LIVE EVENT: Table Talk – Making Sense of the Campbell Live Affair



IKA Seafood Bar & Grill + the Coalition for Better Broadcasting

+ The Daily Blog present

Table Talk: Making Sense of the Campbell Live Affair

6pm Tuesday 14th April

Join host Wallace Chapman at IKA Seafood Bar and Grill, 3 Mt Eden Rd, Eden Terrace for a public discussion on the implications for journalism and broadcasting with guests…

-Former head of TVNZ news and current affairs, Bill Ralston
– NZ Herald columnist Fran O’Sullivan
-Metro Editor Simon Wilson
-and blogger and media lecturer, Phoebe Fletcher

5 pm – bar opens, complimentary nibbles, Showtime 6 – 6.45 pm, followed by dinner service for those who have booked a table.

Seats are limited so the discussion will also be live streamed on

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To guarantee a place book a table for dinner – which will be served on a first-booked, first served basis after the show has broadcast. There will be some capacity for bar-only guests, but the doors will close once capacity is reached. Bookings can be made here.

“The threatened demise of Campbell Live demonstrates how fragile the position is of news and current affairs in a market-driven television environment. It further underlines the need for a state-funded public television broadcaster to ensure that quality news and current affairs programmes, which are the lifeblood of a vigorous democracy, do not disappear to satisfy the interests of corporate profit.
The Coalition for Better Broadcasting is calling on TV3 to be a responsible broadcaster and retain nightly current affairs in primetime.
Equally we’re calling on the Minister of Broadcasting to stop demanding profits from TVNZ and instead demand serious nightly current affairs.”

Coalition for Better Broadcasting

If you want to hear the smartest media minds discuss the ramifications of the Campbell Live Affair for public broadcasting and political journalism, watch online or turn up in person.


UPDATE: Tables are now booked out – limited space at the bar on the night available – be early



  1. Great idea, however I would have preferred to see a few more journalists on the panel that actually challenge the current media climate in NZ rather than being part of it and therefore compromised to some extent.

    What is actually missing in NZ, is diversity on media views, at present there is an in, out culture. You are either in the mainstream or out of the mainstream. The neoliberal agenda is being strengthened by fear.

    For effective media journalists need to be able to cover a story or give a personal view and not be frightened of the ramifications of telling the truth, whether the story is about some political figure, advertiser or so forth.

    By having this culture of fear, it is effectively making a journalist a political or crony appointment and damaging if not destroying the profession.

    Those that speak up and out are themselves out or under attack, like Campbell live.

    • Saying that even though I have my reservations about the panel, at least those journalists are taking a stand and good to see some sort of solidarity between journalists and blogs for a common goal of keeping journalism viable rather than propoganda.

    • This is the only time I wished I lived I Auckland!!!! I don’t know anyone who doesn’t watch John Campbell. The numbers are falsified!

  2. And who is in charge of media organisations (not journalists) a clapped out trader and reality TV merchant troughing on the taxpayer via the million dollar payout to Media Works.

    Also same names popping up like Warners. What lovely sweet deals going on behind the scenes.

    People of NZ Wake up!

    Weldon has served as the CEO of NZX Limited (NZX).[1] NZX runs the national stock exchange located in Wellington, New Zealand. NZX also runs the national energy markets, derivative markets, and has a growing commodities focus in both the markets (grain, dairy) and information areas. NZX also runs New Zealand’s only clearing and settlement infrastructure – clearing, settling and managing risk in exchange-traded products. When Weldon took over NZX, it was a mutual organization that had nearly been sold to the ASX for a peppercorn. He led the exchange through a demutualization and a listing. In the 8 years following its listing in 2003, shareholders in NZX received average annual returns of 24%. Since 2002, new business lines in clearing, settlement, information, commodities, and derivatives have been established in New Zealand and Australia.

    Weldon previously worked at Skadden, Arps in New York, and also at McKinsey & Company, also in New York.

    Weldon has given a significant amount of time to public policy and to “NZ Inc”. Some of the things in this area he has done include:

    leading the Prime Minister’s Appeal for Christchurch, after the devastating 22 February 2011 earthquake [1]
    chairing the Prime Minister’s Job Summit in 2009
    participating on the Capital Markets Development Taskforce in 2009/10; the Tax Working Group in 2009; and the Climate Change Leadership Forum in 2007
    From 2012-12 Weldon served on the board of High Performance Sport New Zealand, appointed by the government along with Hamish Carter as independent members to drive an enhanced focus on high performance sport. He was previously on the Board of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (2004-2006).

    Since leaving NZX Weldon have invested in the wine industry, buying vineyards on Felton Road, Bannockburn, and launching the Terra Sancta label.

    Touchdown Television was started by producer Julie Christie in 1991,[1][2] initially producing documentaries, then moving on to some reality shows, including travel and adventure series such as Mountain Dew On The Edge and, as well as foreign formats such as Changing Rooms, and Ready Steady Cook.

    More recently the company has focused on creating formats for local television as well as formats for international sale. These include Treasure Island and The Chair which have both been produced in a number of countries.

    In 2004, Touchdown produced a joint-venture show called The Resort for broadcasters Network Ten (Aus) and TV3 (NZ), allowing voting and featuring contestants from both countries, the show did not rate as well as hoped, and was ended early when contestants failed to meet the demands of the competition.

    On February 8, 2006, Touchdown was sold to Dutch TV company Eyeworks, and has been renamed Eyeworks Touchdown since April 1, 2006.[1][2]

    Eyeworks Touchdown began production of a New Zealand series of Dragons Den in mid-2006 which screened later that year on TV One and is currently casting for a second series.

    On February 11, 2014, the Warner Bros. Television Group announced that it will purchase Eyeworks’ businesses outside of the United States.[3] The acquisition was completed on June 2 of that year. The acquisition gives Warner Bros. TV production units in 15 additional territories.[4]

    • Yeah sure you have a lot of info Weldon but there’s so much out there about him that it’s hard not to miss within social media, television and blogs.

      But are you for or against him (Weldon.?) as he exudes neo liberal fascism..!!

  3. Yes we do need a State broadcaster, but that won’t happen till we get rid of these bozos running the country.
    TVNZ7 was closed down by Johnathon Coleman because of low viewership, but when Clare Curran’s delayed OI request finally came through, it turned out the numbers were double that. Is it possible the Campbell Live figures are being fudged?

    • @ Vicky Robertson – re your final point. Yes, I think the figures are being well and truly fudged. Because if Campbell Live had such low ratings, how has it been possible for the programme to have raised millions of dollars in the past, for various social causes?

      Given that fact, the misinformation we are being fed simply doesn’t add up!

    • Yes all figures coming out of National ARE BEING FUDGED Vickie,

      But no one seems to want to have them independently verified after they appear fudged.

      “Curran’s delayed OIA request finally came through, it turned out the numbers were double that.

      Is it possible the Campbell Live figures are being fudged?”

      Yes we should expect the opposition to verify these poll results after they appear to be fudged or in Clare Curran’s OIA case found to be wrong.

      Pity Clare hasn’t requested for an independent review of National’s Polls results from UMR and others Government uses.

      Andrew Whitsed, UMR Research
      Phone: 04 473 1078

      So we should challenged NatZ fudged results in every case and take all National’s reasoning for anything they do with a grain of salt when they use rigged polls with electronic tabulation and simply have them verified by a manual recount as the top Computer poll fraud expert Clint Curtis advises here.

    • Not sure if the figures are being fudged but we’re not being given the full picture. I think those figures came when the Cricket World cup was on, they don’t include people who watch online and perhaps more importantly; Cambell Live keeps and occasionally boosts the audience it gets from TV3 news while Mike Hosking often halves the audience he inherits from TVNZ news despite the mammoth amount of advertising he gets.

      I don’t have the references but the info is available in the various blog postings that have gone into this issue

  4. Why Fran O’Sullivan when she is about the most biased pro John Key journalist around ? She is the last person who should be on this kind of panel. Why not more open minded journalists who challenge the controlled media ?

      • If Ralston’s not now or recently was in the employ of National Party Headquarters his spouse Janet Wilson certainly is/was……media training up to and including TheGodKey (and during the Northland buy-election I understand). Add to that the big “Vote Key/Kay/National” hoarding on the fence of their home in Auckland Central during the 2014 election. Ask yourself…….

    • Short memory then, every night we suffer nauseous live crosses to gushing twenty-something journalists during television news shows (the terms news and journalists being used advisedly).

      • LOL, I’m glad that annoys someone else too. I love it when they get the oldies (i.e. middle aged) that have been put out to pasture back to fill in during the holidays. Nice to see a bit of professionalism.

  5. @Vicky R – if you can’t trust your government to tell the truth, how can you trust anything about how this country is run. Ratings, polls, the whole lot are to be viewed with caution and taken with a grain of salt.

  6. ….and making sense of the Campbell live affair – easy to sum up without a debate – John Campbell speaks out against the government, and Key, and they don’t like it. End of story.

    • Or, alternatively, not enough people actually watch Campbell to justify the resources a private company, with shareholders,have to put into it. The market (the viewers) have spoken.

      But Campbell has no doubt creamed so much money off Media Works over the years, he probably has more than enough money in his mattress to buy his own spot on Maori TV, a state-funded channel. And everybody is happy.

      • Dream on two track Crosby textor dreamer, one track.

        No steady as she goes here.

        Any channel is a victim of Government interference now that Goebbels/Joyce/key has the effective level over all of them. A word is blackmail the media with black ops they are.

        We see the snow job there so nobody’s happy clown.

      • Exactly right Onetrack.

        The facts are:

        Next-to-nobody listens to live TV anymore so the advertising revenue has gone up in smoke. The whole media industry is doomed. TV, newspapers, the lot. Along with their pseudo-intellectual luvvies who think they have the God-Given right to tell us what to think. If you want to work at MacDonald’s – do a degree in Media Studies at Vic Uni.

        Campbell was a broken record, forever pimping the poor and making stuff up. Apart from endlessly grinding a political axe that the majority don’t subscribe to, he was boring. He was humourless. His ratings prove it.

        Mediaworks is a dead man walking. Bleeding money from every pore, it had to do something. I suspect this is just the start.

      • Onetrack, if the market demanded wall to wall pornography, would that be ok as well?

        Just asking. I’m curious to know where you place the limits on “market” demand.

  7. You need Gordon Campbell on it, I really do not want to listen to two pontificating journos who will than go off and attend the next National dinner party and I am not talking about Simon Wilson.

  8. Keep it simple .

    There are 4.3 million Kiwis on a land arguably the most beautiful and clean left on Earth .

    Our ‘Government’ is comprised of traitors , swindlers , liars and sociopaths. That’s a fact , not an hysterical assumption .

    What , in all honesty did you think they’d do to our media ? Tell it the truth ? And have us get all uppity and start a revolution ?

    The moment they see that we will present no real opposition to their agendas ? That will be the time of greatest danger to us . And I fear that , that moment is fast approaching .

    • 1000% Country Boy,

      Subversion of the population is what these traitors are all about.

      I am afraid for the future of my offspring left after me and they cannot fight as us elders can see the rot appearing from a life of living the good times before this all.

      Key’s lot see us as an obstacle to their plans to rule us all as we are to aware of what they are up to, as the last vanguard of enlightenment.

      Perhaps the world elitists at Bilderberg knew that they had to wait until the war generation were past on before they could hoist this plan on us all.

      But we are the war “baby Boomers” that grew up in the shadow of the war generation and are aware also is to what is happening, so they have grossly under estimated our abilities to carry on the dreams of the Generation that now have past on before us who suffered badly through the depression and the last world war and carry their torch today fortunately.

      Does this panel discussion represent our generation as a reminder of where we came from and where we are going with the stripping away of free journalism speech?

  9. Surely I’m not the only person who checks who is advertising so that I can AVOID buying their product, because they intrude on my programmes.

    But, I’ll be watching more carefully now during the 7-7.30 slot on TV3 weekdays. Perhaps I will be proactive in supporting the advertisers that support the continuation of Campbell Live.

    Consumers really do have the final say. Let’s make it count.

    • JUM,

      “But, I’ll be watching more carefully now during the 7-7.30 slot on TV3 weekdays.”

      Good thinking there, are you sure they will repeat the whole live stream event? as I like your plan to blunt the aggressive advertising clown media.

    • Good show, as they all realised we need a Campbell live show as balance to all the mickey mouse Seven sharp type 25 something shows.

      I was blown away when Fran O’Sullivan said there is a need for an adult current affairs as Campbell live is the only nightly show of its type now.

      That catch phase was “we need balance” so Key/Joyce/Goebbels Weldon hear this;

      “We need balance, so leave John Campbell and his show alone.”

  10. John Key says that Campbell Live’s role is not hold the government to account.

    In his own words:

    “Well, it’s role in life is not to hold the government to account.”

    But, Campbell Live has been holding the government to account.

    But, Campbell Live has been exceeding its infotainment “role in life”.

    Campbell Live is just entertainment according to John Key.

    But, it’s entertainment John Key clearly doesn’t like. Saying he doesn’t watch it.

    So, Campbell Live will be replaced with more suitable government and Prime Ministerial approved infotainment fare.

  11. A great public service.

    I hope it is downloadable even if just the audio is available.

    MP3 or Ogg audio would be great for sending to off shore kiwis and others.

    Killing off fair investigative political comment is widespread elsewhere also.

    We are in Key’s club.

  12. So far mostly only seeing a very green screen, patchy audio, some chaps bottom and the panelist look like they are waiting for their entrees to arrive… What’s going on?

  13. Thanks for hosting the stream.
    One thing that struck me was how the suitably informal setting produced dynamic and worthwhile discussion. More please 🙂

  14. This is the sort of broadcast a public service channel would provide. It demonstrates the ‘change’ they were all talking about. TV is killing itself. I really would like a New Zealand channel like Australia’s ABC and SBS though.

  15. @ Brigid – A channel like channel 7 perhaps?
    Yes NZ had it all – it has been slowly been dismantled, for politics, money and greed.

  16. No. 2: The transmogrification is almost complete Mr Prime Minister. The TV3CEO estimates he can arrange for the comedy show that will take over CampbelLive to be a complete flop, and then it’s shazamm…..the Paul Henry show will be moved to the daily 7pm timeslot, and no one will realize that it was the plan all along.
    PM: Excellent!….just make sure you get it all done before the next election, or your heads on the chopping block.
    No. 2: This is shaping up to be our greatest machiavellian manipulation since we bamboozled Shane Jones. Plus, the spies have just informed me that operation hosking-2.0, will allow them patch directly into Paul Henry’s neural cortex, giving realtime control of his higher faculties.
    PM: Excellent!!….What will you get Campbell doing, now that you’ve red zoned his show, and put him on a zero hour contract?
    TV3CEO: I’m still not convinced we have to ditch him. I mean, if you look at the ratings, CampbelLive tracks the ratings of 3news. If the ratings aren’t high enough, it would make more sense to replace Mike and Hillary, with Johno and Ben.
    Surely you’re not serious?
    PM: 43 million reasons says I’m serious….just do it!
    TV3CEO: What makes you think I’ll listen to you….
    PM: Search your feelings Mr TV3CEO….I am your father….you are no match for the powers of my darkside!
    TV3CEO: I’m sorry I questioned you Dad. It’ll never happen again. I’ll be a good boy from now on. I promise!
    PM: Excellent!!!
    RSA: But a daily current affairs show that is not afraid to be critical of govt, is essential in a healthy democracy, that our forefathers fought for.
    PM: Now who’s sounding arrogant, grandpa?!!!!

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