Climate Change denial




  1. NatZ are the epitome of “Climate change denial.”

    Their puppet masters order them to scrap electric motive power, they are going back to diesel!

    While they slash any return to low emission energy use they pile on the use of fossil fuel use.…/TextView

    Get this from Andrea Vance!

    Diesel train plan criticised as ‘loco’ … (“Dominion Post” – Sat 28th March 2015)

    by Andrea Vance
    Cash strapped KiwiRail is proposing to replace electric trains with more diesel-powered engines – a move that will horrify environmentalists

    and could see the loss of hundreds of jobs.

    The “Dominion Post” has learned of cost-saving plans to buy a dozen more diesel locomotives from China, to replace ageing electric trains

    on the 680-kilometre Wellington-Auckland line. Electric trains are expensive, but they are faster and produce far fewer pollutants.

    The move comes as the struggling state-owned company seeks to turn around its fortunes with a $4.6 billion plan to increase freight volumes

    and revenue.

    Rail and Maritime Transport Union general secretary Wayne Butson said that, in a “worst-case scenario”, the plan could see the closure of the

    Hutt Workshops yard and other engineering bases, costing hundreds of jobs.

    “KIwiRail say it is the preferred option. They want to diesel-haul the entire route,” he said. “The class 30’s (EF class) … are now at a point

    where they need significant overhaul or replacement. KiwiRail is saying (it) can buy these Chinese locomotives dirt cheap, they are much cheaper

    than buying electric rolling stock and are also more versatile.”

    A KiwiRail spokeswoman said “suggestions of job losses on that scale are speculative.” Three sections of the route are electrified, as part of

    an ongoing upgrade which began in 1988. This includes a central section between Palmerston North and Te Rapa, just north of Hamilton, and the

    Wellington and Auckland urban networks.

    The first electric services in Auckland began last year, with $500 million budgeted for the project.

    Butson said the proposals would allow KiwiRail to centralise repairs at hubs in Hamilton and Palmerston North, where multiple lines meet.

    “(Then) they can close Wellington, Hutt shops, Westfield.”

    KiwiRail group manager Iain Hill said the EF class locos were “performing poorly”.

    “This is beginning to impact on our operations – so we are currently reviewing their future.”

    Refurbishment, replacement and “revisiting all diesel operations” were all being considered.

    “No final decision has been made. Factors that we are looking at include relative costs of new electric locos and refurbishing the existing ones;

    that electrification only covers one-tenth of the rail freight network, and journeys between Auckland and Wellington require two locomotive changes

    which add to transit time,” he said.

    Asked about environmental concerns, he said diesel locos were more energy-efficient than trucks.

    “The DL’s (diesel locomotives) meet the stringent European standards for fuel emissions.”

    Labour transport spokesman Phil Twyford said the proposal was “an act of monumental vandalism”.

    “It should be the backbone of a sustainable, 21st-century transport system. To de-electrify a critical important part of the network would be

    turning the clock back to the 19th century. If this is being done at the behest of bean-counters, it is really a hare-brain scheme.”

    It was a “retrograde step” for the environment, he said. “The rest of the world is trying to get its transport system on to renewable energy.

    “That should be our transport future. From an environmental perspective, it’s nuts.”

    Transport Minister Simon Bridges said KiwiRail was considering “a number of options for locomotives used on the Auckland to Wellington line.

    At this stage no final decisions have been made”.


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