Table Talk – the ramifications of threats to Campbell Live


Filmed Tuesday night at IKA. Hosted by Wallace Chapman with Bill Ralston, Simon Wilson, Fran O’Sullivan and Phoebe Fletcher.

What are the ramifications to public broadcasting

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  1. This discussion, a bit boring, mainly focused on the economics and the money end of media. Too bad not much was said about John Campbell’s show exposing the Dirty Politics in NZ and how that threaten who and why.
    What part of that is related to his potential demise as they cry money ; money ; finances and ratings ? Journalism should be fact based and mostly unbiased and most NZ journos are so biased most of the time and usually pro-National that it turns most off. Campbell Live was a beacon of light in a Dirty Political arena and it threatened too many bankster type right wingers.

    Is this all about money or are we in denial that most of this is about controlling the media and continuing to promote the ranting and the boredom of pro – Natz “Seven Sharp” type of no substance / fluff media ? Hosking and Henry are such a waste of time to watch and so irritating – so are we mostly brain dead already ?
    Ratings Ratings Ratings Money Money – is this all it is about ?
    I think not.

    Is this all about advertizing and money or should we also focus on our media being in control by those who want to make sure the public are not told about their dirty politics and lies and corporate greedy connections ? Funding programs about ” Hillary Clinton ” – the most horrific corporate whore and war mongering woman in US politics and then not airing shows exposing the rot in politics here in NZ ? Come on. Quality TV shows worth our attention that tells us the truths we will not see or hear much elsewhere remains important and now threatened.

    What comes next if Campbell Live is cancelled? More pro govt. media and more fluff media that is all about making money and to heck with honest journalism – more control of what the public will know and keeping more truths away from public consumption. Also more money hungry govt. and corporate owned journos like Fran and HoseKing and that embarrassment ===>>> Paul Henry etc.

    People have an appetite for the truth and real honest journalism and this will suffer more and more as the media and our government continues to be bought up by corporations who dictate way too much in their best interests – MONEY and hiding the truths.
    $$$$$$$$$$ Biased ratings and pay outs rule their world. $$$$$$$$$$

    I personally found Fran O’Sullivan and Bill Ralston more out of touch and overly righteous and arrogant. Think the panel would have benefited with having more aware and open minded folks like Laila Harre ; John Minto ; Martyn Bradbury; The Daily Blog and others who are not afraid of stepping on the toes that need stepping on in order to save ethical and honest journalism. That is exactly why they were not invited.

  2. …..something pretty bloody fundamental missed by the Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs on the panel. ONLY Phoebe briefly alluded to it (a reference to what’s best described as the digital divide).
    What seems to have been a GIVEN is that a commercial environment is the be all and end all on the way we now HAVE to operate. We don’t at all!
    Sorry folks but the airwaves and the ether belongs to the Public. And what’s more a Public that pretends to operate in a democracy.
    We give commercial operators the ‘right’ (for a payment) to operate – and as we’re constantly told – with rights come responsibilities.
    The airwaves (and the ether) is as fundamental as water – it’s ours – the Publica, the People’s.
    We have, and are entitled to have expectations that go with the responsibilities that those that use our electronic water to live up to.
    One of those things could well be a diversity of opinion, news, current affairs, the expectation to be entertained and even educated.
    In a democracy, the failure of those using our electronic water are not living up to their obligations

  3. Still the message sent was market John Campbell like they marketed Outrageous fortune, which was an absolute stunning success because of the hype, so TV3 get Campbellive marketed how you did outrageous Fortune.

    The other hash tag was we need diversity that Campbell offers so balance and diversity are strong points along with Fran’s suggestion that we need Mature current affairs programing also.

    Good show and yes we need Martyn and the Daily blog team out there to we love them all at TDB.

    • +100 CLEANGREEN

      1.)….the importance of MARKETING!….a good point made by Ralston that CAMPBELL LIVE has not been given a fair go in the marketing of it compared with other tv programmes…

      …also interesting that Ralston said as a head of TV1… for a long time he wanted to poach Campbell off TV3…but Campbell was too loyal to TV3 as it was then…( my comment:of course under John Key’s friends management it is now very different)

      2) ….and the other major point (which Simon Wilson in particular missed with his emphasis on the importance of advertising for his magazine Metro) is that TELEVISION SHOULD BE A PUBLIC SERVICE IN REGARD TO NEWS and CURRENT AFFAIRS and INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM …it is a DEMOCRATIC imperative

      ie… forget about the ratings and advertising for news and current affairs and investigative journalism!

      OVERALL I thought that this was a good discussion …and I was pleasantly surprised by all of the thoughtfulness and balance of all of the contributors

      3 )Another point is that if television is going to abdicate its public responsibilities to New Zealanders and their DEMOCRACY in regard to news and investigative journalism and current affairs

      ….and more and more people are abandoning televison in favour of internet online sources….the Daily Blog and others like the Standard can fill in the gap with such online discussions

      …I would only suggest better camera work and sound recording to maximise such discussions


  4. Why these people? None of them watch Campbell Live, though as media professionals they all tape it and of course watch it if any noise is subsequently made. This presentation is not a debate about how the news should be represented on tv, it is supposed to be about Campbell Live and whether it should survive. All of these presenters are irrelevant and only trying to keep their personal media profiles up.

  5. Did anyone watch Campbell Live last night Wed April 15 for the short piece on our water and our underground water tables being lowered by massive water harvesting by overseas companies ? They are shipping our excellent water to china and also check out the huge water harvesting China is taking from the US as well. This is what we need to hear and need to know and we will not see or hear much of that on the nightly news shows. Out govt ; (TPPA) ; and those greedy psychopathic corporations do not want us to know all of these truths. We need to do whatever we each individually can do to stop the complete takeover of our media (and our govt.) Sign petitions ; make calls ; write letters/emails and do not expect our friends and neighbors to take the actions needed to save the shows like Campbell Live etc.
    ===>>> If we would really get united, there is nothing we can not do.
    Trust me, they are running scared right now about the world slowly waking up to their greed and dirty politics.
    ==========>>>>>>> The world has had a “guts full” ! ! !

  6. @ Blake – just wish they would wake a little faster here in godzone – soon to be dry zone, if China has its way.
    The focus has to move back on the ‘people of New Zealand’ before any positive change can happen.

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