?
    Why can’t we just sit back and laugh at their attempts at bullying/suing us? I mean? Isn’t it laughable ?

    What’re they going to do? Westinghouse declares war on New Zealand because we bought our viagara elsewhere? ( Not the best analogy but you get the drift. )
    I say, who cares? Let them draw up their silly little bits of paper? Let them threaten us with dire consequences, of not allowing us to show re runs of Sienfield? Who should care? They can go fuck themselves !

    We have the best food, fruits, fresh waters and wines? They have corporate farming one super bacterium away from starvation, I’m sorry , but they need us more than we need them and they know it.

    We’re one British Commonwealth aircraft carrier away from the Yanks coming here and taking our good stuff and how much could they care whether we have a signed document or not ? About this much ( . )

    The Yanks like to call things, things. They like to pretend at pageantry and pomp but they fall short because of one small thing . Do you know what that small thing is ? It’s called Class . The yanks have no Class and interestingly, that’ll always be their downfall . They have no Class darlings .

    The can destroy, slaughter and can cause Global poisons to leach into our very pores, all in the name of Lord God Dollar, but do they have Class and Style ? No . They do not . They have strip malls , the ability to grow large , fat people who can say things like ” Boo Yeah Mutha Fucka ” but c’mon? No class.

    What am I trying to say ?

    Ignore them and they’ll go away. It’s that simple. In the meantime we’d be better off focusing on purging our country of the likes of yankee doodle psycho jonky-stien. Much more important than panicking about dancing to corporate America’s toothless, tuneless organ.

    • COUNTRYBOY – This goes WAY ! ! beyond just US corporations.
      This is about worldwide multi-national corporations that already control most of the governments and main stream media outlets by now.

      This is about protecting our sovereignty and our workers rights and their jobs and our environment. This is about us paying a fair price for whatever rather than being dictated to by foreign corporations. Mostly this is about us stopping these greedy corporations from suing us for us not allowing them to rape us and take our minerals etc.

      They are, right now, suing other countries who have said no ! to their mining etc. and also suing the countries for their future lost earnings. That is insanity. Judges who vote in favour of these greedy corporations interests should be forced out to pasture. TPPA is mostly NOT about a trade agreement at all. The majority of it does not deal with trade issues. Please look into it more because TPPA must be stopped.
      It is wrong on so many levels just as NAFTA was so wrong on many levels.

      Clearly you need to educate yourself a bit more about what
      TPPA is really all about. Take a few moments and read :

      This first link is the most recent and one we all need to read soon.

      No disrespect intended.

  6. I must admit that I am bothered by this talk that once we have signed the TPPA agreement there is no escape. Like Countryboy I dont see what they can do. If we were a country that cant feed ourselves, they could embargo our trade ( who is ‘they’ anyhow~would all the nations in the world fall in line behind the USA?). They can freeze our assets, which wouldn’t amount to much; we could take over their NZ based assets, which are enormous. We could refuse to pay our vast debts.
    And we can feed and clothe ourselves and have all live in houses (if only we had a decent government). So short of outright war, what can they do?

    • if we have a decent government !but we don’t.
      Is there a legal way we could put a lien on Key signing the deal,the same as we could put a lien on property(stopping any sale if not in our interest.)I have a horrible feeling that Key was one of the first to sign when he helped set it up.The absolute arrogance of this so called man,he dosnt even dicuss our concerns,just ignors us.
      He is supposed to work for us but he just dictates.
      Mr Mcready is taking the ponytail case to court on Wednesday.
      Can we stop Key from any government action as he would have a criminal offence to answer,knowing him and his grip on law in nz he would probably make sure the case was held up .He would use our money to afford the top lawyers to defend himself ,he has a complete grip on NZ,thanks to blithering idiots like Gossman and Wall, and other like them ,
      Yes blah blah blah Gosman and Wall blasted ignorant knowall knownothings.sorry scarlet mod you can mod me if you need to no offence will be taken.

    • Hi Dennis, please can you consider reading the above three links.
      These corporations will be given rights that they should not have if TPPA is passed. Then some of our rights will be taken away only for their best interests and not ours.
      Most folks just are not aware of the ramifications of TPPA. If they were, the people in our neck of the woods would be outraged and would stop it from being passed, in one way or another.

    • Dennis, you can ( ? ) become an anti-TPPA activist and write letters; send emails to politicians ; sign petitions ; demonstrate ; forward off links to friends and family and others about the dangers of TPPA. Speak out against TPPA and read all we can about the truths of TPPA. There is lots we can do.

      I just shared three TPPA links here somewhere and they can be read as well.

  7. I do fear for the next generations on this one.
    It seems morally wrong that a company from another country can sue another countries government because that govenment won’t let it ruin or destroy either it’s people’s welfare or its environment! Seriously! PISS OFF! I can’t stand JK just for this reason – what sort of government would even justify this. The trade off is NOT in our favour!
    When is the next TPPA protest march? We need to do it in Wellington, to the beehive, while all the MPs are sitting.

  8. Martyn, please re-read the article.

    Fast Track has not passed legislation. A committee of the House of Reps has agreed to pass it. By picking and choosing the right committee and then getting a majority vote in principle in this committee (which are a fraction of the size of the actual Senate) it appears like there is progress being made. However the legislation has not even reached a vote in the HoR yet.

    Hence Groser’s comments later in the article that he “…assume[s] the professional political managers would have never introduced this legislation unless they were reasonably confident of getting the numbers in the vote.”

    In fact the opposite is true – they know they dont have the numbers to get it over the line yet and they are trying to shore up support by engaging in these little exercises to show support amongst the committees where they know they can mobilise sufficient numbers.

  9. @ Dennis
    (As Mike Williams would say) “I tend to agree with you” [Dennis].
    But it’ll take a bold ‘anti-nuclear’ (anti-nucula) moment to give the two finger salute to this fascist agreement.
    Not impossible however, what is done can be undone – but with greater effort.
    We’ll be sanctioned and ridiculed by our so-called ‘mates’ in “The Club” – but if we are, they’re obviously not mates that are worth having.

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