Help us tell Maccas to #EndZeroHours on May Day!



Dear friends,

Can you go without Maccas for a day? Can you go one better and help discourage others from eating Maccas on May Day?

Its quite simple, the other fast food joints have given in but McDonalds still haven’t agreed to End Zero Hours Contracts. Its really not fair.

On next Friday 1st May we need you to join supporters and McDonalds staff outside your local store to “Adopt-a-Maccas on May Day” and discourage customers from eating there for the day.

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It won’t be for too long and we will supply stickers, flyers, and hopefully our new t-shirts!

You can click here to find your local store.

If you can’t make it then you can still help by not buying Maccas on May Day.

Click here to let us know you will be part of the campaign.

We want to make a splash on social media as well, so if you will share your support even better – let us know and we will send you a reminder with an image to share and hashtag etc.

Let me know you will share your support on Facebook or Twitter by clicking here.

Thanks, I hope I see you out on the street or online on May Day to help #EndZeroHours.

Here is the link to find your local store again.


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