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  1. Oravida now sells New Zealand water to China ( not just NZ dairy and NZ swamp kauri)….I thought New Zealand water belonged to all New Zealanders…especially the Tangata whenua…not a private company with links and associations to National MP Judith Collins and her Chinese husband

  2. New Zealand migration hit a new annual record in March, as more students arrived from India and China and fewer locals left for Australia.

    The country had a net gain of 56,275 migrants in the year through March, 75 per cent higher than the 31,914 gain in the year earlier period, Statistics New Zealand said. Migrant arrivals were 16 per cent ahead of the year earlier period, while departures declined 13 per cent, the agency said.

    New Zealand annual migration has broken records for an eighth consecutive month as the nation’s economic prospects appear brighter than in many other countries. That’s helping stoke economic activity, pushing up demand for housing and cars while also reducing pressure on wage inflation by boosting the supply of labour.

    Sum up of affects.

    Ie migrations seems to be pushing up demand for housing and cars (transport).

    Reducing wages for locals.

    This doesn’t even include the off shore investors in the mix who are investing in property here without migrating here.

    So lets not punish the locals anymore and do what most other countries do, have controls on housing as an investment for foreign investments and migrants.

    • My view is that targeting foreign investments vis a vis housing will not make a blind bit of difference,

      If foreign investors are driven out of housing there are a zillion Kiwi Ma and Pa investors who will quite happily keep the Monopoly game growing,

      The genesis of the house price inflation occurred here 20 years ago with the exploitation of a little heralded tax loophole,

      Here’s how it works, and, people in droves at the time paid 3 grand a pop to attend seminar which explained the details of this little tax dodge,

      Joe Bloggs, any old Joe Bloggs whether a wage worker or a monied salary employee, the only necessity needed was the ability to gain a mortgage from a bank, could and still can set up a company structure which encapsulates both His/Her personal income AND a rental property,

      Now, in simple terms the rental property within such a tax structure can by accident or design be run at a loss, ie: total outgoings, mortgage, insurance,repairs, property management co fees exceed the amount in rent gained from the property,

      Then, the owner of said rental property has the ability to write off the difference in the outgoings and income from the rental investment against the income tax from their wages and/or salary which are tied into the company structure,

      So depending upon your level of income tax it was and is possible for such investors operating such a company structure to buy a investment property in say Patea where the mortgage even without a tenant is simply paid for by writing off the due income tax from the ‘investors’ wages against the losses incurred through the rental investment,

      In effect the tax base is simply subsidizing part or all of the mortgage payments of not just hundreds or thousands of homes but hundreds of thousands of ‘rental investments’, (the NZ Treasury says that in the time that this little tax loophole has been exploited 200,000 former
      New Zealand homes have become rental investments),

      That i would suggest is a far greater driver of house price inflation across New Zealand than is the current suggested level of foreign investment…

  3. As I said when commenting on the ponytail pulling article, comments which somehow never appeared although others did, put in under my name, the left need to focus on matters that are of concern to every day New Zealanders. If they don’t they risk being in opposition for sometime to come. This is borne out by today’s Roy Morgan Poll where Labour is languishing on 27.5 per cent. The poll shows a left wing grouping of Labour, the Greens and NZ First could govern but the problem here is that Winston Peters will never go into a coalition arrangement with the Greens. Without NZ First the left are 8 points behind National. Paddy Gower on 3News called the pony tail incident as a possible tipping point for Key and National. Well, it won’t be as most voters are happy with his handling of the most important issue which is the economy as shown on last weekend’s One News poll. Mr. McCready talks of sexual harassment. He was corrected by a legal expert who said it would be a charge of common assault. If it got to court the majority of normal thinking people would not be happy as the view seems to be while it was a stupid thing to do it was not done with malicious intent. Strategies are very important in politics. The Roy Morgan poll shows that the Labour strategy in the Northland by – election has only served to benefit NZ First. The left need to be careful, that in their enthusiasm to finally get John Key, they do not suffer further backlash from middle New Zealand.

    • If it got to court the majority of normal thinking people would not be happy as the view seems to be while it was a stupid thing to do it was not done with malicious intent.

      And how do you know, JC, that it was ” not done with malicious intent”? Were you occupying Key’s head during those seven months?

      As for conflating this issue with Labour’s polling – so essentially you’re telling us that no political party should address harassment of women, and should instead focus on their own mis/fortunes? So self-interest should be their guiding principle?

      The way I read it, that is precisely what you’re advocating.

      • Nice to hear from you Frank. Your comments would seem to reflect a problem that the left has with John Key, they have never understood the guy and therefore cannot get a handle on him and why he is so popular. Take the two young girls at Matakana Markets that he met and touched their pigtails. I suppose in your hopelessly politically correct view that makes him a danger to children. I know the left are desperate to get the P.M. but this is not the way to go about it. If you think it is you are kidding yourselves.

        • Sorry, JC, but you are gravely mistaken if you believe that harassment and technical assault are just “hopelessly politically correct view”. You and other National supporters can try to minimise this all you like (and really, that is precisely what you and others like you are attempting) – but this doesn’t change the nature of what has happened.

          Remember that your esteemed Dear Leader has admitted to his behaviour and apologised. It seems his “fan club” cannot accept this.

    • JC, since when is the New Zealand system of justice been held in the thrall of what makes ”the majority of people happy”,

      IF, as was written yesterday the manager of the cafe in question at one point asked the Prime Minister to cease the behavior, and, i have yet to see or hear anything to the contrary, which He continued to exhibit befor finally being told by Ms Bailly to stop or else then it is obvious that while the Prime Minister thought He was having fun it is even more glaringly obvious that the human being trapped in Her workplace and the subject of His unwanted pawing was not,

      In Law what the Prime Minister accomplished with His ongoing, unwanted touching of a persons hair is simple assault, the fact that He at the time or subsequently does not seem to understand this makes His actions, considering His position, all the the more abhorrent…

  4. I know his fans think so, but the ShonKey one has not yet attained the status of a deity, so capital He and Him are inappropriate.

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