Why did MediaWorks strangle Campbell Live advertisers?



So killing off Campbell Live is a commercial decision that has nothing to do with the CEO’s personal friendship with John Key.


So if that’s true, why were MediaWorks suddenly shortening Advertisers contracts before they mentioned these changes to the show itself?

Campbell’s sponsor cut months ago
MediaWorks management cut a key Campbell Live sponsorship deal, smoothing the path for the show’s axing, months before the company told staff it was conducting a formal review of the flagship current affairs programme.

If the issue is money, why start damaging that revenue stream? MediaWorks have dumped promoting Campbell Live, shortened advertisers contracts and pushed through a prejudged ‘review’. What MediaWorks didn’t count on was the incredible surge of support for Campbell Live that has led to a whopping 40% jump in ratings as supporters have scrambled via social media to save Campbell Live.

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This decision to set Campbell Live up to fail by MediaWorks is partly driven by naked greed masquerading as fourth estate obligations but mostly it seems to be a political gag reflex to end one of the only critical broadcasters of the Government.

Now MediaWorks are a private foreign owned media company, and are free to do as they wish, but MediaWorks have been able to gain a dominant position in our market because of our dangerously lax media regulations. Such weak regulation demands fourth estate obligations on MediaWorks because they’ve been given a pretty sweet wicket by our MPs, and that sweet wicket means MediaWorks have a responsibility to NZ, not the other way around.

The interests being served by killing off Campbell Live are political and corporate, they are not in the interests of the people.

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If we allow one of the last bastions of critical media on TV to die, we will be a poorer culture for it.




  1. John key has friends in lotsa places. Even google and youtube (see vinny eastwood). Now he must figure out how to censor the internet, he is in talks with the chinese ,they have plenty of options!

  2. What amazes me is that both the government and MediaWorks didn’t seem to think people would be capable of joining the dots on this one. I mean, I know as a general rule, Kiwis elevate apathy to almost Olympian levels, but we’re not complete vegetables. And when you threaten a beloved institution like Campbell Live, you risk the ire of a sleeping giant.

    I’m just hoping that after years of narcolepsy, we’ll finally wake the fuck up.

  3. Pulling the main sponsor of Campbell Live, seems to fit in with the “hidden conspiracy” to quell free speech in NZ. Particularly that which calls for government accountability, as John Campbell does regularly!

    Does make me wonder though if MediaWorks founder, government chief of propaganda Steven Joyce, is still waving some influence over the network, to fit in with the Natsy agenda of fully controlling msm!


  4. Have there been enough reports in enough sources to suggest that there are some personal issues with Julie Christie and Weldon towards Campbell? In my opinion yes.

    Yeah, that’s sensible, the whole of our access to an important part of the media which has a significant role to play in our society is down to some particular pique or tantrums of the powerful.

  5. Why not Boycott Jono and Ben if this is the show chosen to replace Campbell Live. They are easygoing boys who have actually used John Campbell in their show. Lets bring some pressure on them to not succumb to naked ambition at the expense of their friend John. Here’s an idea. Maybe they could have a segment on their show where John Campbell investigates why the US is sending army trainers to Ukraine to promote war with Russia or Why the government finds it so important to send troops to Iraq to fight ISIS. Should be worth a few laughs.

  6. ” dangerously…” LAX”??… media regulations”?????
    I think you mean NO regulation. (=No accountability)

    As reminder,
    “Deregulation” was implemented in 1980’s ALONGSIDE
    the notorious NZ/Kiwi/GodsOwn Destroying “Economic Restructuring” (get it? NO RESPONSIBILITY. NO ACCOUNTABILITY)

    Martyn – you still seem to be an innocent lamb, (wondering wtf.???)

    When it should be obvious that”MediaWorks” is just another ARM of a same “octopus”
    that has gotten NEW ZEALAND now.
    ** * * *
    What “octopus”?
    CLUE : IT has MANY tentacles with which to STRANGLE: the LIFE –
    out of what
    was ONCE-
    our OWN NZ (Godzone/Fred Dagg,KIWI/ Everyone a Fair Go NATION )

    – but is NO MORE!!

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