John Key: Profile of a trichophiliac



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It seems that our esteemed Prime Minister has a certain on-going fascination with other people’s hair. Especially those of girls and young women…

17 March 2014 – it seems that Key’s penchant for hair-touching is not exclusive to young women and little girls, as ex-CERA boss, Roger Sutton, discovered;


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7 April 2014 – on ‘Campbell Live‘, at Matakana Village Farmers’ Market, Key copped a quick feel of the little blond girl’s hair;


trichophilia definition - John Key - hair fetish - child - Campbell Live - Youtube

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27 May 2014 – from National MP,  Amy Adams’ website;


trichophilia definition - John Key - hair fetish - child - amy adams website


6 June 2014* –  Prime Minister John Key at opening of  Nelson Young Parents School at Auckland Point school last year;

Multiple sources:

Media story

Full image with text (Hat-tip:  Richard Hills)

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Un-dated – Details unknown, from TVNZ story, 23 April;


trichophilia definition - John Key - hair fetish - child - Minister for Women slammed for ponytail-pulling stance - TVNZ - TV1 News


From a blogpost from an obvious National-Party supporter comes this remarkable story. Remarkable because of the way the father trivialises the matter.

Un-dated – “Political Business“;

My 12-year old daughter watched the TV news last night and exclaimed ‘that’s what the Prime Minister did at Te Papa to my two friends”.

She was talking about the NZ Prime Minister John Key pulling the ponytail of a cafe worker, and previous footage of him touching a young girl’s ponytail.

The issue has gone off the water-cooler scale of local and international talkability.

My daughter’s experience, and my own in seeing John Key’s physical stand-offishness prior to becoming PM, indicates a developing pattern in how this super-confident PM has come to interact with his ‘subjects’.

There is nothing wrong, per se, in having a harmless hair fetish. Many in the population have fetishes – another example of the wide spectrum of human nature and sexuality.

Where the problem arises is when Key has harassed a cafe worker, and is also seen to have some sort of proclivity to touching other peoples’ children’s hair.

This is just not acceptable.

It must stop, or the Prime Minister must step down and seek professional help.

Meanwhile, the consequences of Key’s actions – if he doesn’t resign in disgrace – will be long-lasting. Just one implication of his behaviour, as I outlined in this letter-to-the-editor of The Dominion Post;


from: Frank Macskasy <>
to: Dominion Post <>
date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015
subject: Letter to the editor

The editor
Dominion Post

Every parent in the country will now be keeping a wary eye on John Key whenever he’s around their kids or daughters…

I’m sure teachers will be hovering around in the background, along with journos and photographers. The moment he touches a kid’s hair, a dozen cameras will be going off like machine guns…

For the rest of his career, people’s eyes will be on him – and not in a good way.


-Frank Macskasy

[Address & phone number supplied.]





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Amy Adams, MP for Selwyn: Prime Minister John Key jokes with Brooke Coburn about cutting her hair (Hat-tip:  Greg Presland)

NZ Herald: PM Key pulls girl’s hair on Campbell Live last year

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Fairfax media: Minister for Women standing by Prime Minister after ponytail incident

TVNZ: Minister for Women slammed for ponytail-pulling stance

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it's never ok to touch someone without their consent



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  1. John Key and his team have put this in their past and remain firm that it is just a joke and also a dirty political ploy by the left. They diminish the impact of abuse and even make fun of this whole event. All the more reason for the law and solicitors and the courts to be sequestered to help sort this out with dignity and honesty.

    With most of the NZ media being dictated to by our government, and most of what we hear and read about is likely biased, all the more reason to file charges. Maybe this is how we finally get him retired to Hawaii.

    Bullies remain in denial and will defend their fellow bullies most of the time. I would like to see this young woman consider quitting her job and go after justice and get the support she needs to end this in her favour. It appears her employers are concerned more about their reputation and continued business with politicians than they are in her horror story over this that she went through.
    She is the victim here, not the cafe and surely not donkey jonkey.

  2. The Herald writers have turned rogue again .John Armstrong saying T D B and you Frank pressured Amanda for her story. We knew it would be a Left wing smear sooner or later ,who else can they blame? Not Key he was just having fun!
    Oblique threats to Amanda if she sues Key for anything.
    This is the most disgusting government we have every had,GLucina and the Heralds story about Amanda having strong political ideas,so what,! if Key learned to keep his hands to himself we wouldn’t even know about Amanda.Next we will learn they have offered her money to not bring charges, this is NZ not America, pushing pressure on anyone who dares to challenge their rule.

    • “…and you Frank… ”

      Oh? Me? That’s interesting. I’ve had nothing to do with the inception of this story – I’ve simply commented and blogged, post-publication. But if they want to link me to the breaking of this scandal, I take it as a kind of compliment.

      • You should take it as a compliment ,we are all proud of you and TDB which is now well known around the world,Key wont like that.
        If you can could you make sure Amanda is not being intimidated and pressured by National and their Herald creeps.
        Fran o Sullivan is pushing the TPP, another one turned rogue again.Sure sign National is worried .

      • Let us continue to support and appreciate the honesty and ethics and creativity of journalists like Frank Macskasy !

        The Herald and others only wish they had such quality journalists but instead they have the likes of those who are so biased and bought that they do not know which end is up. Running scared.

        Thanks ! Frank and keep up the great work.

  3. Although the hair pulling fetish story was an extremely worthy blog by TDB I fear what Kim Hill described as the “Pendulum Effect” will occur with constant rehashing of pieces about Key and this fetish, in other words people will begin to feel sorry for him and he is being picked on. Because after all prior to this the myth said he was a really good guy!

    There can be no way most of NZ has missed this point and it was the perfect non technical means to highlight how odd our PM is and how it really makes one think what the hell is going on in this government.

    As Dita De Boni wrote; “But how ironic if a childish game of hair-tugging affecting one person counts for more than many years of neo-liberal dogma affecting thousands”. Yes its more than one person and its seems far worse than childish games. But she has a very good point!

    As seen this week Singapore radio advertisements are telling Singaporeans exactly what the Auckland property market has become, an ideal tax free land for foreign investors to buy up New Zealand homes whilst treating New Zealander’s like cash cow serfs, as they (Kiwis) spend “half their wages” keeping Singaporean investors fat at home.

    Now National don’t want us dumb arses to know this of course, because on one hand they are trying to satisfy their investor friends but on the other they know this is hurting them. Its being discussed by many a mum and dad knowing their kid’s can’t get a house or even go flatting in Auckland anymore and ad’s like this only rub our faces in it.

    So while Nick Smith runs around in a lather pretending everything is being done to solve their home made crisis, when of course nothing of the sort is happening I think the pressure should be maintained on all fronts, not just Keys creepy fetishes!

    • Now National don’t want us dumb arses to know this of course

      Let’s inform them, have you any links to the Singapore marketing campaign?

      • Sorry I can’t link it for some reason but it’s in the Herald amongst other sources 22/04/15 “Asian adverts property boast, ‘An investors’ dream’

        • Yes….I saw that and was disgusted by that pernicious cynical piece of information . But to be honest , this has been the neo liberal mindset all along – they are not nationalists or interested in national sovereignty – just self enrichment.

          And they are quite happy to bleed dry the country of their birth and the people who gave them sustenance while they were growing up ….

          This is why they are not only corrupt , – but treasonous as well . And essentially indulging in undemocratic criminal activity to undermine the the citizenry of this country .

          That is not only the definition of criminal activity but treason as well.

          Its that simple.

          And this hair pulling , assaulting Prime Minister is one of them.

          And unlike John Armstrong in the Herald today – I believe it is serious enough that there should be no qualms whatsoever in demanding this PM ‘s resignation.

          None whatsoever.

    • Keys craven unquestioning fawning voter base will be offering up their childrens hair to be annointed by the TPP (The Parnell Puller c/o Clemgeopin).
      But will TPP do it in public or just wait for $25 000 private dinners at their homes to get a good stroke on.

  4. Thanks again Frank.

    I have heard it said by obvious Natsy supporters, what John Key did (and does), he does it openly and in public. Then let’s not forget so did Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris. To begin with that is, regardless of causing offence, which was ignored, until victims began to speak out about what was also going on away from the public eye!

    So what is it, we don’t know about Key? It’s this point which is the disturbing feature here.

    In a period of less than a week, I have learned Key does not touch hair. He FONDLES it! You just have to watch the clips and look at the photos of him indulging himself in his warped sense of pleasure.

    Nothing to do with touching at all. It seems it comes down to an uncontrollable urge to CARESS the hair (particularly ponytails and pig tails) of young women and little girls! Not quite the behaviour expected of a minister of the crown, let alone a Prime Minister!

    If these episodes of assaulting (and it is general assault) the young waitress over a specified period of time, amount to a series of investigations being activated into his behaviour as the result of complaints, then he will have to accept he will be expected to stand down from his present position of PM and as a minister of the crown, during the investigative process. Plus I very much doubt a knighthood will be forthcoming, while under investigation!

    Thank you TDB and contributors such as Frank et al, as well as the waitress concerned, for the effort and time put into this issue, to expose a repulsive characteristic in the PM! A great example of why NZ needs alternative news sites.

    Good to know TDB has gone international and for a very good reason too 🙂

  5. Personally, I usually view images or videos of John Key having “dead eyes” and see no substance in his person at all.

    This is not true of the expressions shown on his face in the clips above.

    Compare those flashes of interest with the cardboard-cutout deadness of expression shown on the pastiche of Young Nats Ball photos, (scroll down the page on the Guardian article) and the contrast is very disturbing.

    • Surely those ball pictures have the attendee’s images photo-shopped into them, next to an image of JK.
      Nothing described as human could maintain an identical expression like Key’s for a 100-or-so photos.

  6. All respect Bomber for the investigation. Leaving politics aside, I am the dad to 4 wonderful successful daughters. I have to say that I’m unnerved by having these girls faces brought into the scandal. Time we protect them as a priority. I would not want one of my girls carrying this shit, without their consent. The same goes for Amanda. The facts are out. Time for Key to step down if the police and Human Rights Commission agree that this funny business is what we all clearly see it to be. Thanks for the pinnacle journalism. Hopefully this saves John Campbell.

  7. Yes it could be sexual harassment , however at the very least is most definitely common assault and workplace harassment.

    To which also , her employers failed to discharge their legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for one of their employees.

    And the damning thing about all this is – Key failed to desist after being asked to . It turned to harassment after Bailey asked the offender to stop and he did not.

    Not only did this happen once – but over a period of 7 months , on multiple occasions , – and despite the fact that after informing her employers and their doing nothing , – she was reduced to tears of frustration.

    There was nothing consensual about this , it happened repeatedly after protestations from Bailey , it was ongoing ( 7 months ) and definitely had an impact on the victim.

    Therefore quite plainly the case can be made for common assault and having emotional damage / humiliation on a victim.

    As a secondary to this is the employers . And their failure to discharge their obligations under the law.

  8. Great article, Frank. Inappropriate touching is bullying and is downright embarrassing and humiliating. I have had this happen to me in the workplace and the effect was overwhelmingly negative, despite going through the correct procedure to make a complaint. Time to expose bullies and shine a light on what is unacceptable.

  9. In light of this sexual harassment of a 26 year old cafe worker, I wonder if the question must be asked: what does he think about his own daughter’s sexually charged self-portraits?

  10. [Criticism of the Prime Minister is one thing. But your comments are potentially defamatory. Please do not repeat them again in this forum. – ScarletMod]

  11. Thanks Frank for that amazing picture gallery of our Prime Minister who really is just anything but extraordinary.

    What we are is sorry to see him now making so many errors of judgement now that these are reflecting on us now.

    The gloss has well and truly gone from Planet Key and the decline has truly begun.

    Early election anyone?

  12. Here we see the true attention span of the swivell eyed. loony left. This old news has got them all frothing at the mouth to be sure. Good Greif….. Cant you all leave the playground and go and do some grown up things??
    Its PC hyperdrama like this that stops decent men stopping to help women with broken down cars and makes men turn a cheek when they see a lost or hurt child. Because of course,, Were all sorry that were men. The left are on a crusade to convince society that anyone with testicles is a potential peadophile. rapist, abuser or murderer.
    Its the slow but sure sterilisation of our cultural values. And women wonder where the age of chivilry went…..?? I darent hold a door open for a women these days in case she accuses me of seeing her as inferior.
    I have to wonder why this girl who was SO offended by the prime ministers actions took so long to complain… (this having gone on for weeks) And why she chose not her employer or the police to make a complaint to but a left wing blog……
    Stinks of a beatup to me… But I guess that this is the gutter that the left will drag politics and persons to in order to meet its ends.
    Put this up if you have the balls..

    • Hey, Robb, if it’s so infantile as you say it is, why don’t you put your name to your beliefs? Oh yeah, because you know it’s BS.

    • Its strange that most turds on this site say “this has gone on long enough”,The waitress was harassed for 7 months,so on that reasoning we have 6mths left in this story.

      The waitress told him to stop ,had to keep trying to avoid the PM ,he had a detail to guard him ,who was there to guard her,she seems to have been on her own while sycophantic people looked on and thought the PM was just having fun ,well she wasn’t.shows how low Nat lovers can avoid the issue.Maybe we on this site will keep this going until the case against him is proved.
      The MSM didnt refrain from attacking the opposition in Sept’ election,it was persistant ,so if you think we will listen to the whining of the right
      forget it .You can cover up John Key as much as you like we will do the uncovering,Northland sent him a message it worked.
      People voted against him,Northland was National for over 50 years, not anymore, do you imagine for one minute the rest of the country in general don’t feel the same ,so don’t throw 700 people at us as support for National it wont work this time.

      Most people in NZ only had an MSM to give them News now we have TDB which is gaining in popularity ,and its now known around the world. Other online media tell us the real news ,of which the Right try to spin as conspiracy theories, no one except the dopes who listen to old guard news believe that anymore. The corporations and their minions repeated that mantra over and over and are trying to control the internet.

      John Key wants the TPP because once enacted he can carry on with MSM to support him against the people,and the people would have no forum to counteract this treatchery.

      Dont trust the “smile on the face of the tiger’ He is part of the 1% make no mistake of that,NZ is just a commodity to sell on the cheap to his cronies,back him all you like trolls but you will suffer the same as everyone else , his loyalty is to Obama and co ,you mean nothing to him ,you are just a whiney voice who he will use for his own protection .

    • Why don’t you right nutters put a rubber stamp on your blogs saying “leftie loonies’
      save you a lot of written drivel and bad spelling.
      You sound like an old man who think women have no right to question anything ,but as long as you tip your hat and open a door,they should be ever thankful.
      The torment in question went on for 7 months not a few weeks as you put it,dont you read a story before complaining,its you who need to go back to the playground and learn to read and absorb information not parrot the Herald. The employers well knew she objected.
      The waitress sent an anomymous letter to TDB obviously because she didn’t trust the Herald and with Glucina in the mix she was right not to do so , the waitress was entrapped and betrayed by the Herald and her employers,all self righteous Key supporters, in this age of “chivalry ‘.
      Your type will do what you have always done shut your eyes and pretend that no other opinion exists except your own,you probably voted National in the dim dark ages and obviously you are a creature of habit ,you couldn’t possible be wrong could you ! Key has harassed the waitress and touched her for fun, very gentlemanly wouldn’t you say ,but in your mind she should have just accepted it and shut up ,well this 2015 and things have changed , you havnt.

    • Where the hell do you get the idea that I, or for that matter any woman, want you to open the door for us? In my humble opinion, I believe you are an ignorant chauvinist moron.

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