TDB Political Caption Competition




  1. PM: “Got the ponytail stuff sorted folks…. have got my new BFF Rachel onto it to sort it!”
    TDB blogger: “Would that be the same Rachel gossip columnist who constantly rubbished Charlotte Dawson then went suddenly quiet after her suicide? ”
    PM: “I can’t remember. Nobody told me that. Well maybe somebody at my office was told, but noone passed it on. I’ll get my people onto it, but most New Zealanders would agree with me and my apology. Problem sorted. Hair today, gone tomorrow”

  2. I pay towards this giggling dipshits salary to then abuse a woman in her work place and bully and swagger about with impunity, fuck my fellow Kiwis lives up and sell us out to foreigners who suck out our economy . Nothing fucking funny here I’m afraid .

    Unless you think terminal cancer is funny. Then you might find this hilarious.

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