Save Campbell Live!



And now they come for the last decent current affairs show in NZ…

Campbell Live facing the axe

TV3 bosses have told Campbell Live staff the channel is thinking of canning the current affairs show for a daily version of the Jono and Ben entertainment show.

…replacing Campbell Live – one of the few TV shows that holds the powerful to account with Jono and Ben?

How book burning is that?

And why are TV3 killing off Campbell Live?

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Hooton is suggesting they will kill off Campbell Live because it’s too anti-government???

Who would have held Key accountable on mass surveillance? Who would have held the Government accountable on the Christchurch Earthquakes? Who would hold the powerful to account for child poverty?

Campbell Live raised over a million for children in poverty, Mike Hosking on Seven Sharp tells poor people not to have children if they can’t afford them.

Are you just going to sit there and let them do this NZ?

If TV3 no longer intend to be a genuine member of the Fourth Estate, in that they provide a platform where the powerful can be held to account, then why do we allow this foreign owned media company so many frequencies and so much power in the NZ media landscape?

We must rally for Campbell Live the way Campbell Live have rallied for us. Join the ‘Save Campbell Live’ Facebook site NOW and send a message to TV3 that this is not acceptable.


  1. Hooton might have hit the nail on the head here. I wonder how much of this is driven by by political pressure, and the fact that Campbell Live is one of the few elements of the MSM that is not unswervingly sycophantic to the current Government and Dear Leader

      • 1000% Crickey

        Steven Joyce is the top executive of the Key propaganda machine and without Campbell live he can operate with impunity, his black ops propaganda activities using the public purse to inject us all with his slimy lies and deceit.

        Joseph Goebbels was the German equivalent of the “Ministry of Public Enlightenment”, or in simple words Propaganda.

        Steven Joyce is campaign Manager for PM Key and the national Party used for the 2014 election a promotional group called “Enlightenment’ an operation run from Hamilton.

        It was up on their website at the election.

        Spot the similarities Goebbels used a German Government agency and Joyce uses a private company in line with selloff Key policy.

        The name of both agencies are the same and the scope of operations also is similar.

        Scary that Planet key is copying Germany’s past operations during a very dark era in 1930’s.

  2. I don’t buy the budget blow out or the poll results. If they can spend $2 million on that arse henrys stage and employ his unintelligent daughter as well but dump John Campbell, that’s nothing but spite from this govt. Joyce will be behind this, all snarky over sky shitty and northland. If we lose Campbell live, the small ppl of this country lose their voice.

    • Really well said Ann. Henry is an absolute vacuous git, and 2 mil on him is money down their flatulent loo… If they would spend that on Campbell Life, the show would go viral. I too, feel strongly that this totally undemocratic Govt is behind this. Key, Joyce and their henchmen are a sad indication of how our lovely NZ is becoming fodder for ultra right wing State Control.
      TPPA anybody..?? It’s amazing we’re not ALL out demonstrating….
      I hope we win and keep the John Campbell current affairs show, or the small ppl of NZ will have NO voice left at all….

  3. There has to be political interference in this for sure.

    I do not believe for one minute the comparison figures that are trotted out re Campbell Live and that Seven Sharp rubbish.

    TV is now controlled by the political Right and we must stand up for John Campbell or we are doomed in this country.

    • The moment 7 Sharp comes on I hit the change channel button. Ratings? I thought it was talking hairdo light weight tripe when I first came back to NZ then they put on Paul ” chalk on the blackboard” Henry. I have never been asked my opinion – I think they put monitors in the homes of the lobotomised if the pap we are served reflects the results.
      TV in NZ started to slide the moment they abandoned licence fees and free to air became dependent on advertising – the country is to small so all we get is LCD drivel.
      John Compel’s niceness gets on my nerves at times BUT I regularly watch him, his is one, IF NOT THE ONLY, non sycophantic programs on free to air TV.

  4. Is there a way we can communicate our fury and disappointment with this decision if we are not on facebook, Martyn?
    Are you aware of any other petitions or the email address of Marc Weldon/’

    • The best way people can register their objection to this is by not voting National: ever. All we need now is a Labour Party to act like it is a credible alternative government. I can’t see any sign of it though.

  5. A dangerous precedent, with some pressure from higher up I’d say!

    Considering taking down a programme, such as Campbell Live which works for the people, (in particular the dispossessed), in my perspective is straying into extremely dangerous territory! It’s dark and ominous, considering the potential of what could evolve from it.

    A free and open media is one of the strongest bastions of democracy. Every person must have a public voice.

    So where is this one taking us?

    Is this the first move of more perceived opponents of government being removed, similar to that being considered here? Or worse?

    What is happening to our country?

    While the smirking, slimy Key lurks, slinking and hiding in the background, this has Steven Joyce’s (ex MediaWorks man) stamp all over it! Does he still have influence in the company? Seems he might have judging by what’s emerging here.

    I don’t do social media, so don’t have Facebook. Is there any other way I can contribute to help save Campbell Live? Please, I do so want to be part of the campaign.

      • Thanks Chooky.

        I hope there will be something by way of an online partition coming out soon. Too important an issue to ignore.

      • 1000% Chooky.

        Martyn can we set up an online Petition again for this please?

        I said Joyce is the most dangerous man in NZ and he emulates what Goebbels did before the Second world war, by shutting down any descent what so ever.

        Exactly what is going on here now.

        We are living in a crime ridden Government state.

        • thanks …just signed it!

          ….maybe it could be put in the Daily Blog sidebar or alongside Martyn’s Post in a more prominent position? was the appeal for Nicky Hager’s legal funds

          John Campbell has been the only tv journalist to really follow up on the corruption and illegal spying of this John Key Nact government

          …We need more John Campbells and John Campbell type shows , not less!

          We need investment in really hard hitting investigative reporting with greater support from television!.

          ….Robust television investigative reporting is a litmus test for the vigor of our Democracy….

          …thus far it looks pretty sick and getting sicker…

    • MARY A;

      Copy,paste,print,mail,e-mail to all the right places.

      Spread the word,links,the independent researched opinion as well.

      You are right. Things are getting very ugly indeed.

      Infowars quote: “WE ARE THE RESISTANCE” !!!


  6. I confess I used to think of John Campbell as a bit of an irrelevant showman but having watched him more I started to like and respect him for his abilities including sheer persistence under pressure. He is the most politically neutral of the high profile TV “journalists” and as such stands head and shoulders over Nationalphiles like Henry and Hosking. It would be no surprise that there is political interference from National here – they don’t want to have anyone in a position like Campbell who isn’t a committed member of Team Key – and Campbell isn’t! If TV 3 management is getting their knickers in a twist because Paul Henry’s new show is getting the higher ratings then they should know better – when the novelty wears off and people (other than the trolls and rednecks) realize that Henry hasn’t changed a bit – he is still an ignorant dickhead – they will stop watching him and watch something worthier – like Barney or the Wiggles.

    • I also felt this way about Paul Homes too, but perhaps they ended his career prematurely because he to challenged National’s corrupt policies.

    • Oh my god, at last someone that has his finger on it, we are heading toward a dictatorship by stealth, MY GOD

  7. I’m not a great fan of the show because I think sometimes the stories are not presented in a balanced way, and they use emotional tactics rather than presentation of evidence.

    Having said that, it does provide a counterpoint to other programming, and JC is clearly intelligent and seems to genuinely care for his stories and the people in them. He has consistent brought up the ongoing problems in Christchurch which have not seen the light of day anywhere else, and he goes into parts of NZ life that some would not like see.

  8. You could always get your mate Kim Dotcom to help out too, I am sure with his funds and your political campaigning ability you could turn this situation around, oh hang on, wait…….

  9. The dirty fucking bastards . Yankee doodle Jonky-stien and his quislings have no fear of us so they’ll do as they please . Pin Head joyce’s tits deep in this I bet so that’s where we must go . To his office in large numbers . Any petition/action/plan/ must be to rally troops .
    Make a day . How about May 1 St. May Day ? Send out the word , make a time and a place . I’ll be there as will many of my mates .
    If politicians are boldly killing off critical media we have a God given mandate to fuck their shit right up in return .

    Jono and Ben ? WTF ? Two giggling twats are two giggling twats too many would you not agree ?

    It’s ‘ Idiocracy ‘ ! It’s fucking ‘ Ow ! My Balls ! ‘

    • ..ha ha ha…Thanks for the giggle countryboy, cause right now I am feeling really sick about this
      ….if we as a nation let this last tiny bastion of democracy (a voice against the status quo and this corrupt bag of scum of a Govt.) via our t.V, be kicked off , then we have really lost!@# many petitions should we have 5?,..10??..what scrap of difference are these going to make???? we need to get out there and march.

  10. Well it’s standard stuff, really. Control the media and you control the population (and their votes). The reason is simple, by controlling the public narrative and use basic propaganda to align thoughts in your favour you really can’t lose. Unfortunately nothing from cynical evil mind of The John Key surprises me at this point.

      • I was brought up in the U.K. as a dyed in the wool Conservative. As of now they will never get my vote again be they called the Future Party, the Greens, the Maori or the National Party.

  11. Faux news New Zealand, poisoness right wing propaganda delivered into your living room on both main news channels, care of Paul Henry and Mike Hosking.

  12. This is serious stuff we cannot afford for his show to go. This is the only show that would ever have picked up the work that UNITE union is doing, the only show that has persisted with showing the shit in Christchurch that people have had to endure, the only show that has asked the tough questions about spying on Kiwis and others and many other issues. I would never ever watch those two wealthy arrogant men, Henry and Hosking both of them are Key schmoozers.

  13. WRONG, Just so wrong, a dickhead like Mark Weldon can decide what we should know, restrict criticism of a corrupt and heartless government having had his nose in the capitalist trough, what an utter twat! and i’m allowed to say that now that Paul Henry can, yet another twat!!

    • WHO is MARK WELDON?…what are his qualifications in television and journalism ?….what is his background?

      • Weldon is an imported henchman and a hired gun using our public purse so we need to march to Wellington can someone like the Broadcasters union start a march please that we can all march to parliament with?

    • @ Dan . You don’t surpirse me . While clarkson was entertaining in a giggly, tweed wearing bogan sort of way he was also a sexist , racist, right wing bully .

      • And the most watched television programme in the world. One that families could all enjoy. No nudity, swearing etc. I am not surprised you do not like it.

  14. Yeah let’s go with the Julie Christie tv model. I’m sure the gurus at TV3 will love a The GC, Ridge Family crossover newsy fun type thingy with nude front people at 7.00pm. Should be a real goer. People will watch and that’s the important thing.

  15. Signed the petition.Shared on Facebook. Sent pissed off email to TV3 . What’s next?
    I can’t Fu**ing believe this is happening. Is Mark Weldon Goebbels great grandson ? Who in their right mind would waste money on Paul talent free Henry? TV3 deserves to go broke as quickly as possible.

    • What’s next?

      If they can’t get Jono and Ben to fly they’ll probably try for Gower Live.
      At which point I’ll cut my wrists.

  16. They are quietly snuffing out all and any public airing of REAL issues .

    Campbell Live , as we recognise has been the last remaining only worthwhile show in this regard.
    Hence he has to go.

    It’s part of the wider Agenda that has been happening for some time – to “dumb down” the public…ie distract with trivia and such like, while bigger changes take place behind the scenes in the outer world.

    (You already must have noticed how everything on broadcasting has gradually been even Radio NZ)

    How many of you are so used to watching the “News” on telly, that you don’t notice it’s trivialised /superficial/ fakeness – Like a magazine/entertainment show . it’s like that in every country. (Americanised)
    One item after another flits by.
    Trivia is intermingled with serious.
    Serious does not equal Truth either, – it is spin on an event .
    The general public lap it all up as FACT. They believe everything they are told on the News.

    ALL media today (incl NZ’s) is owned by just a few corporations Worldwide, with a same Group of People at the top.
    Part of Globalisation (World Takeover)
    Today, Governments and Corporations have become completely blended. (“intermarried”).
    Media is the tool used by them to shape public perception according to what suits them. It is very effective.

    The public have not caught on , that The Media is a Business.
    (The Media is NOT an independent voice working for the public )
    they might sometimes give that impression, but only in minor ways.

    The Public is so naive that they honestly believe if there was anything happening that they should be warned about, ..that the Media would tell them . ( L O L – Everything except what’s REALLY going down)

    But getting back to the original Topic –

    And Thus….Here in NZ The time has now come to get rid of Campbell show..

    • It was the press that revealed the Watergate scandal, so corrupt government made sure they bought the press before making moves this time.


    • Cassie;

      In the USA in poll 3+yrs ago only 18% had trust in the MSM.
      NZ is a bit slow on the uptake as we usually are a trusting lot.(or used to be)

      We now are almost completely cut off from the truth and of what’s really going on in rest of world.
      USA has been in this position for many years and now it’s here.

      There is only one place left to get informed and that is trusted sites
      on the internet.

      You could not do better than to start with; -Independent info clearing house. -Huge researched data base. -The other side of the story. -THE health site to keep for life,literally. -Would call it the ‘Internet Reformation’ -Simpler version of the
      electro-magnetic universe that surrounds us,with life itself plugged
      into that matrix.

      Donald E Scott is a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and along with
      Wallace Thornhill of have collated and built
      on experiments done late 1800’s and early 1900’s plus many scientists in-between.They have predicted many events now recorded from latest probes and satellites.

      Scientists from all persuasions are flocking to the annual Conferences as we realize we are all surrounded with electrical currents,whether seen or not.

      Earth is electrically coupled to the Sun (measured,recorded and photographed with latest tech) and is the main driver of wind and storms in the atmosphere,currents in the water responsible for the
      tides with Earths electrical connection to the Moon and huge telluric
      currents in the ground connected to earthquakes and volcanic activity.
      The Sun is connected to the Galaxy’s ‘equatorial ring current’ that is
      flowing in the horizontal plane and the Galaxy,in turn, is connected
      to the next Galaxy (Galaxies) via what is known as huge ‘Birkland Currents,’ named after the scientist that first discovered them.

      Looks like Gravity itself is a electro-magnetic phenomenon.

      This is huge knowledge that has been withheld from us and all of Tesla’s research is still labelled ‘top secret’ after the FBI gathered it all upon his ‘death’ many years ago.

      Just prior,I might add, to a meeting with the President at that time about his concerns that his research was going to be withheld by
      the small group that was funding him instead of being released to
      humanity that would hugely benefit mankind.

      ie Boot on the throat of science for nearly 100yrs!!

      A new ‘Dark Age’ is upon us perpetrated by the family lines and entities that caused the last one.

      I have endeavoured to inform readers of who they are in past comments. Namely, Martyn’s ‘Leaked TPPA chapters…. march 27th
      and others.

      The true nature of our reality will not be found in MSM and we should all make the break to attempt to understand before we die.

      All Royal Society Science papers should be viewed with the utmost
      scepticism. (now there’s a clue)

      And of course keep reading Martyn’s column of TDB for the many
      informative links to help with that enlightenment.


    • RAF Good plan

      Winston would love to back an honest fair minded Journo like John Campbell as he will always bat for the underdog and I will ask him tomorrow on his 70th Birthday if he can back John Campbell.

  17. The press are trying to spin that he Herald is not a right wing propaganda tool. John Armstrong, Fran O Sullivan etc are being portrayed as a certain high % to the left. Lately its obviously been decided that owners of media are losing money because readers are turning off right wing praise,so they will try the opposite as though the public are dumb.
    Before elections the media is blatent in support of Key ,the people protested, so after the election critisisms of the right started to appear, in articles .
    MSM owners think thats all they have to do to get people onside, dream on, we know the real side of Armstrong and all the other journalists ,they are paid to do what they are told.Claire Trevet is keeping the balance by praising her dear leader.

    TV 1 and 3 are more and more employing the false personalities ,like Hoskins , Paul Henry, the people in general heartily dislike them, but the people who run the channels think we will get used to them so they persist in having them in our faces .

    An entertainment channel in place of Campbell live to dumb us down,
    is a gross underestimating of the intelligence of the NZ public.

    American tv is usually violence and reality tv and bimbo blondes, (Fox News)very few programmes worth watching, we are further into the Americanisation of NZ, courtesy of Key and Joyce.
    The aim obviously is to stop people hearing or seeing what the corporations want hidden.
    The TPP and TIRSA is proving very unpopular by thinking people, so the less said about these two scams the better. Shut down real news shut down dissent.
    Campbell live is the only programme worth watching and inline with viewers beliefs.
    In Northland, National got a shock at the reception of Winston Peters, they put every National face into the fight and at the expence of people who didn’t want them.
    The Nationalisation of TV is an early attempt to change peoples mindset.
    We are not buying it, anymore than we are buying the most unpopular Speaker of the house having a free holiday at our expence,a reward for covering Keys backside in the House.
    What have first term Mps got to offer international trips into other countries, just tokens of the left to keep people believing its all fair and above board.
    Keep Campbell Live,switch offTV1 and 3 on any other programme if the morons deciding the fate of our choice insist on replacing Campbell live with more fluff and nonsense.

  18. TV3 is in the pocket of the USA propaganda apparatus. Have you seen a news item there that reflected badly on US foreign policy. e.g.. No news about the student riots in Montreal yesterday. No news about the Ukrainian pianist booted from performing in Toronto yet still paid, for having supportive views of East Ukrainians. No news about the demonstrations in the UK against austerity. No news about the demonstrations in Spain against austerity and the rise of left wing Podemos party. TV3’s News Ediitor was one of those given a free trip to the USA by the US Embassy. It sure paid of for them.

  19. Praise be, Winston winning Northland has scared the bejesus out of Nationals wealthy supporters and John Campbell is the latest boil about to be lanced by the them to save the sinking ship.

    After a ludicrous week at least of wall to wall good news stories about our “Rockstar” economy, a term used again today in the Herald and yesterday with Garner to describe this years economic performance to that idiot “economist” Bloxham who coined the term from the HSBC, (get the feeling there’s a script writer out there?) dollar parity with Aussie that will make Bill English satisfied but have only negative effects on NZ FFS!! and Hosking yesterday putting in his National party script claiming that the housing bubble/weather balloon is not bad, oh no, it’s a sign of success, all stops have been pulled and its all hands to the pump.

    People, it’s full on bullshit from here to eternity. Make the lie so BIG that no one would think any respectable person in authority would have the audacity to do so

    Nationals backers know it’s the brilliant illusion that our economy is doing well that is the only thing saving their investments from being hollowed out and National being kicked out. I even suspect Key is seen as a bit of a liability, credibility wise he’s on empty!

    So the last person in NZ’s entire media who dares question National must be removed. And God knows John Campbell is no firebrand.

    It is concerning the lengths shadowy people will go to, to keep National in business and a little bit frightening as to why that may be.

  20. I fear the support of the Unite Union re the zero hours contracts may have been a bridge to far for the corpocracy.

  21. I think this discussion about our dodgey media has come up on the daily blog before. Just switch off the TV, don’t buy the trashy herald, and find some decent different news sources and entertainment online..then spread the word to friends and family, that the media is a business, out to make money, and has no real incentive to inform the public of what’s really going on. They (MSM) are only shooting themselves in the foot by doing Nationals bidding.

  22. I have wondered for a long time how much longer TV3’s bosses would tolerate Campbell Live. It certainly does not easily sit alongside TV3 news given the obvious corporate USA influence over news content and reporting angles. It screams “Independent journalism and critical thinking!” when the rest of the programming is designed to soothe the great unwashed with lite news, reality tv and “celebrities”, so that we don’t notice or object as we are quietly shafted by the neo-liberal machine. I hope it doesn’t go but with Mark Weldon in charge I’m not optimistic.

  23. Excellent stuff Mr Bradbury…You have probably just ensured that what was under consideration has now become a firm decision.

    One of your commenters unintentionally identified exactly why Campbell is so last century: If people can’t afford to have children they shouldn’t have them, not expect the gummint – for which read “the taxpayer” – to pay for them. Comfortably more than 50% of the population recognise that self evident reality.

    • unfortunately I gave you a thumbs up by mistake…reverse it!( I was deceived by your opening sentence “Excellent stuff Mr Bradbury”)

      lets face it …intelligent people hardly watch New Zealand televsion at all these days! ….it is so mind numbing and puerile even overseas visitors comment on how pathetic new Zealand television is…

      Apart from John Campbell….there is nothing else on offer in the evenings

      • You and I were both fooled.

        I was to slow to tick yes on him thankfully.

        Yes well that arrogant blogger could actually be Goebbels protégé’ Steven evil spinner Joyce.

        As he sounded as arrogant as Joyce does.

    • Nor should the corporate world expect the taxpayer to stump up for them either but their hand is always out and their friends in the National Party ensure they are the biggest benny’s/bludgers out there.

  24. I think Media Works still owes the government the $43 million it lent it. That buys a lot of leverage

    • good point!…in other words John Key Nactional has New Zealand television over a barrel….and it is no longer independent

      • Hehehehe…’money for nothing and your kicks for free ‘…

        And we cant say that those planners in National with Joyces contacts didn’t see a golden opportunity to manipulate and ‘ buy ‘ the evening news and put their spin on things…

        As has evidently happened.

        Disgusting , actually.

  25. We have Rawdon Christie on tV1 Henry on tv 3,now we might get two more comedians in place of John Campbell, we will have 3 idiots ,3 twits, 3 clowns, in place of real news ,my protest is never watch tv1 or 3 untill Weldon is gone,Hes just a National tool taking orders from Joyce

      • Bugger off Nat troll,

        “I really cant see an audit like that being wrong.”

        Try using Register rigging source code programing that cant be traced afterwards, as they use it every time they tabulate electronic digital numbers so how dumb are you really?

        They can conger up any number with a press of a button fool.

        • “Bugger off Nat troll’……sorry for even daring to express a view that may be different to yours…. Prefer communism do you?

    • That’s an awful lot of Kiwis with their heads full of mush. Mind you they don’t have to change channels immediately after to numb out even more on a “Create a false reality TV program” (program being the operative word).

    • So according to the Neilson ratings, Jono and Ben has about 157,000 viewers once a week. Campbell Live has an audience of at least 150,000 viewers, five nights a week, (as reported in the media, so I advise caution in accepting that as fact). It’s like comparing an apple with an apple, ratings wise, as there will always be slight variances. This move defies logic and I smell a rat.

  26. OMG I have a had a massive cold chill go down my spine when I heard about this.
    I watched Cambell Live last night I didn’t know about this when I watched it, but I was thinking while watching that gorgeous young guy who Cambell’s show helped get off synthetic highs how bloody awesome his show is. Then all the kids loving playing in a school pool, pure joy. Then I heard about it being dropped!!!!!???? For Johno and Ben WTF?

    Can we start a bloody revolution please, can Cambell lead it, with Hager,Hone, Winston and Martyn… We have many smart leaders and people who know how corrupt N.Z has become, this has to be the last straw doesn’t it? I can’t stand to see the smug arseholes Key and Co loving kicking out Cambell, which is kicking us all who know how important his show is. This should be civil war, lets wipe the smirks off their faces! If we do nothing about this the anger will just get lost in the fog of dopy brain numbing propoganda, they know Cambell has shown them up, he is the last voice on T.V that isn’t up Key’s arse. Show them how what happened in Northland is how most of us are thinking, how fucken dear they play games with our lives, minds, and threaten to put Johno and Ben on thats just taking the piss!

    Cambell Live has made the government look stupid and mean, which they are and thank god for his voice and work on these despicable issues and changing things for the better. The stupid government should be thanking him for what he has done for people, they are so out of touch they should be listening to him not shutting it down then dumbing it down with more crap T.V. This proves it is all very very rotten, the Nats and their lovers are pure filth.

  27. You must be kidding! Campbell Live is about the only good thing TV 3 has going for it. This could be a government conspiracy as it seems John Key and National are hell bent on taking all our rights away. This is just another step in the governments agenda to turn us into a dictatorship. Campbell live has always reported the TRUTH and always reports on the things that really matter. those things that nothing is being done about. To lose Campbell Live will lose our right to Hard honest reporting. And now I’ll probably go onto National’s priority spy list for voicing my opinion.

  28. The shows ratings are dropping like a stone. This is business. Like him or not, Campbell’s days in the sun are over.

    • how good are the stats?…skewed?…even if they were honest and correct :

      …most intelligent NZers have fled NZ television

      …leaving the majority of moronic viewers to watch Hoskings and Henry

      • first they came for Maori Television and then they came for John Campbell

        …bye bye television for intelligent critical thinking….bye bye Democracy

    • Are the shows ratings really dropping? How do you know? You believe what you want to but show me the evidence. Just more bureaucratic bullshit otherwise.

    • Once again where is the evidence of this? Can any one answer me?
      And how would you know if they haven’t just made it all up? Come on then!

  29. In a week where various forms of media are in the gun – critics, or at least some of them, have woken up and smelt the stinky coffee that was dealt when National did the deal with Hollywood – National must be running scared.

    I can’t help but wonder if this is their revenge for Winston taking Northland.

  30. This is yet another reason our family turned off the T.V a few years ago and have never looked back. I still catch Campbell live and Q and A “On Demand” though. Perhaps a TV boycott is in order. Just like Northland did, SEND THEM A MESSAGE.

  31. Is it correct that Mediaworks never paid back that $43.3 million loan so generously given to them by former owner Stephen Joyce courtesy of the taxpayer?

    And Mark Weldon, who had no experience that I know of in the media or broadcasting and is now CEO of Mediaworks is a confidant of John Key?

    Is there a correlation between those factors, the Northland by-election loss and Campbell Live?

    • good questions!….wasnt Mark Weldon a currency trader…or his background in currency trading?…NOT a good look!

      …who in the media is going to ask this question and get an answer? ( not Hosking or Henry)

      …who minds the minders?….it should be New Zealanders who have a say in the quality of their public television

      …where are our guardians?

  32. Ahh grasshoppers ,

    While we are all saddened to witness the last flame of intelligent journalism and moral compass being crushed in this country ,a phoenix may arise from the ashes.

    If John Campbell ” The proven peoples champion ” were to exit the media and run for the next by election I dare say he would win by a landslide , and this would put nationals ability to govern in grave doubt.Oh dear didn’t see that coming …

    To truly protect the rich I would keep Campbell in his job and give him a pay rise because while “irritating” in the media he would be far more dangerous in politics.

    So John ,whether you run for NZ first , Labour ,or the Greens , youv’e got my vote .Lets chuck them out. Kia Kaha

    • And so well said. This may well be John’s calling. He’d certainly have my vote. Gosh just the thought of John Campbell as a party leader gives me goose bumps. I at least hope he doesn’t lay down and roll over for TV 3.

    • @Black Lemming

      Totally agree.

      Would love him to run in politics. He would clean up!

      The nicest guy in TV could become the nicest guy in Parliament.

      Any political party would be lucky to get him. Look how much love and respect he is being shown from NZ.

      Can’t really see that happening for Hoskings or Henry can you?

    • Brilliant idea when is the next byelection ,whos the next Nat’ baddie to be or has been caught out.
      Get hold of Snowden he can find out,or Glenn Greenwald.

  33. One thing we don’t need is another comedy show like the one on Seven Sharp. Mike Hoskings needs to grow up………….I mean what a tosser.

  34. NZ has been totally screwed by the neoliberals and the wanker MSM: wanking live for their pay chqs.
    I’m afraid it’s terminal
    : We are so rotted out especially the mad housing monopoly game, it’s only a matter of time till the coffin lid is screwed down. RIP in shit NZ. I honestly believe this. we’re not alone The U$ is finished big time too. If that’s any comfort. Welcome 3rd world status.

  35. Just went to the 3 Now website. I tried to play the Campbell Live shows for this week – they won’t play, yet the ad before the show does play. The Paul Henry Show is playing with no problems, although I didn’t watch it, so I know it’s not my computer. What the hell is going on? Please try it and feedback would be appreciated.

    • O.K, so if you have Ubuntu Linux for your operating system, they won’t play, but will on Windows. My computer savvy Hubby got it working on his laptop. I have to wonder though, Why did Paul Henry’s show play, a newer show, on an older system? Weird.

  36. John if you do decide to go into “I’m sorry to swear” Politics and are a list M.P you have my vote. Sorry Labour have a very strong seat here in Christchurch … but that can change.

    • imo we do need an ‘Open Forum’ or ‘Open Mike’ on the ‘Daily Blog’

      ….so people can bring up different topics, random things and important issues urgently ….which are not circumscribed by the subject of the Post

      ….i think such a feature would add to this site

      • I agree ! ! Many of us are not on this site regularly and would like to comment on other issues when we can get the chance.
        This blog has the potential to be a POWERFUL tool and force in NZ journalism and in getting the truths out there.

        Also what about an ongoing blog (never ending ?) with themes/ titles like:









        • What a good idea. With so many issues needing to be sorted I’d be on there every day. How about protecting our fish stocks for the future instead of allowing our snapper stocks to be smashed during spawning season, Who makes the rules cause I’d like to smack him in the head!

  37. If anyone should be told to bugger off from tv, it should be that lay about loud mouth Hosking. What has he done for anyone that Campbell Live hasn’t? NOTHING!
    This goes to show how low Key will stoop to cheat and lie his way into pushing the TPPA through. Key has no respect for democracy, and will shutdown/silence anyone who proves to be a threat to his corporate operated government. Key will blame any opposition as the cause to the problems facing us today, by labelling them as ‘conspiracy theorists’ or ‘eco terrorists’.
    Then I suggest that John Key apply one or both labels to me also. At least I’m not one of his financial backers, a minion, or a dog soldier.

  38. Even RT. com is dictated to and controlled a bit, sad to say. They just dumped ” BREAKING THE SET ” and ” THE TRUTHSEEKER ” – two hard hitting shows exposing the political and social rot of the world. I can not prove it but I feel that RT.COM may have been pressured by John Kerry/Hillary Clinton etc. They both verbally expressed their disgust over what RT.COM was doing.

    This is all part of the Agenda 21 – New World Order ( UN ) plan to have these psycho – bankster – zombie – corporations own the governments and control the media. Any quality journalism that exposes their criminal and greedy ways and plans will be eliminated and replaced with MEDIA-LIGHT , Fox style sleezy journalism ===>>> spewing out just what they want us to hear and believe. Propaganda and lies to cover up their disgusting and damaging money and war driven plans. John Key is right in bed with the above plans and sociopaths ( Helen Clark too ! ) The Campbell show may be their last conquest on NZ television but we still have the internet ! ! ! !

    Check out a talk or interview with Rosa Koire :

  39. I don’ suppose for a moment that Julie Christies financial interest in reality TV shows and soaps has anything to do with it…???

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