A side of fear mongering terrorism with your slice of ANZAC Day patriotism?


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It seems some media have taken to scaring the bejesus out of NZers this ANZAC Day. Suddenly Terrorism is being served with our slice of ANZAC Day patriotism this year. It helps to not question why we threw so many into the mincer of war and why we are getting into another pointless re-invasion of Iraq on the side of dictators and butchers if we are all spooked that ISIS inspired fellow NZers will launch an attack while we are waving our flag around on War Cult Day.

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IF there is a terror attack on NZ by ISIS inspired violence it will be because Key has set us up as a target for the 5 Eyes Club by reinvading Iraq.

IF there is a terror attack on NZ by ISIS inspired violence it will be because the media have helped generate the sense of isolation and alienation that generates this kind of radicalism.

IF there is a terror attack on NZ by ISIS inspired violence it will be because the Prime Minister has personally helped that alienation and isolation along by publicly naming numbers of suspects so that the could get his controversial mass surveillance laws passed.

IF there is a terror attack on NZ by ISIS inspired violence it will be because we have done bugger all helping those on the fringes of NZ mainstream culture feel welcome and heard and counted for in our country. Inequality and social isolation converts more to radicalism than ISIS can. If we have youth in NZ who are being radicalised by ISIS, that’s society’s fault for not being inclusive enough, blaming ISIS is a joke.

We should refuse to allow fear and hate to direct our decisions. We are a free liberal democracy, that is our strength, not more police powers and security crackdowns.

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  1. Good points raised Martyn.

    The timing of this propaganda is highly suspicious!

    Key & Co pushing justification for sending troops to Iraq to fight a faceless “enemy”!

  2. Free? Liberal? Democracy? As each of those gets chipped away, at what point will they be regarded as having ceased to be?

  3. And to add even more insult to injury this special week, there is Tony Abbott calling the Australian and NZ troops being sent to Iraq to fight ISIS ” the splendid sons of ANZAC”!

    Is there no end to this disgusting “patriotic” agenda of propaganda?

    How those who fought and sacrificed their lives in battle, must be turning in their graves at what the 2015 ANZAC Day commemorations have come down to! So what did they die for? Nothing it seems, only for future generations to go on fighting more wars and others profiteering from it!

    Interestingly I heard on RNZ Morning Report today something about the US Arms Industry doing quite well financially at present, due to the conflict in the middle east! I don’t doubt that for a moment, because this is the bottom line in war – an obscene PROFIT at the end of it all! This was broadcast at approx 6.15am today and I’m sure can be accessed through the RNZ online site if anyone is interested in listening to it.

    I am absolutely heart sick by what this year’s ANZAC Day is being used for – commercial profit and political propaganda!

  4. All we have so far learned from Australia is endless exaggerations and hysteria, coming from their government, police, security agencies and some media. There was the swoop by up to 500 police quite some time ago, resulting in only one person being charged. There was sadly the Lindt Cafe incident, where one mentally disturbed immigrant Iranian, with criminal inclinations went crazy and tried to use the ISIS hysteria to get attention, resulting in at least one of the two hostages being shot not by him, but police.

    That man will more likely have been Shia Muslim, not a Sunni Muslim, as I would gather, given Iran is mostly populated by Shiites. So what a bizarre link to “IS”, when ISIS are out to chase or kill Shia?

    Now we had 5 youth arrested in Melbourne, where all but one or two got released on BAIL, and there is talk of a knife or knives that were planned to be used against police, “inspired” by ISIS. How can this be a “terror incident”, when persons get released on bail?

    Others report of over reaction and harassment by police, resulting in injuries to children at the home that was raided, and now police suddenly come up with the hypothetical story, one of the youth, who they plan to charge, was “close to” a “contact” in Syria.

    Gasp, I am getting sick of this massive over reaction, and also the NZ media going crazy on this the last few days. Today almost all I heard was about ANZAC Day memorials and events and terror, terror, terror, that “might” happen. Yet Abbot, the Mad Monk from Down Under, now goes around encouraging people to attend ANZAC celebrations.

    This smells too much like something being cooked up for ulterior motives, none else, I fear.

    Yes, Islamic State is a threat, but keep it within reason, folks, here is something shining light on what is really behind it all, they are hardly true Muslims, or even Islamists, the key strategists and movers behind the scenes are nothing but criminal minds from former Iraqi security and military backgrounds, manipulating and exploiting others, first of all in Syria and Iraq, hardly that interested in wasting energy on New Zilliland:


    • Yep there is so much of it (Fear mongering propaganda) and it is on TV1, TV3 and Prime news it has got to be a coordinated program. Probably from John Keys “Office” on the advice of some US spooks. NZ has not had a terrorism event and the population is far to relaxed and unaccepting of the need for state surveillance and control.
      There seems to be a fear building in the USA that the government is planning in case an armed clampdown on its own people becomes necessary. Ammunition buying by government departments, military exercises etc.
      Under what circumstances would this be necessary? Perhaps a war that the population don’t support but one that the financial elite require in order to protect their fortunes. Maybe this crap is all to keep New Zealanders in line if such an eventuality comes to pass. Whatever the reasons for this sea of bullshit anti ISIS propaganda around ANZAC day I think the proponents and their lackeys in the media are disgusting hypocrites.

      • NZ hasn’t had a terrorism event yet,but a false flag event can be arranged if John Key gets too much flack for sending our troops to fight an American created war.
        False flags are all the rage now,look out for one in the future .

        • Yeah we did have the Rainbow Warrior though…but it was for an entirely different reason…though still state sanctioned terrorism.

          It was a general one – off…and was ordered by an officially recognized govt….France…whereas ISIS remains an unofficial ‘ power’ in the middle east.

            • Oh ….and then there was the case of Paul White…the second hand computer dealer who found a huge selection of data on disks…that belonged to an American major bank…

              He got ‘ iced ‘ as well , it seems…

            • Perhaps it wasn’t state sanctioned – esp the Trades Hall thing -or could have possibly been someone who just had a chip on their shoulder…one can never really tell these days…

              And that’s just the point of what I’m making here….its a murky little world out there.

        • But we have had state sanctioned para-militaries before. Remember Massey’s Cossacks? – all the country oafs and bullies that the government could muster were appointed deputies and given the green light to round up, beat up and destroy the property of striking unionists – all with legal impunity while the official police watched and cheered.

        • Good on you for saying so I agree completely. The conspiracy theory dismissal is wearing very thin on this one. False flags have been carried out in the USA, UK and Europe on multiple occasions of late, all of it popping up like mushrooms fertilized by this bullshit, fabricated war on terror. When raids and arrests are made it invariably involves the mentally ill and marginalised with tenuous links to Islamic extremism, sometimes none at all. On the other hand, a past relationship with government intelligence agencies is disturbingly common – seems we’ve forgotten how patsy’s are made. It’s the political propaganda weapon of choice in our times. It’s now however being overdone to the point of being a regular pattern. Consequently, the prime and most likely motive is the one that furthers a domestic political agenda. Cui bono is an extremely reliable rule when it comes to conflict.

  5. Wars have always been about money from the beginning of time,power equates to wealth.
    Patriotism is a dirty word used to entice people into fighting for the money hungry, not the country.
    Young men sacrificed with no concious by the war lords,these war lords never fight themselves,
    Polititions send men away to get killed to please their puppet masters.
    I think it was one of the Bushes who said military men enter the services because they are too stupid to get a decent job,thats how much respect the powers to be respect the men fighting so that they get rich.
    In the uk veterans and their families are housed in hostels and given no help, while immigrants from other countries like Ethiopia enter with many children and are housed in million dollar houses with lots of bedrooms, given huge benefits to give them a quality standard of living, some of the immigrants never work a day in their lives in uk some are single women. The reasons for this is not clear but I imagine its to please some country or leaders.
    No man or woman should go to war to fight for the greedy uncaring
    morons. Once out of uniform they are treated with disregard, they are no longer useful to the war mongering military money machine.
    Our PM is so keen to please the corporations he is willing to sacrifice soldiers .
    With jobs so scarce people join the military as their only option of a career. very often its a death sentence.
    This is what Anzac day means,glorifying the deaths of the young ,patriotism is a filthy word and no one should be fooled into fighting by being called cowards and gutless usually by leaders like John Key who would never fight himself.
    The leaders of countries usually turn up on memorials days looking all pious and sad ,lay a wreath,then go away to send the next lot of victims off to war, the families of these soldiers have to fear every day while their sons are fighting. Sure the soldiers are trained to fight, but in their minds its to defend, not to line the pockets of money mad control freaks.

    • Yes…agree totally , ELLE .

      It is time an audit is made of those who stand to profit by encouraging war.

      There would be many red faces and many more ducking for cover and anonymity very , very rapidly if that were to happen.

      And they would be extremely lucky if they too , didn’t pay for their immorality with their very lives once the public learned the full truth.

      We are not that stupid that we do not see straight through all this propagandist shallow tripe , Mr …….key.

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