Malcolm Evans – For King and Club


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  1. Yep that sums up how JK has ruined the future meaning of ANZAC day.

    Let we not forget they died so a wealthy Kiwi, who came from nothing (using all the benefits of a fair minded society) and then removed the ladder so not many others could do like wise, could earn his 20 pieces of silver from his USA paymasters at the expense of 99.9% of Kiwis.

    But he does have a nice smile and all that dirty politics (with hidden assassins) does make it look like he does nothing bad.

    • There was no lesson learnt. Hardly anyone seriously questioned the point of the First World War. Even the great leader of the left in NZ, Michael Joseph Savage, didn’t hesitate a jot when it came to declaring war. His justification wasn’t to stop tyranny. It was about following Britain’s lead.

      • Savage opposed conscription in WW1, saying that conscription of wealth should precede conscription of men. By WW2, after experience in the social democratic Labour Party, he had moved a fair bit to the right on this issue. See Goosmann, all you need to do is let Labour have the reins of government and they leap to the right.

          • The far right got what they wanted, to be owned by greedy corporations and then to destroy our media and damage our country and pollute our rivers and pour 1080 all over our once clean and green country. Yeh! the far right got what they wanted – foreign investors buying up our land and minerals and water and deep sea oil drilling with the high potential of a devastating and economically destroying oil spill or oil spills. Yeh ! the far right have done a great job of LYING and not helping those in need, nor helping end poverty and homelessness and increased suicide rates. Yeh ! the far right have done a darn good job of taking our country right down into the toilet all the while asserting their illusive “rock star economy.” What a joke. Now they are sending brain washed young men off to a war zone, and joining forces with the devil to support perpetual war for greedy profiteers.
            =======>>>>>> Great job far right, great job indeed ! ! ! ! !

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