So this ANZAC Day we are fighting to spy for torturers and hiding the manner in which NZ soldiers die?


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While we stand at attention and bow our head solemnly to do our pious bit for ANZAC Day, what exactly are we fighting for this year?

Apart from siding with butchers and dictators who have helped create the new generation of Muslim fanaticism, it appears we are fighting to spy for torturers and the ability to hide how NZ soldiers die in battle.

Our need to worship the dead for some sense of identity has blinded us to the mistakes that drive war and that’s why we are silent on the outrageous hypocrisy of entering a new war to suck up to America.

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  1. Here Here Martyn. The message that ANZAC day used to carry was all about remembering those who died to protect our way of life. “Lest we forget” The over emphasis on this sad episode in our history, that we are currently being subjected to has all the hallmarks of the glorification of war and conditioning the NZ public to accept the involvement of their armed forces in wars that deserve no involvement from NZ.A more enlightened media would focus on the causes of WWI and WWII. Germany did not start WWI and the ferocious reparations forced on Germany after WWI contributed to WWII
    “All wars are bankers wars” War is used to hide the mismanagement of the economic system by the financial elite in the USA and in Europe. Arms companies profit from both sides in any war.
    War may throw up many examples of individual heroism but how many unremembered civilians who did not wish to participate are killed. What was heroic about the fire bombing of Dresden or the Atomic bombs that killed so many in Japan, after the war was already won.

  2. With all respect for the soldiers that fought and died for past wars, to defend “King and Country”, or rather the elitist system and capitalist business interests of a few at the top, I am getting a bit tired of this endless memorial of a lost battle a hundred years ago.

    Every day now the news on both leading channels have many items on that topic, that may be of interest to some, but should perhaps be of concern to all of us.

    Kiwi and Australian soldiers were sent into a battle that could not be won, and still today old loyalties to the former masters, the UK, and now also of course the mighty USA, are kept.

    One veteran soldier was commenting on one news program a day or two ago, that soldiers went to war to defend New Zealand and democracy. That may be true to some degree, but as I hinted above, that is just part of the truth.

    With endless memorials and special events we are told to remember war, which at times seems to me to be a kind of exercise to ready us for future wars. Instil fear and respect into people, so they will be ready to agree sending soldiers off again, like now into Iraq, training soldiers of an army, that stands by when atrocities are committed by Shiite militias – like in Tikrit.

    And there will be other battles to come, I am sure, into which NZ solders will be sent.

    I wonder, I wonder, can people not see and understand what is going on? Some do, but many do not, I fear.

  3. MARTYN;

    “We are silent on the outrageous hypocricy of entering a new war to suck up to America.”

    With the solemn Day of ANZAC due, we should take the time to
    contemplate who our allies really are and what they really stand for.

    Contained in the five links below is a lot of information that is revealing, ‘explosive’ in nature of both recent history and today.

    Wild Katipo quote;
    “An invaluable resource for any journalist,young political scientist,
    concerned citizen or even the mildly curious.”

    They should be read as an addendum to the 5 links posted on
    Martyn’s – ‘Key can’t name leader of ISIS……’ April 15th.

    Michael Springmann served as a diplomat in the American Foreign
    Service for many years. Saudi-Arabia,Germany,India. Recent book;

    “Thousands of American soldiers and civil servants have lost their
    lives in the War on Terror.
    Innocent citizens of many nations,including Americans killed on 9/11,
    have also paid the ultimate price.

    While the US Gvt claims to stand against terror, this same Gvt refuses to acknowledge it’s role in creating what has become a deadly international quagmire.

    ‘Visa’s for Al-Qaeda: CIA Handouts that Rocked the World’ sets the
    record straight by laying the blame on high-ranking Gvt officials.

    During the 1980’s the CIA recruited and trained Muslim operatives
    to fight the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

    Later, the CIA would move those operatives from Afghanistan to the Balkans (I missed Serbian conflict,list April 15th) and then to Iraq,Libya and Syria traveling on illegal US visa’s.

    These US backed and trained fighters would morph into an organization that is synonymous with Jihadist Terrorism: Al-Qaeda.”
    ( Now ISIS.)

    1. Diplomat spills beans….. His interview.

    2. Obama’s Communist Past. Explosive.

    3. ISIS Border Update 3.

    4. The Takedown of America Begins.

    Military exercise in 10 sth/western states.’Jade Helm’-a UN program.

    5. Obama’s Domestic Force is Here!!

    These are the people our NZ Gvt, Key&co, are deeply in bed with.

    Noam Chomsky quote;
    “The idea that there should be a network reaching people,which does not repeat the US propaganda system, is intolerable.”



  4. Here is news of real value, that shines light on how ISIS came to rise and capture so much land areas with cities and strategic positions all over Syria and Iraq. It is fresh news and shows how senior members of the former Iraqi regime went about to launch their attack, as their revenge for the US lead invasion in 2003:

    “The Terror Strategist: Secret Files Reveal the Structure of Islamic State”

    IS are not too fussed about who fights for them, they are certainly not that faithful or virtuous Muslims, they have been organised by former top military personnel and some others that once worked for Saddam Hussein.

    The much controversial invasion of Iraq, under false claims about weapons of mass destruction, led to Saddam’s regime collapsing, but to a much greater and more destructive force to rise.

    Thank you ‘Uncle Sam’, under George W. Bush (the idiot with his own bible in his hand), who launched what radicals claim to be a modern day “crusade”, which they now use as the reasoning for them to hit back at all they oppose with a vengeance.

    This is stuff to really worry about, and they are successful, now turning not only Syria and Iraq into ethnic and religious conflict, but also Libya, Yemen, soon Lebanon, Jordan, possibly Tunisia, Egypt and again Afghanistan.

    Perhaps it would have been less harm caused, had they left Saddam in place, and left it to Iraqis themselves to rid themselves of the dictatorship?

    I dare to claim that Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, as he is now known, is only a figure head leader, not the true leader of Islamic State. Even darker characters seem to be pulling the strings from behind, ruling with terror.

  5. … it’s a BIG CON guys – militaries around the World are being exploited and sent to false flag operations like Isil, which are U.S./Israel funded and C.I.A. trained …
    Humanity are being deceived and manipulated around the World by Satanists guys (fascist Zionists, corrupt political/corporate interests) – they’re all playing for the same team.
    Awakened Military personnel, defence and intelligence are needed at home – rededicating their service to defending their people and their nations from the corrupt who are intent on dominating Humanity and pillaging our Earth’s resources and destroying our planet.
    Get our of military service people please – you’re being exploited and eliminated – corrupt governments/corporates are sending you to your deaths for profit, and our nation and its people want and need your support and assistance at home.

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