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6 brave and courageous Greenpeace activists have boarded a Shell oil rig to highlight their contemptuous attempt to drill the Arctic.

It seems like the obscenity of the century to watch the Arctic melt because of fossil fuel pollution, only to then exacerbate that problem by rushing into drill in the Arctic.

The counter productive corporate insanity driving this must be challenged everywhere at all times.


Increasingly we are seeing worst case scenarios when it comes to global warming with latest research showing warmer oceans, melting ice and Antarctica on the brink of collapse. The climate denier voices of right wing bloggers, right wing political parties and industry hacks can no longer be allowed to prevent real leadership on climate change.

Support these brave activists at every turn. Remaining on the fencepost is no longer acceptable, the frontline is everywhere. Get involved.


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  1. Where is the International Court of Justice when these oil companies act with reckless abandonment and wilful destruction of our fragile environment and push us into the path of danger?

    If we cause wilful damage to life, limb, and property, we get jailed but if these creeps carry out the same crime toward the global population they did away scot free without even a wet bus ticket?

    We really are in trouble here.

    So where is the Green Party on this I ask, – as they are strangely very quiet on environmental issues of late?

    All about walking and cycling while our rail is being sabotaged by the oil addicted NatZ?

    NatZ have allowed Kiwirail to scap electric trains last week in favour of diesel!

    Thank God Greenpeace are out there placing this serious environmental cause, far above the murmurings of anyone else out

    Good post there Martyn.

    • +100 …brave Greenpeace warriors and great Post!…I fear climate change will soon become all TOO REAL….and with a vengeance

    • “So where is the Green Party on this I ask, – as they are strangely very quiet on environmental issues of late?”

      The Green Party has made climate change one of its core messages for 2015. This is why the Green MPs, especially Russel Norman, have been attacking the Government for its record on (the lack of) reducing greenhouse gas emmissions.

  2. I get Greenpeace on Facebook and that photo at the top of the story and others like it really make things real. You can almost feel the tension they must have been feeling.

    On a slightly different subject, ironically, not only is it right wingers who are denying anthropomorphic climate change but also many at the other extreme, in particular conspiracy theorists who are constantly attacking corporates/military-industrial complexes etc for their evil plans but actually see climate change as a conspiracy of virtually all the world’s scientists working in tandem with these evil doers.

    Then there are the Christian fundamentalists who deny climate change while using all the technology science has provided them with because if they start agreeing with scientists they will be refuting their own belief that the world is only 6000 years old. While mainstream Muslims have yet to accept evolution. There are an awful lot of people who want to not believe in man-made climate change for an awful lot of reasons.

    • Agree it seems incredible that some people are still are in denial mode about climate change…there is so much empirical evidence already out there

      “Greenpeace exists because this fragile Earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action. It needs you! …”


    • I don’t want to believe in climate change either – but hoping it turns out to be a myth is definitely not worth the risk.

  3. When will we collectively stop these earth eaters, it is like a really sick joke.
    They are heroes those guys protesting, maybe our army could get some balls and do the same all over the world. Shut down all of it, that would really be something to see and be proud of. That was what this country once was in the face of nuclear reactors, where has that backbone gone? All I hear about on the radio is what a successful meeting the oil companies had here, how can drilling be seen as success, suicide more like it! It all makes me sick and sad, this is what a real army should be fighting, the earth eaters! And our survival, our planet’s biodiversity, nothing else is important! No FJK is playing with the dollar, just to get a power trip over the Winston win I bet, and don’t get me started on the idiots frothing at the mouth over how exciting this NZ/OZ money bullshit is on RNZ. While the dairy farmers start knocking cows on the head,(those giant diary farms are hideous), I am ashamed of the people running this country and industry, it is just all wrong.

  4. The title to your post should actually read “This is what hypocrites look like” they used rigid hulled inflatable boat made out of various plastics and metals products that come from the oil/gas and mining industries which is powered by an internal combustion engine that runs on fossil fuels to board the rig. Look at the clothing they are wearing, for example the helmets are made of plastic, a product of the oil industry.
    Mind you I can’t really expect much from the greenies, common sense, practicality and intelligence seem to be missing. They are of course welcome to take a principled stand and boycott all the products of the oil and gas industry and then we will see what quality of life they will live and how passionate they are about environmental issues.

    • You must be very, very young to think that it is possible to live in this current culture without compromise.

      The world we live in has very few choices for those who wish to choose alternative products that align with their values. But they are out there or in development mode, however, our government continues to give rebates or incentives for a continuation of the status quo.

      Instead of looking for the superficial – ask yourself whether the intent (raising awareness) of their action is credible. You will find it is. Climate change deniers (like yourself) are now involved in conversation.

  5. It is a sad fact that nothing we do now will improve our situation, if we all left the planet tonight, or the population went to 10 billion, or if we extracted every drop of fossil fuel and burnt it, at 403 + ppm CO2 and growing, our goose is not only cooked, it is looking like burnt toast.
    I take my hat off to these brave people, but they believe the lies if they think they are doing any good.
    It makes TPTB very happy seeing protests, because it shows them that the protesters think ‘we’ have a chance, like its not way way to late, but it is.

  6. @R ATACK

    ” It is a sad fact that nothing we do now will improve our situation, ”

    I’m not so sure about that . I could be wrong of course .

    We could stop unnecessarily consuming for the sake of consumption . But wouldn’t that put the shits up every profit-making Bank on earth ?

    We Ch Ch lot could have recycled 90 % of the city that done got broke by them there earth quakes but what happened instead ? Little wankers with clip boards threw their weight around and all that fabulous timber , stone , steel , roofing iron , trusses and house lots of lovely stuff got scraped up , trucked off and dumped in the middle of one of Ch Ch’s best naturalised forest areas renown for cycling , walking , running and shagging in the sand dunes . Not only was it a colossal waste of excellent resources but all them resources got dumped where people loved to play . I mean WTF ? Is that dumb and dumber or what ?

    Is that how the earths finite resources are being wasted ? No wonder we’re fucked .

    • Exactly. The stupidity at the alter of our “economy” continues.

      We could plant a helluva lot of trees.

      We could tax the crap out of the fossil fuel industry, and put that money into R&D for alternatives. We could resurrect the old DSIR and give it a task to move NZ to full alternatives which have little or no waste (sorry nuclear, you’re out) within 10 years.

      We could decentralise our power supply, improve solar panels and put them on every household roof, start with the poorest first end with the richest.

      Electric cars are coming. We could have a fully electric fleet within 10 years.

      Create a hemp industry. Northland, the best place for this! The locals have the skills to grow it, there’s plenty of land, it’ll grow literally like a weed anywhere in poor soils included. Hemp can create plant based plastics, we could start a new hemp industry and be a world leader, using it internally and exporting it to earn $$ for NZ.

      There are so many solutions. Not just one, so many. A shift to focus on alternatives, putting real money into them, shifting money away from fossil fuels, and planting trees and more trees.

      It’s possible if the whole world saw the problem as urgent and acted RIGHT NOW that we could avoid the worst disaster.

      But I fear we won’t. In fact, I’d bet my entire life savings that we won’t.

    • R…I first saw a sign saying “oilcrash” 10 years or so ago. It was the first I heard about the whole clusterfuck. There is always hope. Thank you for making me aware. To quote Luther, “If I knew the world would end tomorrow I would still plant this apple sappling today!”

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