TDB political caption contest




  1. “I can almost personally guarantee that at the end of the day the average Kiwi will love the benefits that come from deep sea mining- look at Mexico to name just a few- and left wing conspiracy theorists like Science are just anti-American plonkers- they were wrong about dirty politics and they were wrong about that tree in Titirangi- I mean just look at whats happening in North Korea and the Isis Archipelago-Winston was well wrong about the Moment of Truth, I mean Ha! – we can’t allow that to happen here while the global market is rising and lands are threatened-not because of global warming, and not because of ignorance- but because natural resources like milk powder for Kiwi babies and their Mums need to be protected- Then you WILL see the housing bubble under Labour and Dot Kim Kong”

  2. Repeat repeat ,” National want to look after families”, another John Key puppet with the needle stuck.

  3. Mr Bridges: “The reality is….the reality is…the reality is…the reality is….the reality is….the reality is…the reality is…the reality is…
    Mr Campbell:”With respect Mr Bridges, you haven’t been anointed God, so you actually can’t ‘create’ reality in 6 or 7 days…..

    • Simon Bridges:

      “I’m on a god-inspired mission John to destroy the earth, then god will save me and take me to heaven while everyone else burns in the petroleum companies sponsored Armageddon fire storm. Ha ha ha … god will save meeee!”

      John Cambell: face palm.

      * this is why Simon Bridges is a dangerous idiot, he believes his existence here isn’t worth anything and is straight off to heaven, and the faster he can fuck the earth and meet his maker the better delusional idiot.

  4. Campbell is saying – I can’t believe this crap, it’s nearly as bad as John Key being relaxed about that….

    Bridges is saying – While I was eating Ross Sea Toothfish, I realised that Maui Dolphin would taste even better, mmmmm

    and I really like all those donations the oil industry gives me…

  5. ” If I don’t look at him he won’t infest my wood pile . ”

    ” OMG ! He’s never heard of Stewart Island ! ”

    ” I saw a tranny with the arse missing out of her knickers ! Now I know where it is ! ”

    ” Thank Christ for the migrain , it takes my mind of simon bridges . “

  6. Gosh Simon, that smell is so bad what did you eat, or did a rat get stuck up your arse and die there?

  7. We shall drill to the end, we shall drill in the Antarctic,
    we shall drill on the seas and oceans,
    we shall drill with growing enviromental pollution, we shall drill and frack our Islands, whatever the cost may be,
    we shall drill on the beaches,
    we shall drill in the National Parks,
    we shall drill in the fields and in the streets,
    we shall drill in the hills;
    we shall never stop drilling until our overseas masters have wrung the last drop out of us.

  8. JC: Yee gods, what is a question this guy is capable of answering? What is your middle name? SB: Saysten

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