Of all the mindless war cult propaganda of ANZAC Day the most tasteless and disgusting exploitation must be this


Of all the mindless war cult propaganda of ANZAC Day the most tasteless and disgusting exploitation must be these ‘Flanders Field Collection’ chocolates endorsed by the RSA.




  1. Disgraceful and absolute disrespectful way to commemorate ANZAC Day, particularly this centenary of the horrendous Gallipoli campaign.

    Sickening to the core!

  2. I saw those the other day and thought it was a bit ick, these being in the shape of a helmet, apart from that I thought they were hellishly expensive

    • Next year: Chocolate cadavers lovingly riddled with hundreds and thousands, oozing a delicious strawberry jam filling! Lest we forget.

  3. To be fair, they are labelled Flanders Field, so relate to the Western Front. Presumably released now to undercut the Government’s ‘campaign’ against obesity! Which chocolate company makes them – we should boycott them.

  4. “Helmet shaped chocolates with mint – flavoured filling”

    One assumes brain – flavoured filling would have been a tough sell.

    To add to the idiocy, the photo on the label shows US Marines circa 1941, so not even an Anzac.

  5. While arguably “tasteless” as long as the monies are going to the RSA it is tolerable.
    What is intolerable is slimy politicians wrapping themselves in the cloak of others who have sacrificed so much.

    • Sorry, me again, this keeps nagging at me.

      First, re: Gallipoli fatigue, if you are anywhere near Wellington in the next 4 years go see the Te Papa exhibition.

      Second, this is the same RSA that
      1 -blocked a peace park at Featherston
      2 -fought for decades to keep out women as members
      3 -now demands we keep the British flag that took us to the disaster of Gallipoli in the first place.

      • Our local RSA seems to consist mainly of run down people getting cheap alcohol. Very few Veterans in sight as far as I can tell, if any.

  6. I’d have to try one before I knew if they were really tasteless or not.

    Definitely suffering from Gallipoli battle fatigue though

  7. They could at least have had some pickelhaubes – maybe raspberry ones. Not sure what headgear the Montenegran dragoons wore.

  8. RSA should get better funding, that they need, from this govt instead of flogging chocolates ! ! Exploitation and Commercialism at its ugliest.
    Instead of supporting war and sending more young brainwashed NZ men to the middle east, take that money and better fund the RSA and
    take care of our veterans as we should. Our vets need better help.

    War is a racket, war mongering and war glorifying needs to be buried.
    Let us self organize against this kind of idiocy and stupidity.
    Blog more, blog more against what does not serve us all.

  9. I guess we should be thankful that Minties didn’t decide to do something like this..imagine, It’s moments like these you need Minties…..

  10. Bad enough that the RSA got involved at all in this sick commercialism. Worse that they are made in Belgium so profits go overseas and worse again that they cant distinguish between WW1 and WW2.
    The manufacturers can attempt the defence that Belgian chocolate is highly rated, but if my memory hasn’t failed me, weren’t some of the worst bloodbaths in WW1 on their doorstep? How sick is that?

  11. All true there,

    It is sick to commercialise the suffrage of our Fallen comrades in arms that fell on foreign fields, “Flanders” or not.

    This year as I go with my service medals, I wont ever feel the same sweet surrender of sadness and rejoice of giving absolution to my pride & respect for my fallen comrades now that FJK has unleashed the commercialism of this solemn event.

    Shame on him.

  12. Snap! I was so disgusted when I saw these in a store that I said what I thought out loud in public. Quite a rare occurrence for me, believe it or not. 🙂

    What next, chocolate guns and soldiers so the kids can play chocolate war?

  13. One of the (many) things that we won’t hear about is not only did NZ try to invade (what is now) Turkey – a place we had no business being – we also tried, successfully unfortunately, to invade (western) Samoa. The Samoans paid a heavy price for the NZ invasion of their country, including NZ police shooting peaceful independence protesters dead in Apia.


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