Dear Mr Key – when are we invading Australia?



Seeing as Key has lowered the threshold for war to bad people doing bad things, the question must be asked, when are we invading Australia?

The Prime Minister can’t say the word ‘barbarian’ enough to describe ISIS as he attempts to con the sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind into acquiescing a re-invasion of Iraq. So what word does one use to describe the barbaric treatment of refugees at the Australian run detention camp on Naru?

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The full horror of what Australia has allowed to occur in their refugee detention camp on Naru has been laid bare by the independent Moss review, which hasn’t gained much media attention in NZ.

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An independent review into sexual abuse inside Australia’s detention centre on Nauru has found evidence of rape, sexual assault of minors and guards trading marijuana for sexual favours from female detainees.

The review, conducted by former integrity commissioner Philip Moss, found no evidence that Save the Children staff on Nauru had coached detainees to embarrass the Abbott government.

The scale of the abuse of the most vulnerable is pretty sick…


…so if we are going to re-invade Iraq because the acts by ISIS are barbaric, what are we going to do to Australia who have allowed sexual assault of children, rape and sexual bribery of the most vulnerable?

Seeing as Australia is a fellow ember of the 5 Eyes Club which is demanding us to re-invade Iraq, I think it’s safe to say sweet FA.

Our morality is conditional and our ethics empty. Welcome to the New Nu Zilind.






  1. yes this is shocking!…surely this can be taken before the United Nations?…and the abusers must be held to account in Australian courts! …New Zealand should be taking a stand on this serious abuse !

    there is something seriously wrong with these Australian detention centres of ‘illegal immigrants’

    ….at very least, far better than putting people and children behind punitive barbed wire ….to be made vulnerable to objectification and abuse ..would be to process their refugee claims quickly and generously without recourse to these camps…..and if necessary fly them back to their home countries…

    • Some Australians accept the kind of behaviour there because some in Australia are cruel and nothing else as we see with aborigines.
      Alot of us in NewZealand do not accept abuse and violence when it wont stop me from fighting my way through without a punch for my right to anything in NewZealand.
      NewZealand Police are cruel to the natives in NewZealand as like maori, islanders and all other coloured race.

      • No. And refugees on Nauru are not Australian citizens – and thus the Australian Govt. has no responsibility for them. It is also interesting that most refugees are flocking from Muslim countries to escape to western ones. But Frank etc will continue to cuddle up to ISIS and other assorted terrorists.

  2. Outrageous.

    Don’t see this in the MSM.

    It is so disgusting!

    What happened to the poor little boy?

    Although there will be investigations, what is being done IMMEDIATELY to help these poor people in particular to stop them being abused and silenced by the guards?

  3. There is a huge difference between Australia justice and ISIS. In Australia there is a system to bring people before the courts to account for illegal actions.
    ISIS treat people with nothing less than disgusting and barbaric treatment. You get no justice their, normally the feel of a sword decapitating your head. Or if a girl of 9 years or older, you have no rights and will be the subject of sexual practice by these sick, disgusting and hateful animals. I think it is an extremely low blow to compare Australia as to ISIS.

    • you have a point….however as Australia is taking the moral high ground over ISIL ….the post is pointing to very serious ongoing abuse of children trapped behind barbed wire and dehumanised…and under the jurisdiction of the Australian Government

  4. We have a puerile PM who cries ‘Get some guts!” When he should be using what little brains he has to find out how to combat ISIS without getting mixed up in a mindless religious muddle.
    As for the disgusting Australian method of trying to stop boat people, I doubt J Key will do anything but say its not his problem.

  5. Who is ‘invading’ Iraq? Certainly not NZ. We’re going there at the request of the Iraqi Government.

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