Ummm – Whaleoil’s media buyer and right wing Bill Ralston are your ‘experts’ on Campbell Live are they?



This story is almost unbelievable…

Campbell Live review reflects cold commercial reality

Media commentators have dismissed suggestions politics are behind Campbell Live’s review as “conspiracy theories”, saying the decision reflects cold commercial reality.

…hmmm, ‘media commentators eh?’. And what media commentators would be claiming that it isn’t politics behind axing Campbell Live, especially when the link between the person pushing for the axing of Campbell Live and the Prime Minister has been so well connected in this TDB blog – who are these media commentators?

1 – Bill Ralston who gives the National Party media training and… 

2 – Regan Cunliffe who operates and sells advertising for Whaeloil.

So let me get this straight. The 2 ‘media commentators’ use to claim there is no political element in Campbell Live facing the axe are the guy who gives the National Party media training and the bloke who sells adverts for Whaleoil.

I mean – seriously?

Even if we are to take these gentlemen at their word – the ‘commercial reality’ is that Mediaworks – Steven Joyce’s old company, whom he gave a special $43 million loan to – operates in a media landscape where they have massive dominance via mates rates political cronyism. The dominance they have established puts huge responsibilities upon them when it comes to being an active member of the Fourth Estate – including current affairs.

Claiming Campbell Live is losing ratings and as such is costing Mediaworks ignores the lightly regulated media environment they have gained.

With ‘Media commentators’ like Regan and Bill – who needs Fox News?

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  1. I have never claimed there is no political motivation behind the removal of Campbell Live. It is clear that Weldon and Christie don’t want him there. Do the Nats? I doubt they want him there too. Is there any pressure? I have no idea.

    What I do know, is the numbers. It is those numbers that are providing the justification for the removal of Campbell Live.

    If you had paid attention to anything I have said today, the recurring theme was that people should tune in to watch Campbell Live. Without those viewers, the justification exists for the shows’ removal. I personally wouldn’t like to see Campbell Live disappear but I understand the commercial reasons for doing so. Again, though, I urge people to tune in to watch if they want to truly prevent Campbell Live from exiting the media landscape.

    You might also like to point out that I have previously sold advertising for The Daily Blog.

    • You sold one advert for TDB 2 years ago – it took ages to get the money for it and we never did business with you again.

      • Yes, that client was rather slow to pay. I ended up paying you out of my own pocket well before they finally paid to stop you endlessly harrassing me while I was rather ill in hospital.

        • Cold commercial reality??? We are not such idiots to believe such shite Mr Cunliffe. You can doctor any stats to make them suit your argument, your mates in the Beehive do it all the time so why should we believe you?

        • Sorry you were ill Regan, but when people are owed, they expect to get paid. That’s “cold economic reality” for you.

    • ‘ The numbers ‘ are based around the viewing habits of 500 New Zealanders and they could be a bunch of habitual TV1/ ‘Seven Sharp’ thickos for all we know !
      No, the real reason they are getting rid of ‘Campbell Live’ is that he is the last remaining serious interviewer left on msm and could prove problematic for the right wing agenda as they try and fake their way through the next two and a half years and with more GCSB revelations about to unfold.
      Hot off the press , English fails to obtain surplus yet again. Deficit increasing. Not a word on the 6 ‘oclock news.
      Remember the excellent TV7 … Had to go… Way too thought provoking.
      The Government, (if you can call them that), used the same excuse , ie , poor ratings , despite a viewership of 250,000 and no advertising.
      I heard Guyon Espiner interviewing Bill Ralston on Nat. Radio this morning. That in itself is ridiculous , but what was more ridiculous was Espiner’s ascertion that the canning of ‘Campbell Live ‘, due to falling ratings, was democracy at work.
      Conveniently failing to mention that someone is paying to have Mike Hosking’s smug mug plastered, not only on the front page, but repeatedly saturated through the Herald daily.
      Every 2nd billboard , the back of every 2nd bus. Every 2nd bus shelter. Everywhere you look … there he is, telling everyone how ‘passionate’ he is about real news .
      Nothing , but nothing , could be further from the truth.
      As the saying goes , ‘Tell a lie often enough people will start to believe it’. (Just look at Key).
      Even Bill Ralston admitted that ‘Campbell Live’ has had virtually no promotion for a long time.
      Ah yes , that’s a really good example of democracy at work eh Guyon.
      Who the hell employed him to do ‘Morning Report’ with that low IQ logic.
      Hey Guyon , the ratings for the new ‘Paul Henry’ ‘white elephant ‘ are already not looking good , so will ‘democracy’ rule again.
      ”Yeah Right” !!!

      • Some truth, some not so much truth, but generally I agree.

        What we have with the media, as it is largely now privately owned and dominated, so that even “public” broadcasters follow the “trends” and bring more and more “light hearted” stuff, and “silly shows”, is a smart agenda by the business and other vested interests that are at work.

        The media is the cherished instrument, the propaganda machinery, and this is quite sophisticated stuff that is going on. People may still think of propaganda in terms of Goebbels the Nazi propagandist, or the Russian Communist Party demagoguery, and so forth, but propaganda is now used in much different ways.

        Subtle messages, not even political, are used to achieve political goals, that is what is going on. The privatisation of media, to “create competition” to the state broadcasters was the beginning. It is like with much else, with social housing, welfare, with state enterprises, under-fund, under resource, neglect and run it in the ground, and claim, “hey this does not work”, we need private enterprise, entrepreneurship, bla, bla, and that has been behind it for decades now.

        So now we have it, the rich get richer, the powerful solidify their power base, the undesirable competition, old powers, are neutered everywhere. Reflect again on the last two to three election campaigns. The “left” is not wanted, is intended to be thrashed, the messages have been fed through media, the MSM, again and again.

        Also “dirty politics” has discredited blogs and politics, I get people give me negative feedback re “blogs”, hey, you cannot trust what you read there, and so. The same with Nicky Hager, labeled a lefty, a kind of “activist” for ulterior motives, and that Whalerot instead is now ignored, left to run his blog and make more money.

        It is all about manipulating public perception, the main goal has been achieved, to divide and rule, people have resigned to consumerist identities, to be competitors rather than socially minded, cooperating colleagues, it is one against each other, and all chasing “opportunity” and “a deal” all the time.

        The minds of people have been corrupted, and people don’t even realise they are being manipulated and sold out, they even simply accept what they are told and presented. It is now supposed to be all about ratings, and advertisers decide what is worth funding, a self fulfilling prophecy of prostituting the media and journalism is the result.

        So nobody goes out anymore to fight or protest for anything much, the few that do are often frowned upon by the establishment and their media mercenaries, and the weaker they get, the more the bullies feel reaffirmed and reassured that they are “right”.

        This is a shocking state the country, this society and the whole world is in, where is the “Occupy” movement, where are the others? Nobody to be heard or seen. And it is now even a “success” to make a deal with a corporate restaurant, fast food chain to ensure staff get a minimum set of hours of work rather than “zero hours”? Gosh, how abysmal must things get, if that is a “success”, the “zero hours” should never have been allowed, and now a “deal” is a “success”, where workers get maybe 15 hours a week rather than perhaps 1 or 5 or ten or more?

        I am shocked how abysmal things are, how much worse do they need to get?

  2. Someone said today that if everyone who had complained or signed a petition actually watched Campbell Live, it could survive. Well the question is, how does anyone know they arent?

    The way we measure ratings must be seriously flawed if the ‘ratings’ are too low to save the show but the social media outcry is as it is…..

    • 1000% Matthew.

      The polls in this country are rigged to provide what the Government wants.

      They use “Source code programs to tabulate any electronic digital counting and can make the program eat itself after and not be traced.

      You was exactly right Matthew they probably rigged the poll to say what they wanted.

      When Winston was preparing for Bi-Election day I warned him to request a manual paper count and avoid electronic tabulation of the final voting.

      Well the result was what national couldn’t fudge it seems.

  3. Maybe a time slot change to 7.30. If you lost 250 thousand viewers things aren’t going well. But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. They could use 7sharp as a lead in.

  4. They could start by counting the internet ratings for the show, they don’t, I have worked for Neilson.

  5. what are the viewing figures for Paul Henry’s Show????
    The Bachelor? et al?
    Why are the older demographic of over 55’s NEVER included?
    Why are TV 3 trying to reach a non TV watching generation?
    Why are the viewing figures used for Campbell live taken from the Cricket World Cup time period only?
    Why is Mark Weldon running TV3 ?he has zero experience with broadcasting. He is Johns Key’s mate ran the the Stock Exchange into the ground and has an ego larger than that talentless fascist Hosking. He will take out what is left of TV 3 like ebola.

      • Agreed, sobering thoughts from Keith Rankin…hence he states

        “What about the John Campbell story? More than ever, commercial TV and radio features the audience as a product being purchased by advertisers. Programmes are little more than audience delivery vehicles….Thus commercial media like to deliver a young albeit indebted spending audience to their advertisers, not an older frugal audience. Further, these media like to capture a multi-tasking audience that will leave the telly on in the background rather than switch it off. After all, when the TV is being used like commercial radio, the adverts are as much likely to activate the audiences’ attention as the programme content; maybe more likely….Our young may be poor. But they are consumers. Further, our jobs depend – our rockstar economy depends – on them being consumers. Young debt keeps our capitalism afloat”

        While George Orwell feared those who would impose external oppression and those who would ban books — Aldous Huxley in ‘Brave New World Revisited’ feared the trivialisation of culture and man’s almost infinite appetite for distractions. Huxley argued that in the age of advanced technology (and infotainment) spiritual devastation and oppression was more likely to come from a smiling face. Culture was in danger of becoming a burlesque.

        Neil Postman ‘Amusing Ourselves to Death’ has argued that television is transforming our culture into one vast arena for show business.

        We need John Campbell and serious investigative journalism more than ever!

      • There was a poll taken recently , only to include 20yr odd up to 45yr olds. how is that a poll,? a poll should include every age group not just the ones who might suit their agenda and give the results the pollsters want.
        Does anyone else get tired of fighting for our rights,we shouldn’t have to, its obvious that we don’t trust National polititions.
        Governments are supposed to look after the people ,instead we battle this government to even have fair play.
        Key is obviously controlling the MSM to keep us in the dark,so obviously he has heaps to hide.
        How much money is handed over to keep people onside with their propaganda,journalists are supposed to be there to give us news,instead many of them are to be used as cheerleaders for this government.
        The Herald and Tv channels must hire people according to their political affiliation, this is surely illegal ,it means other publications must hire people in the same way .this makes us pawns in a competition for supremacy.
        The governing party has all the assets to buy people to get their own way, others have to fight against them to keep the status quo.
        How come other countries can rid themselves of unfavourable governments,but NZ dosnt ,maybe because the people with the power to enact change have been bought off also.
        We need Glenn Greenwald to investigate what we already know /suspect, that we are being cheated and controlled by overseas interests. Time for a proper accounting people.

    • Ike – I have. It was done by Morgan Research, regarding my radio habits. (It was all Radio NZ.) It was a fifty-plus page booklet, enquiring about all manner of things as well as my radio listening choices.

      Never again.

      • many people refuse to answer research pollsters because they do not know where they are coming from, who commissioned them… and because they fear their answers will be used by the Nacts to their own ends and twisted against the Left political parties

        …besides which in these days of user pays neoliberalism no one is paying those being questioned ….and why should they give their views for free?.

        …and what about the spies?

        ….also who questions those without landlines?….

  6. I have been told that the tv ratings are based on monitoring 600 households.

    If this is true the ratings are worthless, so are the companies and management that rely on them.

    OBTW I also understand that the ratings for tv3 were done during the cricket world cup.

    • The ratings were done during the Cricket World Cup? So were all channels including 7 Sharp. Yet they remain popular and Campbell continues to decline. He was put on notice last year to turn it around and didn’t. If you want to keep it, watch it. TV3 is a private company producing a product in this time slot that viewers are not engaging with. They are in it for the revenue. Low viewership means low revenue. No amount of petitions can save this dog and its fleas.

  7. National government are getting more and more secretive and manipulative,they are probably trying to hide the TPP and Tirsa outcome plus more spy tricks, John Campbell is the only one who would tell us the truth, thats why he is shut down,they lie about ratings,as they have lied about everything else.
    They know we no longer trust the pm and his gang of yes men and women.
    The writing was on the wall after National lost Northland, their own long standing voters deserted them ,Key knows his time is running out so is pulling out all the stops to get his own way,the 50% support is a fallacy,and a lie to boot and he knows it.
    Northland might suffer some fallout in his anger to get back at the loss, he dosnt like losing popularity ,but his time of Mr nice as long gone, most of the population are on to him and he is getting desperate, Stephen Joyce has done Key no favours , he has led Key down a no exit rd, and NZ is suffering for it .maybe Joyce sees himself as next PM. He would be far worse than John Key
    An answer would be to get another channel if National dosnt own all of them. Maybe John Campbell could do a programme for RT channel ,its quite feasable, and it is broadcast in NZ . Any one on TDB think this is a solution ??

    • +100….John Campbell is the only one I can think of on television who asks the hard questions….eg about illegal spying on New Zealanders, TPPA, Zero contracts

      ….as well as covering the individual human interest and justice stories….

  8. @ cleangreen – fudging the Northland election would have looked ‘to’ suspicious – everything else though is fair game.

  9. This just shows us how sick a society New Zealand has become. It has become one of the most deregulated, privatised media landscapes, where media are largely run by advertising revenue. Even the supposedly “public” broadcaster has become an “advertising prostitute”.

    It was wanted to develop into what we have now, that is the politics behind it. I do not think that the movers and shakers are all that worried about John Campbell himself, as he actually plays their game rather well, and only now and then presents emotively laden stories about social or other injustices.

    Campbell has NEVER vowed to change the system, he is part of the system, himself he has become one of the mercenaries bending down to advertisers and commercial powers. If he was honest and principled, he would have fought the whole rotten system as it is, and worked for the state broadcaster, or another community or other broadcaster, that would not operate for profit.

    Everytime I see the program start, with him driving up in a fancy “Mazda”, it is clear, who is a major advertiser and sponsor. And begging for donations to feed school kids, that is not changing the system, not solving much in the long run. It is doing what the Americanised commercialists and neoliberals here want.

    I am NOT going to fight for Campbell Live, I got rather sick of the emotive messages, the handwringing stories, I want REAL change, and throw over board this rotten system, and bring back true, well resourced, value and integrity honouring, journalistically run public broadcasting, nothing less.

    Australia can afford the ABC, we can afford something similar, for sure, even better.

    Do away with celebrity newsreaders, with clowns like Paul Henry and other commercial sell-out personalities, and bring back normal, hard working, honest, dedicated and investigating journalists, who are working for a cause, not just dollars on the palm.

    F*** the MSM, and the bosses that set the agendas, tell them to get stuffed, seize their property, especially TVNZ, and occupy, that at least is OUR station, also taxpayer funded.

    Why go begging for one show, that is already on the brink. Why ignore the big picture?

    I guess I know, why nobody sees, it, they have lost sight, and are all busy selling their little bit of labour, skill and talent, for dollars, and at any given time and opportunity. Trade Me is doing well, for that one reason, buy and sell, goods and yourself, even your principles.

    No unity, no solidarity, no long term thinking, no plan, the left and progressive movement is stuffed, if we fight lost causes and not the big battle, and stand for principles, and challenge the system as a whole. It is time to say basta, nada, we had enought, I do not want shit on TV, shit on radio, shit on the internet, I want the truth, nothing else, true information, stuff that matters, not how much the fancy chocolate bar from maker so and so costs.

    Thank you, Amen.

    • John Campbell does the best he can with what he can…he should not be dissed for this

      …if he is not revolutionary enough for you then off YOU go and start your revolution

      ….if there is a big story to be broken on television the Campbell Show is where many NZers would turn for an honest examination

      ….it is the polls that are untrustworthy …and gumboots face Bill Ralston

      …you should not be supporting the right wing

      • Yes, you prefer “the New Zealand way”, it seems, sit down at the table over a cup of tea and talk it over and “negotiate”, I presume.

        Problem with that is, the big commercial and now neoliberal government forces, same as the employers have a much stronger force behind them, and pull you over the table. Sadly those choosing that way do not realise that they get pulled over the table with strong arm, cunning tactics and strategy.

        That is the problem with many New Zealanders, going softly, softly don’t rock the boat, they are sinking anyway, and that is why we have the crap we have.

        Open your eyes and ears perhaps, do some serious thinking instead of being an apologist.

        • i have no illusions as to what we are up against

          ….but I dont believe in throwing the baby out with the bathwater

          …nor do i believe ‘ the ends justifies the means’ and joining with the right wing to crush the liberal opposition

          … in this case to dis John Campbell as you are doing

          • I fear you misinterpret what I have written, no way am I supporting “the right” in this.

            You seem to not have seen me start on “the right” here, I am rather clear about what I think of Key, Nats and their little bandit allies.

            I understand though, that you are an appreciative, humble soul, who is grateful for the occasional bit of advocacy John Campbell and his team have done for some people or groups of people.

            Re the approach how to address the major challenges, I continue to disagree. We must agree to disagree on this one, I am afraid.

            • How many other journalists except John Campbell stand up to John Key, for that I appreciate John Campbell. As to the Mazda car ,the programme survives on advertising and mazda is one of the ads, the programme organisers tell him what to do in that regard.
              On his salary he could afford a decent car anyway, why shouldn’t he have one.
              I to wouldlike to do more to right things but one person cant do it on their own ,what disappoints me is the protests are usually left to the usually ones, others just watch and approve.

    • Some hungry schoolkids have had a meal put in their stomachs thanks to Campbell, as just one example of the good he’s done. I agree with plenty of what you have to say, but not what you say about him. Imagine how much sooner they would have got rid of him if he’d bucked the system as you say he should. No one’s saying he’s a saint or perfect or always gets it right but unlike Hosking and Henry, his heart is in the right place, Doubtless against TV3 bosses’ wishes, he’s stood up and fought battles for Kiwis he’s found to be in dire situations, which is probably what is costing him his job right now.

      • Hah, I know of others who sent Campbell Live some real life injustice and misery stories, they never even got back to the persons! Truth is he and his team pick what they want or bother to report on, same as others in the business, and no matter how much others suffer with other injustices, they are left by the wayside.

        If Campbell Live and the team had any decency, they would at least get back and tell people, sorry, we can’t (bother) help you.

        I remember once a case of an ACC claimant who got a dirty treatment, which was actually shown, and although CL promised to bring more such stories, they never did. Maybe ACCs lawyers saw to that, I wonder? That and other things soon enough showed me how hollow and even dishonest CL is.

        Feed the kids was only one serious of programs where real social issues were presented, no solution to the causes were offered, this is US style “welfarism”, handing out donated stuff and so, but not changing the system.

  10. We desperately need more good quality investigative journalism in this country. But we won’t get it so long as extreme rightwing govt rules, because that doesn’t suit them.

    • +100 Dorothy Bulling

      yes the writing was probably on the wall for Campbell when he did that investigative journalism series into the lies and deceptions and timelines on John Key’s meetings with US spy masters and others with vested interests in spying on New Zealanders…..also exposed his appointment of his friend Fletcher as head of the GCSB

      …all the more reason why the Campbell Live Show should remain…it is a quintessential NZ programme with investigative journalism on the big issues facing New Zealand TPPA and Zero contracts ….and smaller items of individual justice and interest …it includes solo parents, children , surfing grannies, animals like kittens and chooks


  11. It’s absurd to try to have people think Campbell Live isn’t popular with the viewing public, therefore etc . I think that’s a given .
    And lets not forget to learn from the scam and swindle the last election was ; that figures mean nothing .
    In fact , I’d go so far as to suggest Campbell Live is far too popular with the public for yankee doodle jonky-stiens levels of comfort .
    Regan Cunliffe writes like a whiny little prick so no loss there . Besides , he’s an advertising sales person . I’d rather be locked on a dark room with a bag of spiders than an advertising salesperson . Bill Ralston ? Oh God . I saw him in the flesh once . He was stooped over while walking about frantically smoking a cigarette . As I watched him from the safety of distance he looked like a guy with a thousand secrets . And those two gimps are part of the demise of Campbell Live ?
    The good thing might be that when all those people currently watching Campbell live lose that vent , they may just come here . Wouldn’t that put the shits up the Dark Siders ?
    Perhaps dear old John could recommend TDB in his valedictory speech ?

    But Yay ! We get jono and ben . Two frantic ferrets recently released into a national park full of Kakapo . I can see how they will appeal to the brainwashed ‘ youth market ‘ . All shits and giggles aye guys ? Ugh .

    • Yeh! countryboy you’ve nailed it, I believe Mike in Auckland,talks a lot of sense mostly ,but not this time ,Campbell is not perfect but far better than the likes Hoskins , Henry, etc , if he goes we have no honest people who speak up without fear or favour .

  12. The Natsy/Key govt has media all sewn up in its favour it seems.

    Newstalk ZB has Natsy/Key mouthpieces Hosking, Smith and Williams.

    MediaWorks/TV3/Radio Live, has Henry, Garner et al, broadcasting Natsy lies.

    All staunch Natsy supporters, spreading the Natsy word on behalf of deceitful traitor John Key.

    All out there working for the scurrilous, vile Natsy/Key propaganda machine.

    Now it’s been revealed another buddy of Key (like former GCSB director Ian Fletcher), Mark Weldon is MediaWorks (TV3) chief, set up and paid for by the Natsy/Key regime I’d say, to manipulate and distort information to suit, attempting to dumb down the masses.

    Then there is also the other MediaWorks (TV3) head honcho Julie Christie, owner/director of Eyeworks production company. The very same company it is said, will produce soaps to fill the prime time slots on TV3!

    Weldon = Key’s media puppet … Christie = using TV3 as a cash machine for her production company!

    See the connections?

    • @ JOMO . Is that why Nicky Hager wrote the book ? Is that why Julian Assange , Edward Snowden and Glen Greenwald spoke to NZ warning of NZ governmental corruption ? Is that why highly educated , well informed , well traveled and erudite people come here and write earnestly about the deep shit that just gets deeper that we wade through every day . Because they all wear tin foil hats ? Is that what you think ? Truly ? Are you an idiot ? Serious question . You would know surely , being as intelligent as you clearly are.
      The reality is that you , of all people, should put a tin foil hat on . Immediately .

  13. It is interesting to note that MediaWorks were also given a contentious loan prior to the axing of Ch 7….

    On 6 April 2011, it was officially announced that TVNZ 7 cease broadcast in June 2012. This was confirmed when Broadcasting Minister Jonathan Coleman stated on behalf of the government that they would not extend further funding for the channel due to low ratings.[3] This was despite viewing figures that suggested half of all households with Freeview at the time were watching TVNZ7 – around 700,000 people – and not the 207,000 claimed by Coleman.[4] In March 2012, Television New Zealand confirmed this decision and announced there would be no eleventh-hour reprieve for TVNZ7.[5]

    TVNZ 7 was replaced on 1 July 2012 by TV One Plus 1, a timeshift channel of TV One. ~ wiki

  14. perhaps Julie Christie could compromise. Have Bill and Ben, sorry Jono and Ben read the news and let us keep Campbell. Maybe that would be dumbing down enough. Fran O’Sullivan this morning makes it clear close link between Key and Weldon

  15. Is this a chance for Maori Television to step in and take Campbell Live to their channel then everyone could stop watching TV1 and TV3 news, what would that do for the ratings.

  16. It is pretty exhausting keeping up with all this deceptive goings on in NZ for the enlightened…how the hell are the sleepiest going to even know what is going on, very sad and it is all moving so quickly !!

  17. NatZ rip shit and bust policy at work here, as they force their agenda on us all with stealth for their puppet masters.

    Shame on them all, the low life, they will rue the day they double-crossed us all for money the greedy zealots.

    History will record their criminal acts, as what goes around comes around.

  18. @cleangreen – I hope history shows that the last election WAS rigged, and National are truly shamed into oblivion.

    • Yes Kim’ We should have a manual recount of the election result.

      As Clint Eugene Curtis ex NASA said this during his testimony, who made these “source code” rigged programs that eat themselves after the tabulation votes were counted and skewed at least 10% in favour of the person rigging an election said that if the pre election polls show a wider than 10% distance then Source code manipulation should not be used else it may invite suspicions.

      In the last General election there was a “wild swing away from the pre election polls and the swing to National begun to show half way through the pre counting on the Saturday evening over the election suggesting some strange change in counting had occurred which I recall most of the TV1 and TV3 folks sitting observing that night were puzzled by also.

      So we should have a independent manual recount with NO ELECTONIC RECOUNT as Clint Curtis suggested was the only way to actually confirm if the Election was actually rigged.

      No Electoral Commission involvement should be done as they may be the guilty party here for National.


        Thanks for the ‘swing away’ comment. Something I was not
        aware of.

        Your doing some good work.
        Sense you maybe right.

        With Martyn’s good analysis, again, and excellent,well reasoned comments and replies,this column has to be a must read for all NZ.
        ie all party supporters,especially the growing ‘center right’ who must have increasing misgivings about where this Key&co
        is taking this country for their children and their grand children.

        Links are being provided that are so revealing and get to the
        real heart of the deception and lies.
        Not just by Martyn and others,but by the readers themselves.

        Important links should be emailed,etc,far and wide.

        Perhaps printed out and left in the workplace (street
        corners?)and other meetings or gatherings.

        Better still,emailed or posted to certain individuals that can
        influence and/or do something about it.
        Flood the politicians?

        We should all zero or limit our time with the MSM if only to
        identify the lies,false flags/diversion,theatre and propaganda to reveal as such.

        I believe Labour,Greens,Act,Maori party are all part of ‘the game’ as they all are funded in part by the same Corp.entities
        and the like.
        NGO’s are the modern day Missionaries(Webster Tarpley)that
        go out into the world and lobby Gvt’s to ‘their’ ideology and interfere with the cultural identity of the population.

        Also funding,along with ‘Foundations.’

        NZFirst and Winston Peters would be the ‘cleanest’ in this regard and I truly believe the sole party that represents the
        true welfare of this nation. As the name represents. esp energy.

        As stated in my comment in Martyn’s ‘Latest Snowden revelations-…..’ April 5th, there is a rise in nationalism across
        Europe and UK and Winston is a Nationalist.

        He is the only one,at this crucial time,to take down this truly evil Key&co and lead NZ to a better place for all before it is too late.


      • Of course it was fixed, they count so many votes especially early votes, then according to way the vote is favouring the opposition, “they” manipulate the vote, it was so blatently obvious .
        A petition was conducted to see how many people wanted an enquiry into the election count , did anyone see a result from it ?no, makes one wonder who these people are ,they probably deflect from others wanting a recount.
        Who can we trust to do a recount , most public servants are paid by the government, this country is in the hands of deceivers to put it politely.even the Governer General seems to be silent on any issue except dishing out medals a cutting ribbons to open something ,to all appearances he is no more use than an ornament.We need strong unions to conduct a national strike for changes to a corrupt system,but heh!unions have been stopped ,so don’t diss Campbell,he is a positive force, not like the rest of the false speakers on TV.

      • Maybe someone should check with official information department,could be that all the votes have been destroyed,probably “in error “.ahem

  19. Love the way the right winger use ‘market forces’ of the ratings to justify their position.

    Throng doesn’t mention that there are only 600 households in the entire population of NZ being monitored (and manually to boot). The sample size is so small you have a similar chance of winning lotto 5th division as having a ratings box in your house.

    TV ratings are meaningless.

    Even with the small sample it shows that brown nosing hater racker Paul Henry is below Campbell Live. Funny no body mentioning his demise due to underperformance and lack of returns to shareholders!

  20. I hear Australian are to be denied some entitlements (money) if they refuse to vaccinate their children, Its American drug industry out to make money selling their toxic chemical vaccinations.
    Of course if there is money to be made and a pat on the back from the drug industry then you can be sure John Key will follow suit.His excuse if its ok for Australia its good enough for NZ.
    Hopefully the parents in NZ and Australia will not be conned into playing their game.Both countries will trot out the excuses,keeping other children safe,they do not ,its just blackmail to make parents comply because of guilt.If you are entitled to money they don’t have the right to force vaccination on anyone,
    The USA will own NZ and Australia, don’t let them bully the parents as they have done in USA.

  21. The last remaining sensible current affairs show , to be replaced with whatever garbage TV3 can dredge up. Yeah, good one TV3. At this rate no one will be watching that channel.

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