According to Mike Hosking, bludger children like John Key wouldn’t be allowed to be born



Nothing sums up the horror of what public broadcasting has been allowed to be degraded to better than comparing the so called state broadcaster’s ‘Seven Sharp’ with the privately run Mediawork’s Campbell Live (which Mediaworks are currently trying to kill off).

Campbell Live has raised over a million dollars for hungry children.

Mike Hosking claims that if you are too poor, you shouldn’t have children.

According to Mike’s logic, John Key’s mum should not have had John Key…



…never before have the words of Mark Twain been so appropriate…

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  1. MIke Hosking is an arrogant ranting nob with not much between the ears. He should be an embarrassment to Channel 1 but his presence shows the low and uncreative standards that they operate under. Fran O’Sullivan and Mike Hosking should have raw lips by now, after all the kissing up they do to Donkey Jonkey. Soon all NZ news will be , like FOX, mostly lies and propaganda meant to keep us asleep and brain dead. No wonder the likes of John Campbell threaten them when they would rather not have the public know the truths at all.

  2. Ha !…loved the juxtaposition between both those photo’s…

    Shows just what a pile of expedient lies and misinformation Hosking really is about…the very person who he worships every footstep is the very person who is a product of the very opposite of what Hosking spouts.

    Those who live in greenhouses ….should be VERY careful not to throw stones….

  3. I an sure John Key is happy Mike Hosking’s point of view was not prevalent 40 or 50 years ago.
    PS Isn’t Mark Twain amazing.

  4. Although I appreciate that you are pointing out the hypocrisy here, I feel a bit uneasy that you show a captioned picture of John Key’s mother here. I don’t think you should have done that. By all means, point out that Hosking is a conceited little hypocrite, but leave people’s parents out of the argument, please.

  5. The irony Martyn is that John Key was always keen to play monopoly with his older sister Liz when at home after school before Ruth came home and he was aggressively using any tactic to be a monopolist then during the game Liz reported, so he is just using this gaming model to wreck the NZ economy by throttling us with his monopolistic tendencies.

    Sad man he is indeed.

    • The New Zealand ethos used to be fair play….i was brought up by a solo parent , a teacher, who earned her own house, who taught her children that speculation was wrong, making money out of other people’s misery was wrong and that those less fortunate deserved a helping hand by the state….hence state houses. My Mother lived through the Depression and the second world war

      …obviously John Key’s Mother did not teach him similar New Zealand values …John Key was brought up in a State House…social welfare paid for by generations of generous New Zealand tax payers, who lived frugally but nevertheless believed that the poor deserve a helping hand

      …by selling off State Houses John Key is shitting on the values and generosity of generations of New Zealanders…and denying future generations of New Zealand children the social welfare help he got

      • She was a Labour person, maybe she did and maybe her son due to his very own personality, thought what a weak way to think.

  6. How quickly we turn off channel one’s Seven Sharp show. How much nonsense and waste of space that show is. Would like to hear Toni’s views on her overbearing and intrusive co-show host Hosking the Hose King. He makes about as much sense as a piece of hard wood. His face often looks like he just pulled it out of a septic tank. Even tho I am not a major fan, to lose a show like John Campbells show would be a pretty big loss of some fairly good journalism.

  7. I have been googling to find out Hosking’s family background as a matter of interest, but with no luck really. He seems to have been in a family of privilege is about all I can find. Typical attitude, like a young Nat would be it seems.
    Fran O has written an interesting article today, suggesting a “Political” reason for Campbell Live being attacked, I wrote that I agreed, especially if you have read “Dirty Politics”

    • yes the writing was probably on the wall for Campbell when he did that investigative journalism into timelines on John Key’s meetings with US spy masters and others with vested interests in spying on New Zealanders…..also exposed his appointment of his friend Fletcher as head of the GCSB

      …all the more reason why the Campbell Live Show should remain…it is a quintessential NZ programme with investigative journalism on the big issues facing New Zealand ….and smaller items of individual justice and interest …it includes solo parents, children , surfing grannies, animals


  8. Why don’t you answer Mike Hoskings question which is why should the rest of society have to pick up the bill?

    • Stephen and Hose king – National supporters – why should the rest of us help those in need when we would rather fund greedy overseas corporations to come and rape our resources and to hell with the people and the environment ?

      Why should we help those in need , Stephen and Hose King , when we can mutually scratch our wealthiest buddy bankster’s backs and then present a false image of the NZ economy ? National would have us believe that they have already take care of those in need and that we have a ” Rock Star ” economy. What a propaganda joke. False illusions appearing real. Its an illusion that we have a rock star economy and it is an illusion that we are sincerely and fairly helping those in need. If National really cared, there would be a decline in homelessness and poverty and suicide rates and no need to lie about our economy which serves only the wealthiest on the backs of the suffering and poor and those below minimum wage workers.
      The disabled and the vets and seniors get crumbs compared to what they should get.
      Let’s help those who need help to help themselves and those who genuinely need the help, let’s give what is right and not what National decides. You would think that John Key would have more compassion for those in need but he has a very short memory.

      We help those in need because that is what a caring and compassionate country does. National cares too much for its mega corporate Big Oil ETC. . . buddies and their ability to rape our country of minerals and land meanwhile our Vets and our disabled and most seniors and the homeless and poverty stricken get very little of the pie.

      Great job National with your Rock Star Economy ! ! ! What a load of B . S . – ! ! What a bucket of bollocks.

      Instead of cancelling John Campbell let’s instead fire Donkey Jonkey and Hose King and hire folks with some intellect ; integrity and compassion.

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